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Miracle for Us Chapter 6

Title: Miracle For Us Chapter 6
Characters: Yesung, Siwon, Zhoumi, Jaejoong, etc
Pairing: YeWon
Genre: Mpreg!AU, Fluff
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Heavy Mpreg. Light smut in this chapter.
Disclaimer: Fiction.  I only own the plot and the story.

Previous: OneTwoThreeFourFive

“Euhm…” the man who’s been called Wonnie stirs up in his sleep but doesn’t open his eyes.
“Wonnie…  Wonnie.”
The small man who is known by the name Yesung tugs his husband’s yukata by the arm.  A pout in his lips, a sign that he’s unhappy about the situation.
“What…” Siwon slowly opens his eyes, fluttering a bit to adapt with the bright, basked-in-sunlight room.  “Baby, what is it?”  He’s already seen the pout.
“You said we were going to Ueno, but you’re overslept,” the pregnant Yesung answers coyly.  “It’s almost 4 now!”
Siwon rubs his eyes in a slow motion, a bit dizzy of being awakened quite forcefully by Yesung.  Suddenly, as if on cue, the muscular man checks on his wristwatch.
“Oh,” Siwon gasps.  Hastily he gets up from the tatami he had just slept in, glancing to Yesung’s face in worry.  “Sorry, baby.  I was so tired….”
Yesung rolls his eyes in annoyance.
“I know,” the pregnant man mutters.  “I didn’t have the heart to wake you up at 2.  You looked so tired and peaceful,” Yesung then sighs, staring at his husband’s red eyes.
Siwon smiled to his husband, then shakes his head.
“I promised you to wake up at 2, it’s okay for you to wake me up, baby,” he ruffles Yesung’s apple hair.  “But thank you for your considerations.  I better get ready,” he glances at his husband.
Yesung’s wearing a baby pink apron on top of his yukata, and Siwon halts his step.  “Apron?” he gestures at the piece of clothes that looks so freaking girly on Yesung.  His husband looks so cute beyond words, like a girl bunny in mangas.
“I didn’t know what to do when you’re asleep so…  I made some tuna kimbap,” Yesung beams.  “Using the built-in sushi maker.  I’m so pleased with the result.  We should have one of our own!”
“Ki… kimbap?  Why, I told you we’re going to get relaxed, right?” Siwon would rather die than admitting that he’s afraid of the saltiness that the dish might has.
“I know, so I didn’t make much.  I gave them all to our hostess just now,” Yesung cheerfully says.  “She was so thankful, she said ‘Sushi, sushi, arigato!’ but I told her ‘Kimbap, kimbap, Korean food, not sushi!’ but she didn’t get it,” Yesung sure is a fast talker sometimes.
Siwon gets speechless hearing what his husband said.
“Really?” After some times the handsome man could only say. 
“Eung!” Yesung nods cutely, making Siwon pinches his healthy, pink cheeks.  “She’s so nice, right, Wonnie?  I can’t wait to see her again and chat for a bit, I want to practice my English.”
Silently Siwon prays that the kimbap wasn’t as salty as what he would imagine.  The inn owner is a stranger, he doesn’t think she’ll understand the situation of super-salty kimbap Yesung gave her…
The pregnant man pinches him on the thighs, seeing that his husband is spacing out, again.
“Hey sleepyhead, go change.  We’re going to Ueno park!”
Yesung wants to go to Ueno park since a long time ago, since he read about the place so many times on magazines and TV shows. 
And here he is now, giggling like a crazy girl in front of a street performer.  Siwon and Yesung just got there and found the sumo performer near the entrance gate of the enormous town park.  The pretend sumo wrestler attracts people with stiff golden paint all over his huge body (except his wrestling pants), and the uptight hair forming a knot on his chubby head.
“Give him some Yen, Wonnie!  He reacts cutely every time he sees money!” Yesung whispers so obviously into Siwon’s ear.  His right hand tangles securely on Siwon’s left arm. 
Siwon responsively pushes a small purse full of coins to his husband instead.  The purse is quite cute, in a shape of sliced watermelon, with variations of red and green beads all over it.  It’s Yesung’s beloved purse he got from his late mother and he really cherishes it.
“Wow full of coins, you’re the best, baby,” Yesung pecks his husband’s cheek as an appreciation and surprise.
