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Miracle for us Chapter 2

Title: Miracle For Us Chapter 2
Characters: Yesung, Siwon, Zhoumi, Jaejoong, etc
Pairing: YeWon
Genre: Mpreg!AU, Fluff
Rating: PG-15
Warning: Heavy Mpreg.
Disclaimer: Fiction.  I only own the plot and the story.

Previous: One

"No, I don't want my baby to be an athlete!  I want him to be an architect, Hankyung-ah!  He won't be an athlete, he won't!!!" a beautiful man with long hair suddenly bursts into cries on his husband's embrace, and the man guiltily calms him by stroking his shoulder gently.
"Heechul-ah, I won't force him to be an athlete, I just said that I will love to see him playing badminton-"
"No!!!" Heechul with his huge, bumpy belly continues crying, and Hankyung shyly smiles awkwardly to the other couples beside them as his attempt to apologize for his husband's cries.
"Wah," Yesung mumbles lowly.
Although it's almost soundless, Siwon hears it.
"What's wrong baby?  Are you disturbed by them?  Shall we move to another, silent place?"
Yesung faces him with a beaming smile.  Siwon swears he never saw Yesung this beautiful before.  His smile is angelic just now, fluttering his heart with warmth.
"No, baby…  I just," Yesung pauses to take a look at his husband's eyes, "I can't wait for my tummy to be that big!" he points at the crying Heechul in front of him.  "Seem fun."
Siwon laughs heartily and kissing Yesung's nose.
"Of course you will, someday," he rubs his husband's stomach again, drawing a circle on Yesung's white shirt. "And you'll be even prettier than him," Siwon whispers earning a kiss on the cheek from Yesung.
"So he's been pregnant for about four weeks, now," dr Minwoo smiles to the couple, when Siwon helps Yesung to step down from the examination bed.  "And I'm happy to say that both of the baby and the daddy are really healthy!"
Yesung happily grabs Siwon's hands and they sit down in front of the young gynecologist.
"It's been four weeks already?  Wow," Siwon sounds amazed, staring softly at his husband.  "But you never have a morning-sickness, right, Yesungie?"
"Pregnancy is not always giving troubles like morning-sickness.  It's different for each person, and Yesung-ssi seems healthier than most pregnant father and and mother out there," the doctor says.  "But I would like to advice Yesung-ssi to gain weight, it's better for pregnancy if the father's hip is larger than Yesung-ssi's size right now.  It's essential for the baby's health."
Siwon instinctively looks at his husband's waist, then to his face.  Yesung looks stunned, and as his husband, he knows that this is something that will bother Yesung.
"He's a workaholic, Minwoo-ssi.  Sometimes he even skipped meals because of work…" he caresses the back of his husband's head softly.
"For these few months it'll be fun to work, Yesung-ssi.  But as your baby's getting bigger, you need to start taking care of your activities, at least from the twentieth week."
Yesung nods weakly.  "So I will have to reduce my activities?"
The gynecologist nods.  "The most important thing is to keep your nutrition.  You need to have more carbohydrate until a few months, to help shaping your body for the baby.  After eight weeks of pregnancy, you'll need more kinds of vitamin for the baby's brain…"
Siwon puts out his notebook and pen from his pocket pants and writes every single thing the doctor says.
“Is there anything he shall avoid in doing?  Or food that’s dangerous for pregnancy, doc?” Siwon asks like a diligent, nerd student.
“Basically pregnant people just have to get enough rest, don’t do much of the harder house chores like lifting heavy furnitures, for example,” the obgyn doctor explains patiently.  “For food?  Simple.  Avoid junkfood, eat more vegetables instead of red meat…”
“What is the best pregnancy milk out there, Doc?”
“He likes ice cream so much, can he have his ice cream, Doc?  Is it unhealthy?”
Siwon keeps on asking the doctor, it feels like an interview for a health article instead of normal pregnancy check-ups.
“I think this is enough for today,” dr Minwoo says about ten minutes later after doing a long monologue about the best model of underwear for pregnant men.  “Is there anything else you want to ask me?” he looks at the muscular husband who’s still busy writing on his notepad with a sheer glance of amusement in his eyes.  Then he notices the petite husband who is almost silent all the time and lets his husband speaking for him.
Yesung calmly shakes his head with red tint of happiness in his face but apparently Siwon is currently still contemplating about something.
“Err, doc…”
“Yes, Siwon-ssi?”
“Just one more question.  Is it… is it save?” Siwon is hesitant and it wonders his pregnant husband.  “I mean, is it okay for us to… you know, have sex?”
Yesung almost chokes on his own spit in embarrassment.
Luckily the obgyn doctor seems like he’s used to these questions so he calmly smiles.  “It’s not recommended for male pregnancies, Siwon-ssi, because male’s womb is weaker than female’s.  I recommend you to at least wait until the sixteenth week of the pregnancy to have sex, until the pregnancy is strong enough.”
Siwon’s totally flustered and Yesung’s state is not that different.  But it’s clear that the muscular man tries to hide his disappointment a bit.
“But foreplay… won’t hurt, right Doc?” Yesung can’t stand seeing Siwon’s pitiful state and chimes in.
Siwon’s eyes widen and he stares at the totally red Yesung.  He strikes his husband’s upper arm and looking expectantly at the doctor.
“As long as you two play gentle and save.  No pressure to the abdomen,” the doctor answers, but he no longer can hold his laughs anymore.  “Oh my God you two are so head over heels in love, aren’t you?”
The couple could only blush and smiling shyly.
Yesung stares at his husband lovingly while they're walking to the car, and shakes his head in amazement seeing how his husband is caring about all the little details of his pregnancy, more than he does.
"Why are you looking at me that way?"
Yesung only smiles.
"Baby you know what?  I love you so much, and thank you," Siwon says as he opens the car door for Yesung.
Yesung halts his step.  "What for?"
Siwon wraps Yesung's smaller body in his embrace and inhaling the scent of his hair, as he usually does.  He feels Yesung hugging him back and buried his red head into his chest.
"For my little treasure inside you," Siwon answers.
Siwon can't be happier when the smaller man locks their lips together in bliss.
"I also thank you for sharing me your treasure."

