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Miracle for Us Chapter 4

Title: Miracle For Us Chapter 4
Characters: Yesung, Siwon, Zhoumi, Jaejoong, etc
Pairing: YeWon
Genre: Mpreg!AU, Drama
Rating: PG-15
Warning: Heavy Mpreg.
Disclaimer: Fiction. I only own the plot and the story.

Previous: OneTwoThree

“You have to tell him!” Zhoumi elbows Siwon while whispering.
“And break his heart just like that?” Siwon glares to his husband’s best friend.
Both of them eye Yesung, who is busy slicing fruits on the kitchen counter while humming a soft ballad song.
“Isn’t the bitter truth better than lies?”
“It’s a white lie!” Siwon hisses, leaning his back to the back of his chair.  “He would never know, it’ll never hurt him, okay.”
“Okay, okay,” Zhoumi pours another glass of orange juice and drinks it in a single breath like there’s no tomorrow.  “Just because he is pregnant, remember that, Siwon-ah.” 
Both of Zhoumi and Siwon had drunk countless glass of what supposed to be Yesung’s main beverage that night, orange juice.  They had no better choice since that’s the only thing (beside the champagne, but it’ll make them drunk) that can slightly covers the strong, unbearable saltiness inside their mouth, courtesy to Yesung’s homemade dishes.
“I swear I’ll have a trauma for sautéed seafood, chicken soup, and orange juice after this,” Zhoumi knocks his empty glass on the table and trying to hold a burp from coming but he burps anyway.  “Ooops, sorry.”
“Speaking of which, he’s indeed pregnant,” Siwon says in a low tone, not hearing Zhoumi at all.  His brows knitted, making Zhoumi lifts his eyebrows in expectation.  “I think he has this craving of salt, Mi.”
“What?” the lanky man frowns.
“Yeah, just yesterday, he ate a block of salt as a snack in the midnight.  When I asked him why, he seemed clueless himself,” Siwon says.  “And just now, he seemed like he couldn’t taste anything wrong with the foods.”
“He ate a block of salt?  Seriously?” Zhoumi gasps in a whisper.
“What did you do, why didn’t you observe his every little move like usual, huh?” Zhoumi says with a teasing tone.  “But seriously he ate salt?  Ew!”
“He was kinda upset when I grabbed his salt, you know.  It’s super weird.  But thanks to him eating salt, we were then curious to check whether he’s pregnant.”
“That’s totally a new kind of Yesung’s freak.  You know your husband is a freak, but devouring salt block?  That’s amazing.”
“Maybe he temporarily lost his sensitivity of saltiness?” Siwon contemplates, more to himself than his husband’s best friend.
“Hmm, perhaps that’s what cravings are, why don’t you do some research about them,” Zhoumi says nonchalantly.  “But I admit it, my best friend is really special,” he beams.
“Guys the fruits are ready, let’s move.  I want to watch a movie,” Yesung walks pass them to the TV room.
Siwon and Zhoumi follow the pregnant man, scattering lazily on the sofa in front of the TV and eating the fruits.
“Mi, what do you say we’re re-watching P.S. I Love You?” Yesung asks his best friend from his position in front of the DVD player.
“What?  No,” Siwon yawns.  “Please don’t watch it, please.  I want to watch a re-run of CSI…”
“Gerard Butler!  Anytime, Yeye!” Zhoumi happily responds.