Soon, the pregnant man is busy hogging the performer’s attention to himself by dropping countless 100 Yen coins from his purse to a little bowl in front of him.  The wrestler smirks in somewhat a frightening manner, and instantly directing his giant feet one by one with thighs opened wide, to Yesung.
“Come here, come here!” Yesung exclaims excitedly in English from the side, making all the people who also watching the show with them smile.  It’s not rare for a foreigner to act like that upon seeing a street performer like they’ve never seen anything like it before.  “Look, Wonnie, he’s so scary walking like that!  I can’t watch!  Ahh!” Yesung hides his head on Siwon’s shoulder, but still giggling maniacally, making the tall man looks at him dumbfounded.
“Baby, you’re the one called him here, go face him!  He’s looking at only you!” Siwon caresses the upper arm of his hysterical husband.
“I know but he’s scary!  Hihihi!” Yesung stomps on his feet while laughing.  His face is still over his husband’s shoulder.
“Look, he’s returning to his position now,” Siwon points at the performer, who was just now stepping back to his position, a poker face even after seeing Yesung’s reaction.  “Haha, he’s so funny walking to the side like a crab!”
“Where?” Yesung’s excitement is back and quickly he turns his head to catch the performer’s cute action.  Again, the petite man bursts in laugh.  “Aww, his face is so intimidating but he’s doing aegyo,” Yesung coos.
A bulky man suddenly stands in front of the performer, with a pose ready to attack in the sumo rule.  There are some people, two women and two little kids, cheering for the father of their family to have a sumo match with the performer.
“Ganbatte, otou-san!” a boy, apparently that man’s son, yells and claps excitedly.
“Yuhuuuu!” all the spectators suddenly roar in the spirit of a match.  “Sumo!  Sumo!” they yell, bright faces are everywhere to see.  More passerbys come closer to watch the ‘match’.
“Woah, they’re going to go wrest?  Oh my God, this is so interesting!  Wonnie!” Yesung pulls Siwon’s hand to go closer to the two ‘wrestlers’.
The challenger puts 20.000 Yen inside the performer’s bowl smugly, causing the crowd to applause him.
Soon, both of the challenger and the performer bow to each other, getting ready to attack.  It was so fast for Yesung to catch, and suddenly the challenger lays down on the ground with a sheepish, ashamed smile on his face because he’s got defeated so easily.  The performer pulls him up using one hand, and then bows to him.  The bulky man with all the spectators claps in respect for the performer, who still has his poker face on.
“He’s so great…  With no words bringing a man down in a second…” Yesung mutters, after clapping his hands like a little child.  “Is he a real sumo wrestler?”  Then an idea pops up to his mind.
To say that Siwon is startled upon Yesung pushes him to the front of the performer is an under expression. 
He was hugging his pregnant husband a second ago and suddenly he stands in front of the performer, so close.  Yesung the Majesty couldn’t wait to tell his husband his wish, and instead making him doing the wrestling by force, like this…
The spectators are yelling again upon seeing a new ‘challenger’ for the sumo ‘match’.
Siwon moves his head left and right, looking at the people around him in panic.  He never did this before, he’s never even been on a single physical fight!  He only watched sumo in movies, and knows nothing about it.  He muses uncomfortably, then his eyes meet the performer’s, who, for a second, seems as startled as himself.  Of course, Siwon’s body is considered not ideal for sumo wrestling even though it was just an act, half as harsh as the real one.
Again with no words, the performer nods then bows to the shocked Siwon, totally ready for a match.  Confusedly Siwon turns his head to the back, trying to find his beloved Yesung.
Yesung is grinning ear-to-ear a few feet behind him, shouting “Siwonnie fighting!”
“Yuhuuu!” the crowd is louder this time since Siwon looks like he’s not ready.  The spectators find it funny!
Seeing all the excited responses from people, and mostly Yesung’s energetic, happy face, Siwon couldn’t back out.  He’s got to do it now, because he can’t imagine how the people would mock him if he runs away. 
He lifts his chin up to look at the opponent in the eyes.  He bows, and clumsily opens his thigh as wide as he could possible do to make a stand.  He’s so freaking frightened, actually, since the performer’s huge body is like thrice his size, but there’s no other way out of this.  He’s definitely going to lose, embarrassing himself in front of countless strangers in a foreign land.
