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Miracle for us Chapter 1

Title: Miracle For Us Chapter 1
Characters: Yesung, Siwon, Ryeowook, Zhoumi, etc
Pairing: YeWon
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG-15
Warning: Heavy Mpreg.
Disclaimer: Fiction.  I only own the plot and the story.

Yesung can’t believe what he actually sees in front of him.  A blue plus sign is glaring from the small equipment he’s holding.
“Ah, no, it could be wrong, right?  Could be wrong,” he mutters.
The petite man quickly grabs another pack of pregnancy test he’s got with him in the bathroom.  Tearing the package in a rapid motion until he hears Siwon outside is talking to him.
“Sungie, baby?  How is it?”
Yesung’s brain jumps in panic, and before he actually realizes what he’s been thinking, his mouth quickly musters up a lie.
“Wait a moment!  I haven’t peed yet Wonnie,” he shouts back.
“Oh, okay, just take your time honey,” his husband sounds a bit calmer now.
“Ah what to do?  I have to re-check, re-check quickly…  This could be a mere false alarm,” he again mutters silently.  Apparently to be able to pee for the second time in five minutes, Yesung would surely need to drink some more.  “Siwon-ah you still there?” he calls hesitantly.
“Yeah, what’s the matter?”
“Could you please get me some ice water?  I can’t pee,” Yesung hopes his voice sound convincing enough.
“Ok, wait a minute,” Yesung hears Siwon’s footsteps getting away and sighs a bit in relief.  But in an instant his eyes bump to the positive result of the first DIY pregnancy test and he just can feel cold sweat rolls down his nape.
“Sungie, here’s your water,” Siwon knocks the bathroom door softly but still startling his husband nevertheless.
In a lightning speed Yesung inserts all the opened sticks of the testing equipment into their respective packages and opens the door to retrieve his bottle of ice water.
“Thanks,” he mumbles lightly to Siwon and closes the door as quick as he can before his husband sees anything.
“Hey baby….”
“Later Wonnie,” Yesung cuts it short.
He quickly gulps the bottle’s content until the last drop and grips the corner of the sinks so tightly.  He’s staring at his reflection in the mirror and sighs.  A second later he begins to do little jogs around the bathroom, passing the sink, the toilet, the shower room, and the towel rack.  He keeps on moving in a rectangular pattern for several minutes until again, Siwon knocks the door.
“Baby, are you okay?”
“Uhm, I’m just jogging, you know, I want to pee faster,” he answers matter of factly.
Yesung can hear Siwon chuckles before his reply is heard.
“Why don’t you just wait here with me until you want to pee, baby?”
“No!  I want to be here…” Yesung can’t tell his husband that he had done a positive test but still wants to keep it a secret from him, right?  “It’s…. it’s….  Cold outside.”
“Hum… just so you know, I’m lying on the bed, I can warm you up,” Siwon, rather used to his husband’s antics, says with a teasing tone.
Yesung chooses not to answer and resumes his jogging.  It works.  A moment later he feels the urge and without wasting time he grabs the opened test equipment and pees.
Siwon is almost falling asleep when finally Yesung goes out from his little activity inside the bathroom.  His heart flops when he saw how red his husband’s eyes are, the smaller man is trying hard to suppress a cry.
“Sungie what happened?  What’s wrong?” he quickly reaches for the petite man, feels uneasy.  He spots the pregnancy tests in Yesung’s hand and lift the slightly lifeless hand to sit him on the bed.“Let me see,” he says, but Yesung grips them a little too tight and Siwon has to snatch it from him.
Yesung still says nothing and lets Siwon sees them.
“Oh God,” Siwon mutters.  “What are these mean, Sungie-ah?  This one has a plus sign, and this one has two lines…”
“We’re gonna be parents, Wonnie…” Yesung turns to his agaped husband, smiling and crying at the same time.  “I’m pregnant.”
Siwon couldn’t help but smiling ear to ear, shaking his husband’s small shoulder in disbelieve.  “Really?  Baby, really?”
“I hope two pregnancy tests are not kidding on me,” Yesung beams.
Siwon hugs his husband and kisses the jet black hair over and over again.
“Oh my God, thank you, thank you Yesung, honey!”
“I will do another test in a few hours,” Yesung whispers to Siwon’s neck.  “Just to be safe…”
But Siwon barely hear what Yesung says.  His eyes are filled with tears and kissing his husband’s flat stomach is all he can think about, knowing his love fruit with Yesung is inside, growing.
Later that midnight, after the third positive DIY pregnancy test, the couple snuggles in the bed, enjoying nothing but each other’s heart beats.  Siwon wraps Yesung’s warm body closer and closer to him, watching carefully as the cat-like eyes are slowly drooping to sleepiness.  Still, much to his surprise, he could hardly believe that his Yesung is pregnant with his baby.  Smiling to himself, the muscular man recalls the bizarre event happened a few hours ago, when he and his husband had yet find out about anything....
His phone's ringing while he drives his way home.  Siwon puts the handsfree on his left ear and answers the call.
"Baby, you haven't sleep yet?  I told you I'm late already, right?"
"No, Siwonnie I'm not sleepy.  I don't want to sleep now," the person on the other line answered.
"But it's almost midnight already, Yesungie…  don't tell me you're waiting for me to come home."
