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Miracle for Us Chapter 3

Title: Miracle For Us Chapter 3
Characters: Yesung, Siwon, Zhoumi, Jaejoong, etc
Pairing: YeWon
Genre: Mpreg!AU, Fluff
Rating: PG-15
Warning: Heavy Mpreg.
Disclaimer: Fiction.  I only own the plot and the story.
Previous: OneTwo

“Hmm…  Smells really good.  What are you cooking, Sungie?”  Siwon enters the kitchen, nose high in the air, sniffing happily like a puppy.  He then sticks himself on Yesung’s back, chin on the shorter’s shoulder, trying to take a peek of what the smaller man is cooking inside the pan.  “My favorite chicken soup, isn’t it?”
Yesung chuckles feeling his husband’s breaths on his neck and answers, “Yes, because Siwonnie is such a great husband.”
Siwon’s hand playing on the knot of the maroon apron his husband’s wearing.  “Could you turn off the stove?  I’m really hungry right now,” he whispers into Yesung’s ear.
“But you’re gonna have to wait until the soup is perfectly cooked so that I can serve dinner and you can eat.  How is it going to cook if the fire’s off?” Yesung tilts his head to Siwon’s behind him, confused.
“Sorry I didn’t say it clearly enough, but…” Siwon’s hand sneakily unties the apron’s knot.  “I’m hungry for your body,” he then gropes the smaller man’s butts.
“Hey!” Yesung flips his body, pushing Siwon away using both of his hands.  “You’re pervert!  It’s not even dinner time yet…”
Siwon laughs watching how red Yesung’s face is.  “So what?  It’s dark outside anyway,” he then playfully trying to grab the front side of his flustered husband’s apron but got his hand slapped away right after.
“Doctor said no sex, remember, Wonnie?” Yesung glares at him, making him just laughs harder.
“Oh…” Siwon pouts cutely.  “No… foreplay too, or… or blowjobs?  For Daddy?” he pokes Yesung’s torso.
“There’ll be nothing for you if you won’t behave.  For the whole 9 months,” Yesung smirks, hands on the hips, still carrying the cooking spoon with him.  “And don’t even dream of handjobs, mister.”
“Okay, okay Baby,” Siwon lifts both of his hands.  “Please, give mercy to your husband.  Please, I will behave and do everything you want,” he gives the petite man his puppy eyes and puts his palms together in front of his body.
“Okay.  I will ‘inform’ you when I’m ready,” Yesung winks then quickly turns back to his chicken soup.  Hands trying to redo the knot of his apron.
But sneakily Siwon comes again, standing so closely behind Yesung, breathing on his hair and just stay like that for several seconds.  When Yesung feels him, the petite man instantly snaps.
“What now!”
“No, I’m just…” Siwon snakes his hands into the front of Yesung’s body, although he has to fight the wiggling smaller man in the process.  “Ssshh stop moving around like that, Baby.”
Yesung eventually smiles contently in silent feeling the warmth of the hug.  He puts down his cooking spoon and rests his head on his husband’s chest.
“I just want to let this moment lasts, you know?  The time when your stomach is still flat and I can just wrap you up with my hands, just like this…” Siwon speaks with lips touching his husband’s hair.  “You will be so big in a few months that I’m not sure if I will be able to wrap you in my arms like this anymore,” as he speaks, he caresses the flat stomach of the pregnant man softly.
“Hmm,” Yesung closes his eyes, putting his small hands on top of Siwon’s.  “But there’ll be our baby inside me.  Wouldn’t you want to hug baby too with me?  You will hold two people at once, Wonnie.”
There’s silence for a moment when Siwon just trying to feel the presence of their baby underneath Yesung’s apron and clothes by attaching his opened palm to the fabrics and not moving.
“Will baby be able to fit in my arms too?” Siwon asks unsurely.
“Yes!  Yes, of course.  Baby will try to fit in with you, not only with me,” Yesung whispers.  “Whenever you… want to wrap me up like this, baby will give you the space.  Your hand will be able to hold both of us at once,” he says softly.  “I don’t know...  If baby’s getting too big, your hands will be extended, long enough.  That’s how the nature works.”
“Just promise me you’ll never stop backhugging me like this.  Even if I look like a bloated albino whale, with bleached skin and stuffs.”