All thanks to Yesung.  Siwon swears he’s gonna make Yesung pay for this in the bed tonight!
A millisecond passes and the performer is suddenly in front of him, so near, grabbing the back his thighs with his huge palms like it’s just a piece of chopstick!  Instinctively Siwon gets a hold on the wrestler’s underwear, wrapping his shaky fingers to its stiff material.  He’s closing his eyes now, mentally preparing his back to meet the hard ground in a second.
But, instead of falling backwards, Siwon feels himself being pulled to the front.  What the heck, he could barely breathe a curse.  And in an instant, he feels the sensation, kind of flying in the air, having no control of his own body.  As if it’s on a slow motion to Siwon, he falls forward instead of backwards.
When the shaky Siwon opens his eyes a second after, he gasps in surprise, again.  The huge sumo performer is laying on his back below him.
The crowd’s voices are deafening in shock and surprise too, apparently.  But the performer quickly whispers to his left ear before Siwon could ever get up.
“Your husband, he’s pregnant, right?  Now you’re making him so proud of you.  He’ll make a good baby.”  The sumo performer’s voice is low and deep, but surprisingly soft. 
Siwon looks at the performer in surprise since he’s talking in Korean!  He couldn’t believe this.  He talks so fluently as if he’s a Korean native.
He quickly get up from the performer, speechless at the good gesture.  People are cheering and clapping all around him, and the performer suddenly clears his throat, silencing every one.
Hataki komi!” he yells to the crowd as if announcing something that Siwon doesn’t get.
In an instant the crowd seems like they are mad.  The claps and the cheering seems like filled with genuine surprise and appreciation for Siwon, not just for the excitement and sensations.  People pats Siwon’s back while smiling, an old man lifts his right hand as if he’s a champion without his permission.  The air is filled with the sweet scent of victory for a second.
Then a consciousness creeps into his mind.  The performer’s message, and all these people’s reactions…  The performer makes himself lose to him, a man one-third his size, and people don’t know about it.
Purposely make himself lose?
Siwon quickly turns around to see the performer, he wants to say thank you or whatsoever to this very kind stranger for saving his face in front of his pregnant husband.
But the performer has gone back to his poker face and firm position, doesn’t even looking at Siwon’s direction.  Soon, another bulky man, seems like fired-up by Siwon’s ‘victory’, challenges the pretend wrestler.
Siwon gulps and he’s sure that his face is flushed red right now.
But then someone throws himself into him, hugging him so tight.  Circling his waist, kissing his chest happily.
Siwon forgets how he’s so annoyed at the pregnant man for literally ‘throwing him in front of a sumo wrestler’.  All he can do is pulling the still-lithe body deeper to his embrace, wraps the petite back with his both arms.
“You won Wonnie, you won,” Yesung chants to his chest repeatedly.
Siwon needs some time to get both of them to the side, a few feet away from the crowds.  Then he realizes that his husband is crying in his arms. 
“Hey,” Siwon calls.  “Why are you crying now?”
“Because I’m overwhelmed by your victory…” Yesung answers weakly, still hugging his husband tightly.
“No… it’s not,” Siwon stops talking when he hears the replay of the performer on his ears a minute ago.  He’s so proud of you…  Siwon wonders how could that artist know that Yesung is pregnant?  It’s not even visible yet since it’s only 7 weeks old.
“Eh, I mean, it’s nothing, baby,” quickly Siwon corrects himself.  Whatever, if the performer wants it to be, who is he to bail out?
“I’m sorry, Wonnie,” Yesung whispers again.
Siwon tilts his head curiously.  “Why?”
“I didn’t know why I pushed you in front of the performer like that as if challenging him…”
“You didn’t know?” Siwon asks softly for Yesung to know that he’s not mad.  Well, no longer mad.
“I just think of… a second… of how funny you will be when you fall unceremoniously to the ground, since, you know, you’re so cool, like all the time…” Yesung pauses, as if hesitating.  “But of course it’s dangerous, I would never think of making you doing that.”
Siwon thinks that it’s maybe true, maybe it’s because of the pregnancy that Yesung is being so unlike himself?  The usual Yesung would never dare to make Siwon do fights, even for fun, since he himself is a paranoid.  Yesung is more like a pacifist, for God’s sake.
“It’s okay, honey.  It’s alright.  I forgive you,” Siwon kisses the soft hair in front of him.  I understand that your pregnancy makes you do crazy things. “Just, maybe you know, a little heads up will really help next time.”