Siwon finds it weird that his husband is still awake.  Yesung is not a late-nighter, usually he went to bed at ten p.m, of course when the couple didn’t have any other 'agenda' that night.
"I'm not waiting, I don't want to sleep because I'm watching this lion and his cubs…"
"What?  Are you watching animal planet?"
"Yes!" Yesung's cheerful voice echoes.  "Take your time, honey, I'm sure I will be still awake when you get home!  Bye, drive safely!"
"Wait for me darling, chu~"
Siwon detaches the handsfree and smiles to himself.  It's a good thing that his husband is still awaken, he really misses him after his works all day!  It's been some days that he went home to a sleeping Yesung because of his jampacked schedule, he felt guilty for the beautiful man because he kept him waiting on the dining table with food ready for his husband.
He knows Yesung is always tired too after all day of his work as a florist, so he never wanted him to stay awake waiting for him to come home.  His baby needs rest as much as he is.
About half an hour later Siwon arrives home.  He opened the door excitedly, can't wait to see Yesung who is supposedly still awake watching TV.
"I'm home, honey!"
Yesung is sitting in a sofa in front of the television, and he greets his husband lazily.
"Welcome home honey.  The dinner is on the dining table!" he says while seems like chewing something inside his mouth, probably some midnight snacks.  He doesn't even turn his head facing Siwon.
Siwon kisses the head of his husband from behind the sofa as he makes his way to the dining room.  He glances to the television which currently showing some cute lion cubs playing with a big, handsome, male lion.  He smiles a little but before he continues his walk, what his husband's currently eating catches his attention.
"Sungie-ah, what are you eating?"  He stretches his body to grab the plastic wrap of Yesung's snack and almost faints seeing what that snack actually is.
It's quite a fair amount of salt blocks.
"Oh, it's salt block.  You want some, Siwonnie?" Yesung asks calmly, obviously oblivious of his husband's shocking state.
"For God's sake, why are you eating this, Yesungie?" Siwon asks,grabbing the package from Yesung's grip.
"Hey, calm down Siwon!  If you want some of it you can just ask me, you know," Yesung retorts, pulling back the plastic wrap from Siwon and get a mouthful bite of the salt block he possesses on his other hand.  "I like this so much."
"Yesungie?" Siwon sits beside his husband on the sofa and watches his face carefully.  "Are you okay, sweetheart?" he put the back of his palm on his lover's forehead, of course by putting away the bangs first.
"Of course I'm okay Wonnie, what's wrong?" Yesung looks at him with confusion painted on his face.  "Hey, you shall try this too," he stretches his hand that's carrying the salt blocks, "it's delicious, I wonder why we've never eaten this before!" and smiles sweetly to his agape husband.
"Yesung, listen," Siwon lifts Yesung's hand which is holding the half-eaten block of salt and brings the salt into his eye level, examining it.  "Salt is not food, baby.  It tastes horrible if you're eating it that way!  Why are you eating this?"
Much to his surprise, Yesung seems stunned by his words.  "Really?  So this is not food, right?"
"Huh?  Are you kidding me?" Siwon scratches his head.
"I'm not kidding…  I just think about it, why am I eating this, when you arrived, Siwonnie.  As far as I remember, I had never once eating salt block in my life, but I had a sudden urge an hour ago to eat… this," Yesung’s now looking at the piece of salt in his small hand.  "It's weird, I couldn't fight the urge, or else…"
His husband who is really curious, spontaniously asked, "Or?"
"Or I will cry," Yesung states matter-of-factly.
Siwon gets speechless hearing Yesung's word.
"You're not joking right, Yesungie?"
"What joking?"
The look on Yesung's face was funny.  He seems all confused by Siwon's words and Siwon can’t help but stealing a quick peck to his lover's soft lips.  Yesung doesn't lie or pranking him!
Then a surprising thought engulfing him. 
The next day, the couple's spotted sitting in a hospital.  Siwon has to cancel all his appointments with clients that day and make his subordinates go, while Yesung has to delegate his florist activities to his two assistants on the shop.
The hospital's waiting room is the most cheerful one of the hospital.  Currently they can see some other couples as well.  Heterosex couples along with homosexual couples are there with bright faces.  Cute pictures of babies, playgrounds, and motivational posters seems to encourage the atmosphere of the obstetry and gynecology section.
Siwon wraps his hands on Yesung's small shoulder and sniffling on his soft hair.
"Siwonnie," Yesung whispered.
"What if…" the smaller man looks hesitate.  "What if last night was a false alarm?"
Siwon senses his husband's discourage, and grasping his shoulder encouragingly.  "Last night you were doing three DIY pregnancy tests and all of them are positive, sweetheart.  It couldn't be a false alarm," Siwon caresses Yesung's flat stomach lovingly.  "It's really a little Siwon here."
"I hope you are right," Yesung sighs, closing his eyes and tops Siwon's hand on his stomach with his own smaller hand.
A/N: Finally my own YeWon MPreg fic!!! i've been writing this for decades, actually, but still not really pleased because i have such high expectation for my own pregnant!yesung so i kept on delaying this. Planned as a oneshot but then i realized it's impossible since i really want a total detailed story haha.
Tags: pairing: yewon, series: miracle for us, warning: pregnant!yesung
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