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Miracle for Us Chapter 5

Title: Miracle For Us Chapter 5
Characters: Yesung, Siwon, Zhoumi, Jaejoong, etc
Pairing: YeWon
Genre: Mpreg!AU, Fluff
Rating: PG-15
Warning: Heavy Mpreg.
Disclaimer: Fiction. I only own the plot and the story.

Previous: OneTwoThreeFour

“So you’ve been pregnant for six weeks already?” Eric asks Yesung.  “Congratulations then.  I’m actually surprised you two have to wait that long to tell me this… ah, happy news.”
“It’s not like that, we just want to make sure that the pregnancy is really fine before telling you this,” Siwon puts down his knife upon hearing his father’s sarcastic tone.  “I’m sorry if you feel somewhat… left out.”
“No, no that’s fine.  I have to be grateful that you even still want to tell me,” Eric raises his glass of wine.  “Once again, congratulations,” he then gulps his wine.
Yesung and Siwon half-heartedly raise their respective beverages.
“Father,” Yesung calls, puts his glass of juice on the table.  “Do you want to… say hello to your future grandchild?  Baby is awake now, baby’s so excited to meet you.”
Without waiting for Eric’s response, the pregnant man stands up, and approaches his father-in-law who is sitting in front of him.  Eric seems so stunned, and so does Siwon.  Both of the Choi are watching Yesung in disbelieve when the petite man stands beside Eric and without saying anything, grabs his right hand.  He inserts it under his shirt to touch his still-flat stomach.
“Su-sungie…” Siwon stutters.
“Baby is still small, so you have to wait for a few months to really be able to feel its presence inside me,” Yesung says flatly to Eric, closing his eyes and letting his father-in-law’s hand to feel his bare stomach.  “But baby wants to know its grandfather and baby’s so stubborn,” he then lets Eric’s hand go.
Eventually Siwon could overcome his shock and starts to examine his father’s reaction over his husband’s acts.  Eric’s still looking at Yesung, looking startled, but his hand is still on the pregnant man’s stomach as if he’s doesn’t realize anything that happens.
If the situation is not that awkward and cold, actually that’s such a touching and adorable sight.
“Thank you, Father, for letting our baby know you,” suddenly Yesung opens his eyes, smiling briefly to the shocked father-in-law of his before walking back to his seat beside Siwon just like that.  “Baby is happy,” he says flatly again as he finally sits.
Eric still appears as if petrified, but quickly snaps back to his sanity.  The oldest man clears his throat, avoiding his son and son-in-law’s eyes for a moment.
“Sungie, why did you do that?” Siwon whispers groggily to the man beside him, but his eyes are still on Eric.
“I told you, baby was really curious about father,” Yesung smiles to him, doesn’t even bother to whisper.
“Uhm, that was… interesting, Yesung-ah,” Eric finally composes himself, looking at the pregnant son-in-law of his.  “So you’re still so unpredictable.”
“It’s not me, it’s baby,” Yesung explains shortly.
“Still, you think people will think twice to do such impromptu skinship…” Eric says firmly, but quickly drinking his wine as if he doesn’t want to look at Yesung.
“Father, what do you think of our baby?” Siwon asks a lot louder than what he planned a few seconds ago, trying to change the subject from Yesung.  Nevertheless, his father’s irritated tone is kinda throwing his control and politeness away.  “Our baby is your grandchild, you will be a grandfather.  In fact, you like it or not, we should call you grandpa.”
The look on Eric’s face upon hearing Siwon is priceless.
“Grand… pa?” that’s the only response from the middle-aged man.
“Or do you like ‘harabeoji’ better?  You know, since we are Koreans and we live in Korea afterall,” Siwon adds.
“I think you fit ‘grandpa’ more than ‘harabeoji’, Father,” Yesung chimes in, with a happy smile in his face.  “You give off a foreign vibe.”