“Really?” Yesung unwraps himself from Siwon, an unsure smile on his face.  “You know, when the performer grabbed you, I was freaking out.  I’m so scared you might get hurt…  I’m sorry,” Yesung continues.
“Look, I’m okay now, don’t worry,” Siwon is touched by the apology.  “But…”
“But what?” Yesung is suddenly anxious.
“Don’t you think you could get away for this.  Of course tonight you’ll pay,” Siwon smirks, hands creeping to his husband’s round butts.  “The hot bath, Sungie.”
Yesung’s face becomes so red.

Yesung opens the back door of the traditional villa they got for themselves, seeing that Siwon is already inside the hot spring.  He could see half of his husband’s naked body and can’t help but blushing. 
The petite man gets down from the wooden floor of the cottage, wearing a geta that is prepared on the shoe rack beside the door.  Stepping closer to his husband, who is currently closing his eyes but not asleep.
As he gets in front of the edge of the artificial rocks decorating the spring, he unties his bathrobe slowly, without making any noise.  He wants to surprise Siwon.
But just at the time the taller man snaps his eyes open, glancing at Yesung who’s busy with his robe.  A sly smile crosses in Siwon’s face.  He keeps watching as the pregnant husband of his opens the robe to reveal his beautiful body underneath.  A magnificent body of a 7 weeks pregnant man.
Yesung drops the robe, now completely naked from head to toe, and instantly blushes when he catches Siwon’s watching.
“Come here, baby,” Siwon calls softly, opening his arms to welcome his husband.
Yesung only nods, his face reddening.  Slowly and carefully he steps down to the warm water.
“Be careful, don’t be too hasty, Sungie.”
Siwon gets up anyway, to assist his husband entering the spring.  The edge is rather steep and slippery, as Siwon noticed.  He’s afraid his clumsy husband might slip on it.
Seeing Siwon’s marvelous nakedness, the pregnant man gets redder and redder.  He bits his lips.  He’s always so shy when it comes to sex, at least at the beginning.  Moreover, when Siwon is courting him nicely in his full-naked glory.
Safely Yesung enters the pond, standing beside his husband with water on the level of his chest.  Siwon looks at him, again the sly smirk plastered on his face.
Small led lamps shining above them, hundreds of tiny yellow lights glowing in webs of wires.  It was such a peaceful and romantic place, Yesung looks at his husband’s eyes and smiles happily.
“It’s so romantic,” the pregnant man says.
“Yeah, I didn’t expect this place to be so perfect when I first read about it online,” Siwon answers. 
“And though this is summer, it doesn’t feel too hot in here,” Yesung scrutinizes the water around him.  “It’s actually the perfect temperature, I can’t believe it.”
“I know, I was only joking when I said we could bath in here.”
Yesung steps a little too close to Siwon’s side, circling his arm over his.  He attaches his head to Siwon’s shoulders and lets their thighs meet each other.
“I was so happy today,” the pregnant man starts again, his other hand draws random patterns in the surface of the water.  “The performers at Ueno are all so nice…”
“You should show people how you juggle, baby,” Siwon brushes his left cheek into Yesung’s hair over his shoulder.  “It’s amazing how that juggler teach you for a minute and you just could do it in an instant!”
After they left the sumo performer, Yesung directed his husband to several other performers on the park.  They watched a clown juggler, an Elvis impersonator, and a balloon performer made a turtle-shaped red balloon for the enthusiast Yesung, who then carried it around like a little kid.
“I think the juggler is an amazing teacher,” Yesung feels Siwon’s left hand caressing his bare back softly.
“Or you have a hidden talent,” the husband teases.  “What about the Elvis performer?  He’s interesting, right?”
“Yeah he was, I like the way he swayed his hips.  So comical,” Yesung can feel now Siwon’s hand going south, and a second later starting to caress the pregnant man’s naked buttocks.  “Hmm,” Yesung moans contently in response.
“So, how is my Baby doing inside here?” Siwon turns their bodies over, now they’re facing each other.  His right hand goes down to caress his husband’s bumpy stomach while the other hand is still busy squeezing Yesung’s buttocks.
Yesung closes his eyes feeling the contacts of their manhoods, caressing each other down there.  Apparently both of them are starting to get hard, thanks to Siwon’s left hand.