About five minutes later, Siwon grunts, leaving the TV room where his pregnant husband and his best friend are sitting with a box of tissue and hundreds of snacks in front of them.  Shirtless Gerard Butler is the only thing they’re looking at.
“Aww Wonnie, don’t sulk, remember, me and baby love you so much!” Yesung yells to the disappearing back of his husband.
“I don’t know why men love to watch people kill each other,” Zhoumi grins, grabbing a handful of potato chips and insert them into his mouth.  “It’s low-fat, right, Ye?” he examines the plastic wrapper.
About two hours later, Siwon who was spending the time in the bedroom, watching CSI, goes to the TV room curiously, since he just heard Zhoumi went home about ten minutes ago.  He wonders why his husband didn’t go to the bedroom straightaway.
His eyes soften at the sight of his sleeping husband.  Yesung fell asleep on the couch with puffy, swollen eyes.  Dirty tissues and plastic wrappers of snacks are surrounding the petite man, but the sleeping face itself is really cute and peaceful.
“Oh, poor baby.  You must be tired…” Siwon caresses the soft hair.  “But at least you do eat your snacks,” he cleans the room from the tissues and snack wrappers, then shakes the petite body of Yesung to wake him up.  “Sungie, wake up, let’s go to the bedroom,” he whispers in his ear. 
“Ungh,” Yesung moans and stretches one of his arms.  “What why…”
“You have to properly sleep on the bed, baby.  Come on,” Siwon pulls his husband’s hand to help him stand.
Shocked Yesung lazily opens his eyes but obediently follows Siwon to the bedroom.  “What time is… it?” he yawns while walking slowly behind the handsome man.
“About 10 pm,” Siwon answers. 
“Oh, I thought I had a dream just in a five minutes sleep.”
Suddenly the muscular man remembers something.  “Sungie, have you drunk your milk tonight?” he asks his sleepy pregnant husband, turning around to see his face.
“Uh… I guess I haven’t,” Yesung answers, unfocused.  “I’m sleepy, I don’t want to drink milk Wonnie,” he mumbles cutely.  “I want to straightly go to sleep.”
“Sungie, you need to drink your milk, okay?  For baby?  I’ll make it for you,” Siwon opens the bedroom door, smiling when Yesung walks pass him and lifelessly sits on the bed.
“Uh,” Yesung whines, but then stares down at his own stomach.  “I don’t want milk but baby does want milk,” he says then yawns again.  “Hurry, make it for me, Wonnie.”
“Please don’t fall asleep, honey.  I won’t be long.”
Yesung is half asleep when Siwon comes with his Americano-flavored milk five minutes later.  The pregnant man solemnly drinks his milk, then brushes his teeth before changing to pajamas.
“Let me kiss my baby good night,” Siwon approaches Yesung who is only on his underwear, halfway in grabbing his pajama pants from the cupboard.
“Baby is already sleeping, baby won’t hear you,” Yesung whispers when Siwon latches his lips on his flat belly. 
“It doesn’t matter.  I’m its father, only my voice will go through its tiny ears, beside yours,” Siwon murmurs.  “Sleep well, baby.  Have a nice dream.  Daddy loves you so,” Siwon kisses the soft skin of his husband’s stomach again, making the petite man giggles. 
But then the kisses change to licks and butterfly kisses, up to the petite man’s chest and neck.