Siwon almost laughs out loud hearing his husband’s innocent jab.  Eric was born and spending more than half of his life in the US.  He is still very reluctant with Korean’s culture and life style after all this time.  ‘Harabeoji’ doesn’t meet up to his standard since he even doesn’t want his son to call him ‘abeoji’ or ‘appa’.  Apparently Yesung could really read his father-in-law well, although what he said actually could be misleading the oldest man.
“I guess I will let you guys decide for me,” Eric says in a defeated tone.  “I guess I won’t be around that much, anyway.”
Yesung’s smile falters.
“Funny you say that,” Siwon retorts.  “You’re living so close to us, but you ‘won’t be around much’?  I’m sorry I don’t think I understand.”
Yesung bits his lips, and pushes his plate away, leaving his food almost untouched.
“I just mean I will be really busy, son,” Eric says with a hint of bitter smile.  “Plus, we have our own lives.  Outside office matters,” he adds, “I won’t really bother you and your family’s life.”
“But you are my family,” Siwon knacks his tongue in disbelieve.  “You will never ‘bother’ us.  That’s nonsense,” annoyance is clear in the muscular man’s voice.
“But, let’s admit it.  We’re not getting along well, are we?  We are always so distant from each other, I don’t see why it’s such a big deal, Siwon-ah.”
“Don’t you want to always be there for your grandchild, Father?  Your only son’s child?  My baby will need you to be there, my baby will have your blood running down it’s every single veins!” Siwon finally snaps.
Yesung looks at him in worry, shaking his head. 
“Wonnie, don’t be rude to your father,” the pregnant man says lowly, caressing Siwon’s upper arm in effort to calm him down.
Eric is playing with his puree on his plate, staring at the food like he never sees it before.  “Why…  Why would your child need me?”
“Oh, so you forget who raised me, Father?” Siwon answers loudly.  “I spent more than half of my life with the late Harabeoji and Halmeoni while you pursued your Master and Ph.D, and worked in the US?  They lost their daughter in laboring me but still took the best care of me while the father of the child was away for so long.”
Silence engulfs the room as the three men lost in their respective thoughts.
“All my life, I will never forget how important is having grandparents’ love, Father,” Siwon speaks up again after a few moments.  “Other kids envied me because, although none of my parents were there for me, halmeoni always spoiled me, granting my every wish, unlike their mothers.  Harabeoji always have had the time to play with me, unlike their fathers.  Normally, parents are boring and strict, but grandparents never know rules, they never scold…”
Yesung’s eyes are getting moisty, and he takes a hint of tears emerging in his husband’s eyes too in recalling his childhood memories.  He stares emptily at Siwon’s shoulder.
Siwon’s father drops the fork he’s holding, stealing a glance to his flustered son and sighs.  “If that means so much to you, then fine…”
“Of course you mean so much to me, Father.  Even to Yesung.  Don’t ever doubt our love and sincerity for you,” Siwon cuts, voice still sharp.
“I… know,” Eric says with a low voice. 
“Err, father?  Next week, me and Siwon are going to do a sonogram check on our baby.  We… we would like to send you a copy of the picture… if you like us to, of course,” Yesung tries to sound as cheerful as he can to lighten up the mood, smiling softly to the middle aged man in front of him.
Siwon throws a glance at his husband, feeling warmer that this perfect man never stops showing his affection towards his cold father.
“Huh?” Eric seems lost for a few second, staring dumbly at his son’s husband.  “Oh, really?”  He clears his throat but quickly adds afterwards.  “Sure, you may.”
For the first time since his father came to his apartment, Siwon smiles.  There’s a brief comfortable silence in the room.
“So… this sonogram, you’re doing it next week?” Eric continues hesitantly a few seconds after.  He’s trying to overcome his awkwardness, everybody can tell.
“Yes, Father.  We are going to be able to see baby for the first time, isn’t it exciting?” Yesung, happy because Eric finally shows a little attention to his pregnancy, beams.