Their next agenda of the day, after confirming the pregnancy, is grocery shopping.  Siwon  and Yesung enter the biggest supermarket in Seoul, Yesung’s favorite spot for groceries shopping.  Siwon insists that they have to get the recommended pregnancy milk from dr Minwoo as soon as possible so that they can protect and strengthen his husband’s pregnancy right away.
Yesung pulls the empty shopping cart with Siwon walking beside him in the alleys, busily flipping on the notes he just made in the hospital about an hour ago.
“If I’m not mistaken, pregnancy milks are on the third alley, second row,” Yesung tells his husband.  “I know this place like the back of my hand.”
“Okay let’s go,” Siwon says excitedly.  “You’re ready, Sungie?  This is our first pregnancy groceries shopping!”
They arrive on the shelves displaying so many kind and brands of pregnancy milk.  Yesung grabs one carton box randomly but Siwon quickly holds his hand. 
“No, we won’t buy that.  We have to buy doctor’s recommendation,” Siwon says, examining the shelves to find the exact brand of his desire with a super-serious expression.  His brows knitted.
“Shouldn’t we do some crosscheck ourselves too?” Yesung asks hesitantly.  He had already expecting his husband to be a mania because of his pregnancy, and this is just the start.
“Doctor said that the brand he recommends us is the best, with most vitamins, minerals, folat, and so on.  Go check on my list yourself,” Siwon hands his husband his notepad.  He then crouches on the floor to check on the lower part of the racks.
Yesung knows it is useless to talk back to his husband when he’s being ultra-damned focused like this.  Not even his spoiled voice whining, sweet batting of eyelashes, naughty smile or puppy eyes could help to change his mind!
“Hm, okay then baby,” Yesung sighs but finally goes on himself to find the specific brand.
“Baby, I find it, here,” Siwon calls him a second after.  “Here’s for male pregnancy, we have to buy two tins at once…” then the muscular man grabs two tins of the brand with both of his hand, putting them neatly inside their cart. 
“I wonder what’s the difference of male’s milk and female’s milk?” Yesung mutters.
“Didn’t you hear doctor’s explanation?  Male’s milk contain more esterogen hormones to help the pregnant males shape their hips for the baby,” Siwon says smugly.  “And also the flavors, are more into male’s preference, like Americanos instead of banana flavors.”
Yesung looks at his husband amused.  Siwon is really amazing in remembering things!
“I get you two tins of the Americano flavors, do you like it?  If you don’t want it, there are also vanilla and mocha,” Siwon points on the tins of their certain brand on the rack in front of them.
“No, no, it’s alright, I love Americano,” Yesung beams, checking on the tins of milk inside their cart.  “Mmm, you should work for them as their ambassador, Wonnie.”
“I’m a perfect husband, and perfect soon-to-be father, what do you expect?” Siwon approaches Yesung, wrapping his arm over his husband’s petite waist.  “Fruits, now?”
“No, snack section first, it’s nearer,” Yesung says, already pulling the cart away. 
Siwon can only watch as Yesung grabs so many kinds of snacks.  Candies, biscuits, chips, and chocolate bars are piling up in the cart.
“Oh, Genji pie.  But where are the marshmallows?” he hears Yesung talks to himself while crouching in front of a rack full of pie biscuits.
“You have marshmallows here already, Sungie-ah,” Siwon informs.  “Seriously, when are you gonna eat all of these?  Aren’t they too much?  The cart is almost full, look.”
“Mimi and Jaejoong hyung promise to visit me every time they have free time so we have to stock as much as we can,” Yesung answers, eyes still inspecting the racks of snack.
“They can’t be visiting that much, they’re so busy.  Plus, you don’t like snacking, baby…  I know it,” Siwon won’t give up.
It’s true, though.  Yesung almost never snacks because he wanted to maintain his petite body proportion.  That’s why Siwon isn’t sure about the huge pile of snacks his husband’s buying.  It could take months for them to eat all of those foods!
“I’ll eat them by myself then,” his husband nonchalantly says.  As he finishes talking, he puts in a few packs of seaweed snack into the cart.
“I remember one time you said you really hate seaweed chips, baby?”
“I said I’ll eat them!” the pregnant man suddenly snaps, surprising his husband.
Yesung then walks away, abandoning the wide-eyed Siwon and the cart behind him.
“Honey, are you mad at me?” Siwon stands behind Yesung who is busy choosing apples.
“No, I’m not,” comes the answer from the petite man.  He’s about to bring 5 apples to get their weight measured and then Siwon follows him.
“Then why you snapped at me?”
“Ah, really?  I didn’t mean to, Wonnie.”
Tags: pairing: yewon, series: miracle for us, warning: pregnant!yesung
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