“Really?  You will be like that?” Siwon sounds startled.  “Oh so I need to find a new, younger boyfriend now…  Can Donghae recommend anyone for me?” he chuckles, and instantly run for his life when Yesung grabs his cooking spoon to knock his husband’s head.
“Get back here you old pervert!”
“Hahaha…  It’s more fun now to pester you now when you’re pregnant!  You can’t run as fast as you used to be!” Siwon mocks him from the living room.
“You’re so gonna sleep on the sofa!”
Siwon is ready to retort when the doorbell rings.
“Sungie, Mimi’s here!” Siwon shouts when he opens the door, with Yesung’s tall bestfriend stands in front of him.
“Here’s the man who made the fastest swimmers on earth!” Zhoumi squeals as he happily pulls Siwon into a hug.
“Aaack, the gay bestfriend with the most vulgar mouth on earth,” Siwon mutters, causing Zhoumi to giggle maniacally.
“Aaack the most overprotective gay husband on earth!  Get off me!”  The lanky man unhooks the hug, carelessly shoves a basket of fruits he’s carrying into Siwon’s chest with a smirk.  Without saying anything else, he leaps cheerfully to the kitchen, apparently smelling Yesung’s famous chicken soup already.
“Kitchen, Mi!” Yesung’s voice is heard.
Siwon shakes his head in amusement and pulls his tongue out to the disappearing back of Zhoumi.
“Where is my lucky, pregnant best friend?” Zhoumi squeals again from the kitchen door, and upon hearing his voice, Yesung squeals in an equally same manner.
“Here he is!” Yesung hugs his best friend whom he last met about a week ago.
“Man, you’re so lucky to get pregnant!  I’m so jealous of you, congratulations!” Zhoumi pats the small man’s back.  “Oh my God, my Yesungie is pregnant…  I can’t believe it,” he lets his best friend go.
“Aww Mimi, don’t cry,” Yesung is a bit taken aback because of Zhoumi’s red eyes.
“No, I just,” the best friend is at loss of words.  “I can’t believe it, you know, Sungie?  You… you’re pregnant already.”
“I know…  Even we were just so surprised ourselves,” Yesung admits, takes his best friend’s hand with me and sits him on the stool in front of the kitchen counter.
“You’re just married for six months, and now you’re already pregnant,” Zhoumi pulls out his Prada handkerchief from his blazer’s pocket, and rubs his nose with it.  “I’m just so happy.”
“Thank you, Mi.  Your support means a lot for me,” Yesung’s back to the stove, making a cup of tea for his melancholic friend.
“Okay, enough of the tears,” Zhoumi tries to hide his shaky voice.  “How you’re doing, Yeye?  Your health’s fine, right?”
“Yeah, I just went to the obgyn this morning.  Doctor said I’m healthy but I need a bigger hips, Mi,” Yesung says as he pours boiled water to a mug.  “”Milk?”
“Yes, milk, no sugar, please,” Zhoumi replies quickly.  “But why bigger hips?”
Yesung stirs Zhoumi’s milk tea and brings the mug to the sitting man.  “For baby’s health, or, something, I don’t know.  Ask Siwon,” Yesung then lowers his voice.  “He wrote everything down, in his sacred notebook.”
“Ew,” Zhoumi snots playfully.  “Okay he’s super hot and nice and rich and all, but he’s a freak.”
“Oh, I just activated his super overprotective mode on, just by getting pregnant.”
The best friends laugh. 
“You should just run.  Tell him it’s Donghae’s baby, not his, or something!” Zhoumi whispers in between his excitement.
“Oh, oh he’s coming!” Yesung closes his mouth to try to control his laugh, hearing his husband’s footsteps nearer.  “Civilize, civilize ourselves,” he puts his index finger in front of his best friend’s lips.
“Err, ladies?  Are you done with all the squealing and giggling over there?  The Lord here is starving, just so you know,” Siwon says, only head appears from the kitchen’s door.
“Oh tell your Lord that the cook is currently crazy with pregnancy hormones so foods will be ready in about three hours,” Zhoumi answers politely.  “And hey, are you the new palace guard?  You’re yummy.  Nyam,” he coos to Siwon, licking his lips seductively.
“Go back to work, Joker,” Siwon rolls his eyes and leaves as quick as possible.
“Okay, now back to my job as the cook,” Yesung stands up.  “Mi, don’t you dare touch anything, okay?”