“Oh God, I’m so anxious,” Yesung bits his bottom lip, hands tightly gripping the back of the dining chairs.
“Baby, please calm down.  It won’t be that bad,” Siwon tries to calm his pregnant lover by caressing his back.
“What if he just hates me more than he already is?”
“What are you talking about, Sungie?  My father doesn’t hate you…” Siwon answers with a shaky voice.
Yesung and Siwon invited Choi Eric, Siwon’s father, to dinner tonight.  The thing is, Siwon’s old man doesn’t really like Yesung.  He’s always a bit cold towards the petite man ever since Siwon brought Yesung home to introduce him two years ago.  Turned out, Eric had arranged a marriage of his only son to a daughter of his partner on the law firm, and since Siwon chooses Yesung instead, there’s this unsettled things between the father and son.
The cold war escalated when Siwon chose to resign from his father’s law firm, but luckily Yesung could convince him that such thing will only make matters worse between the father and son.  Siwon cancelled his resignation and stays a partner in the firm as a business attorney in law, but the cold relationship with his father maintained until now.
“I can stand it if your father hates me, but… but what if he hates baby too?” Yesung asks, looking at his tiny nails as if they are the most interesting thing.  “I can’t stand it if father hates baby, he’s baby’s only grandparents Wonnie.”
“Don’t think about it, ok, honey?  Just do our best in serving him dinner, but if he still can’t accept you and our baby, there’s nothing I can do.  Growing up without grandparents is sad, but it’s not the end of the world,” Siwon kisses Yesung’s backhead.  “Come on, my Queen, check on the fish and make sure every single thing is perfect!” he pats his husband’s butt.
Yesung instantly flies to the oven, checking on his fish.  Then he checks on his potato puree.  He almost adds a teaspoon full of salt when Siwon quickly comes to him, opening his mouth wide.
“Let me check on the puree, baby.  The salt can wait, yes?”
The pregnant man looks at Siwon confused, but gives him some of the puree anyway.
Siwon almost screams in joy when he tastes that the puree is perfect.  Not too salty or anything weird.
“Uh, that was close,” Siwon mutters in relief while chewing the delicious puree.
“What?” Yesung notices.
“No, I was right.  This is perfect already, no need more salt,” Siwon answers quickly and pecks Yesung’s lips. 
“But it’s still too bland, Wonnie.”
Siwon has been dealing with salty foods for about two weeks now.  He forbids Zhoumi and even Yesung’s older brother Jaejoong to tell him anything, afraid to crush his husband’s confidence in his cooking.  But he really doesn’t think that Eric will be able to tolerate Yesung’s cravings…
“No, darling, believe me, it’s already perfect!  If you add more salt, it’ll make your puree inedible.”
“No, I’ll add this salt,” Yesung insists.  He grabs the salt spoon already.
“Uhm, Sungie, do you forget that my father has diabetes?” Siwon’s quick wit.  “He can’t eat salty foods.  Bland is okay for him.”
Yesung gasps.  Of course, this information is new to him since Siwon just make it up…
“Oh my God, really, Wonnie?  How come you never told me this?”
“He… he just knew it himself about three months ago.  Well surprise, surprise, I forgot to tell you,” Siwon tries to sound solemn, hoping the petite man will buy it.
Yesung drops his teaspoon and quickly opens the oven to check on the flavor of his fish.  “Here, try the fish.  I think it’s still bland though, I only followed mother’s recipe…” he takes a spoonful of the fish’s gravy sauce and feed Siwon.
“You’re right, it’s still bland,” Siwon smiles sweetly to his husband.
Actually, lying all the time to Yesung is really tiring for Siwon, moreover to eat the super salty food each day.  His heart screams for him to tell the pregnant man the truth, but he’s just too afraid that it’ll shock Yesung, or worse, making him traumatized to cook again.  He doesn’t plan to ever tell Yesung the truth, or, precisely, avoiding himself of thinking about ever telling his husband the truth.
“But what about the chocolate souffle?  It’s father’s favorite, right?  Is he allowed to eat this?” Yesung points at the souffles he just made about ten minutes ago.
“Err, that…” Siwon frowns.  “I think once in a blue moon he’s allowed to have his sweets,” he smiles reassuringly.
In his head, he’s blaming himself for making things much more complicated for his husband just because of his lies.  He makes a mental note to someday, still during the pregnancy, hopefully, he could tell his husband how salty his foods are since he’s been pregnant.
“Really?  Thank God,” Yesung seems genuinely relieved, making Siwon feels a pang inside his heart.  “I don’t know what I’ll do if soufflé is forbidden for him.  I mean, I don’t prepare another dessert that’s safe, I only have some chocolate ice cream in the freezer…” he rambles on.
His husband is so nice, innocent, and pure.  He feels terrible for lying and for his father who hates such an amazing person without an appropriate reason, before even really knew him.
“I’d better go to check the table,” Yesung quickly goes to the dining table.  There lays Yesung’s most expensive chinas, wine glasses, silver cutleries he got from his late mother, neatly folded salem’s colored napkins, matched with the tablecloth. 
Siwon stares at his busy husband bitterly.  He’s working so hard to impress his father-in-law by cooking western food, opening their expensive wine, and Siwon swears he won’t just sit and stand it anymore if his father ever speaks sarcastically or rudely to his Yesung.
“Can you check the wine for me, honey?” Yesung asks without looking at his husband.  He’s re-arranging the napkins.
Siwon finds the bottle of wine on the kitchen counter and is busy looking for a bottle opener when the bell finally rings.
“Baby, let me introduce you to your only grandfather,” Siwon quickly caresses Yesung’s stomach, as they go to open the door.

A/N: WTF with the drama.  IDEK.
Tags: pairing: yewon, series: miracle for us, warning: pregnant!yesung
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