“So can you… see if it’s a boy or a girl?” Siwon’s father couldn’t help but sounds a bit excited.  He’s trying to act nonchalant by casually grabbing his fork again but to no avail, since there’s this glint in his eyes that shows his massive interest and curiousity.
This time, it’s Siwon’s turn to get his smile widen.  Finally Yesung’s efforts to get Eric into this shows off a positive result.  His father, albeit still hesitant and awkward, is slowly trying to be more supportive of his husband’s pregnancy.
“Wonnie,” Yesung touches Siwon’s cheek when he feels like his husband’s dozing off while they’re cuddling on bed.
“Hmm?  What is it, baby?” Siwon smiles, looking at Yesung’s small eyes who are already red from sleepiness.
“You’re not listening to me again,” his pregnant husband pouts.  “I talked for almost a minute, and you didn’t give any response, you’re so annoying.”
“You’re talking about tomorrow’s hang out with Mimi and Jae hyung, right?” Siwon smiles teasingly while touching the point of Yesung’s nose.  “I can still hear you, Sungie, although my mind was too occupied with other… things.”
“Hmm, so what were you thinking, then?” Yesung asks curiously.
“I still think about my father,” Siwon admits.  “Did you hear how he seemed so excited although he tried to act like he’s indifferent?”
“Your father is a cold person,” Yesung starts.  “He just needs some warmth to get himself opens up to his feelings.  I just realized it when you two were bantering a few hours ago.”
“What do you mean?”
“You and him always talk so firmly to each other.  Both of you are stubborn and cold.  You have the similar personalities.  Cold on the outside, but soft and loving on the inside.  The problem is, it’s hard to get to the inside of your father since he’s so introvert…” Yesung explains.
“I just want to say that your approach to your father is wrong along the way.  He won’t budge if you’re being harsh or hard to him.  Instead, affection and care could convince him to somehow let you in, and showing us his true self,” Yesung nods, proud of his own thinkings.
Siwon frowns, and says with a slightly shaking tone.  “Was I really harsh to him, Sungie?”
“I did cringe from time to time hearing how you speak to him.  But I know you didn’t mean any harm, you just… lost control.”
“It’s been so long since the last time I talked to him.  I was just shocked because I actually have forgotten how sarcastic my father actually is.  Then I snapped.”
“Well, you should apologize to him.  Perhaps, meet him in the office or send some card along with our baby’s sonogram picture?” Yesung suggests.
“I’ll see him in the office, I think,” Siwon sighs.  “You’re right, honey.  Like they said in those superhero movies, you can’t fight fire using fire.  I just never thought of it when it comes to my father.”
“Now you know,” Yesung answers calmly then yawns like a cat.
“Umpfff,” Siwon kisses his husband’s hair noisily.  “You are just the best, Yesungie.  Not only cute, sexy and beautiful, but also so wise and smart…  So what about your plans of gang hang out again?

Yesung’s birthday is nearing.  Yesung doesn’t really like parties or such, and usually Siwon only celebrated the petite man’s birthday by asking him out to dinner at expensive, romantic restaurants.  But this time, it’ll be different.
Not only this is Yesung’s first birthday after being married with Siwon, but also he is currently seven weeks pregnant!  Of course Siwon wants to give him the most special birthday treatment ever, since the pregnant man is a miracle for Siwon’s life.  He totally wants to spoil him to no end, making him know that he’s so special, loved, and irreplaceable.  So he had booked a weekend trip to Japan, Yesung’s favorite country, to enjoy Tokyo in an exclusive Japanese traditional villa.
Zhoumi and Jaejoong had informed Siwon that they’ll make a surprise birthday party for Yesung in YStyle, Yesung’s flower shop, on Monday, after they’re back to Korea.  Yesung’s two employees, Eunhyuk and Donghae, will help them preparing for everything. 
Siwon needed some time to emphasis how important it is to keep the party low-key, since both of Zhoumi and Jaejoong are known for their love for parties since they work in the fashion industry.