“I can’t even pour sugar to your salad?” Zhoumi asks, giving Yesung his puppy eyes.
“No, or the Lord will execute you.”

In about half an hour later, the dinner is ready.  Siwon and Zhoumi happily eye the foods over the table.  Yesung surely want to please them tonight.  Siwon’s favorite chicken soup, Zhoumi’s favorite sautéed seafoods, and Yesung’s beloved fried tofu, along with sautéed vegetables.
“Hmm, Yesung’s delicious homemade foods!” Zhoumi licks his lips.
Siwon opens a bottle of champagne to celebrate the pregnancy, and quickly pours Yesung's orange juice in a special “I Am Pregnant!” mug.
“Seriously guys, the mug?” Zhoumi asks in disbelieve.
“Isn’t this adorable?” Yesung beams.  “It’s the last one on the supermarket.  It’s like destiny,” he lifts his mug proudly.
“To my beloved best friend, Yesung’s, pregnancy.  I hope Yesung will always be healthy and happy during his pregnancy, even though Siwon will be another handful for him to handle,” Zhoumi smirks when he feels Siwon glares at him.  “And I hope the baby will always be healthy too, keeping the Daddies happy.  To Yesung, Siwon, and the baby!” Zhoumi lifts his glass of champagne.
The couple follows his gesture, Siwon with his champagne and Yesung with his juice.  Together they yell, “To Yesung, Siwon, and the baby!” before drinking their respective beverages.
“So Sungie, I can’t wait to eat, I’m really hungry,” Siwon kisses his husband’s head.  “Not just for your body,” he quickly adds in a low tone.
Yesung serves his husband and his best friend their portions of rice, and lets them to respectively choose what they wanna eat. 
“Thank you for the food,” Zhoumi and Siwon say togeher, while Yesung only watches them with a sweet smile on his face.
Siwon cheerfully puts some rice into his mouth and adds the stock of soup along with a mouth bite of chicken along.  He’s going to chew them when his tongue finally recognizes something unusual in his mouth.  By unusual, it means not something good.
The chicken soup is so uncontrollably salty.
It was like eating a salt block, the saltiness is so unbearable and inevitably some of the super salty stocks go down into his throat.  He’s choked, eyes become so wildly wide.
“Oh, I’m so happy you guys love my food so much,” he hears Yesung says from beside him.  “It’s delicious, right?  I promise I will cook more often for you, not just pasta, honey,” he feels his husband caresses his upper arm.
Putting in too much effort, Siwon finally succeed in swallowing his mouthful, hardly tasting or chewing on them.
Quickly he checks if his husband sees his unpleasant reaction, afraid of hurting the petite man.  Thankfully the pregnant man is busy grabbing some rice for himself.  Unknowingly he sighs in relief.
But then he catches Zhoumi’s eyes in front of him.  The lanky man seems like he’s just forced to eat a block of salt as well.
Both of them widen their eyes at each other, and Zhoumi mouthed “NO!” to him.
Siwon could just grit his teeth and nods frantically.  “Don’t say anything!” he mouthed back to his husband’s best friend, but it’s too late.
“Ye-Yesung-ah?” Zhoumi calls.  “Err, this…”
“Is delicious!” Siwon’s extra fast aiding.  “Thank you so much honey!”
Zhoumi glares at the muscular husband while Yesung smiles happily.
“I know, right?  Seems like my cooking ability increased a lot ever since I’m pregnant!”
Zhoumi swallows his seafood in a hurry.  He can’t stop glaring daggers to Siwon and Yesung, although he pretends to smile whenever Yesung looks at him.
“Why can’t I see this coming?  Non-pregnant Yesung’s cookings are fabulous, and now that you’re pregnant…” Zhoumi smiles bitterly, lifting both of his thumbs.  Slightly shivers as he eyes how Yesung devours the insanely salty sautéed seafood as well.

A/N: I got inspired a LOT by Friends (I'm re-watching again now) LOL.
A/N: Yay Zhoumi appears finally!  Mimi+Yeye BFF is my obsession, idk why xD
A/N: Sorry I made a mistake in the first chapter by putting Ryeowook's name on the character's list, but I have changed the whole story bcz I wasn't happy so I don't know if Ryeowook will appear again.  I really love BFF YeWook, so i will really try to insert him into this fic :^)
Tags: pairing: yewon, series: miracle for us, warning: pregnant!yesung
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