“Remember, only people that Yesung is really close with, Mi,” Siwon has to warn Zhoumi on the phone since the lanky man repeatedly asks to invite some of his DJ friends or ex-boyfriends from college, where he spent his time as roommates with Yesung for four years.  “What?  Yesung used to have a little crush on this guy?” Siwon hisses on the phone, afraid his husband would hear.  “That’s not a ‘proper’ reason to invite him, when now it’s your turn to have crush on him!”
“Who are you talking to, Wonnie?” Yesung enters the bedroom with their clean laundry in his hands.
“Uhm, it’s Junjin hyung,” Siwon casually says.  “I’ll call you back hyung, gotta go!” he says to the phone and hangs up.
“So, Junjin hyung will go alone to the court this afternoon?” Yesung asks, fully aware that the man they’re supposed to talk about is working with Siwon in being a representative for an electronic company who’s being sued because of a copyright infringement case.
“Yeah, he’s… he’s getting some help from a junior associate, baby, don’t worry.  He’s a senior anyway.”
“He won’t mind?  I mean, we are going on a vacation, it’s not urgent for you to leave work,” Yesung puts some folded clothes to an opened suitcase.
“No, he really doesn’t mind.  Since he knows you’re pregnant and I was super busy lately, working off time too much,” Siwon gets up to help his husband preparing for their luggage.  “Will you get us another suitcase, or this one is big enough for us two?” he quickly changes the topic.
“Come on Wonnie, we’re going on a weekend trip, we won’t need that much.  This is enough.”
About noon, they are already in their exclusive villa in sub-urban part of Tokyo.  Yesung is so excited, entering the master bedroom of the villa with an ear-to-ear smile. 
“Tatami!” he screams happily.
“Wait until you see the futons, baby,” Siwon follows behind his husband.  “Open the sliding door, they’re there.”
“Woah, the futons are slightly thicker than what we used to have in my childhood house,” Yesung brings out about two futons at once on his embrace, making Siwon widens his eyes in surprise seeing the tall pile.
“Sungie, what are you doing?  Here, bring them to me, they’re heavy!”
“No, no I can…”
But Siwon swiftly grabs the thick white mattresses from Yesung, leaving him empty handed.
“Oh God, Sungie.  Stop acting so careless!  These futons are heavy!  You should think of our baby!” Siwon scolds the pregnant man once he harshly drops the futons on the tatami-covered floor.
Yesung only pouts, looking at his toenails.
“Come on, let’s check the kitchen.  This place also has its own hot spring, you know,” Siwon leads his husband out of the bedroom to check on the rest of the villa.
“Built-in sushi-makers!” Yesung squeals when he finds the one kitchen gadget he’s been wanting for a long time.
“We won’t cook anything, Sungie.  We’ll only order.  You are a queen for the weekend, baby,” Siwon chuckles from behind him.
“I know…” Yesung pouts again to his husband, who only pinches his cheek.
Yesung could no longer pout when Siwon opens the back door of the traditional building.
“Oh my God…  it’s so beautiful!”  He instantly runs, barefooted, to the green grass surrounding a hot spring.  The pool, with its green water, is decorated so that it resembles a natural waterfall like they used to see on TV.  So classic, yet luxurious at the same time, leaving the pregnant man fascinated.  “Wonnie, we could bathe here, right?”  The pregnant man looks at his husband who only stands at the door, smiling at him.
“If you will, although it’s summer anyway…” Siwon chuckles again.
“It doesn’t matter!  I love hot springs, I won’t mind even if it’s totally unnecessary in a hot day like this!” Yesung excitedly squats at the edge of the pool, putting his hands in the water.  “Oh, hmm…  Feels so good,” he nods to himself.
The prospect of spending the night bathing with his husband in the hot spring, just the two of them, making Siwon whistles happily while putting on his yukata.
a/n: happy new year people! i hope 2014 is better than 2013!
Tags: pairing: yewon, series: miracle for us, warning: pregnant!yesung
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