“Baby is still sleeping, so tired after the park,” Yesung mumbles, lifting his chin up enjoying Siwon’s attention, his lips barely move.  “I understand Baby, that’s why I was sorry we had to get home so early, Wonnie…”
“It’s okay, we better keep Baby healthy.  If Baby is tired, then whenever that is, we will stop walking,” Siwon nods in understanding even when Yesung can’t see him.
He puts away some stray strands of hair from his pregnant husband’s pleasured face, never stopping the work of his left hand anyway. 
“Have a good rest, my Baby,” Siwon directs his eyes onto his husband’s stomach.  “You have eaten two bowls of udon for dinner and I know you will get a deep sleep.”
Siwon reminisced how Yesung almost cried again that afternoon, asking Siwon to find an udon shop.  Yesung asked it right then and there, making Siwon had to ask the passerbys for an udon restaurant around the huge park.
“Come on, Siwonnie find an udon place!  Baby wants it so bad, don’t you care?” Yesung screamed to the phone, sitting alone in a park bench while Siwon went to ask some people not really far from him.
Siwon shook his head, embarrassed because of the two passerbys he’d been asking were looking at him weirdly hearing a man screamed onto his phone in Korean.  Yesung was only a couple of feet away, he could see him already, pouting and glaring at him.  Yet he has to call me by phone, like I’m a few kilometres away…
“Daddies will have something fun, please bear with it because we need it and I promise it won’t hurt you,” Siwon says again in a serious tone, giving a kiss from his lips to his fingers then attached them to Yesung’s stomach beneath the water.
Yesung giggles hearing what Siwon says.
“You were embarrassed by me eating two bowls, weren’t you?”
“You looked like a starving maniac, people stared at me as if I always let you starve all the time,” Siwon couldn’t help but nag.
“Hahaha sorry, again, Wonnie.”
Siwon grabs Yesung on the nape, and kiss him softly on the lips.
“You don’t need to say anything,” Siwon says, “you’re like that because of our Baby.  The baby we made together.”
And then they kiss again. 
Siwon puts little to no pressure over his husband’s soft lips.  It’s an innocent kiss with little pecks from time to time.  Siwon’s hand moves up from Yesung’s butt cheeks to caress his upper arm.  He feels Yesung’s palms all over his chest and abdomen just a second after, and the pregnant man slowly opened his mouth, expecting more from Siwon.
Siwon gladly licks Yesung’s lips before entering the sweet mouth he offers.  Yesung’s tongue caresses his in softest way possible, their salivas blend as one.  Siwon tilts his head to get a better angle and absently deepens the kiss, cupping Yesung’s face with both of his hands now.
They keep kissing for several more seconds, Yesung’s hands teasing his husband’s nipples.  The pregnant man also brushes their erected manhoods together seductively.  Siwon loves this.  He loves how his innocent baby Yesung turns into a sensual tease after a few minutes of kiss…
“Eungh, you’re such a tease, Sungie,” Siwon breaks the kiss to breath, leaving his husband still with closed eyes yet opened mouth.
Instead of continuing kissing those luscious lips, Siwon aims his kisses to Yesung’s jaw, then to his neck.  Even though Yesung is petite, he has a wonderful muscular neck, which Siwon really appreciates.  Nibbling softly at his husband’s jugular, Siwon enjoys the soft moan Yesung lets out.
Arms actively exploring each other’s waiting body, manhoods presses together, Yesung has to surrender first.
“Won-nie, let’s move… to bed…” breathlessly the pregnant man forms a sentence.
“Do you mean the futon?” Siwon smirks at the idea.
“Ye-yeah, futon, whatever.  I had it set out for us.  I’m yours, treat me well….”
The petite man circles Siwon’s neck and as if on cue Siwon without much difficulty lifts him bridal style.
The intense contact of hot, naked skin boosts up the sexual atmosphere between the two men.  Siwon’s left hand behind Yesung’s knee, he could feel the hotness of Yesung’s side as the smaller man rains his chest with little kisses and licks like a kitten. 
Slowly, very carefully the taller man carries his husband out from the spring.  It’s easy for Siwon to do it since he works out regularly.  Shivering a bit from the loose of warm water, and more because of his lover’s acts, he successfully gets them into their cottage’s bedroom.  Water drop from both of the naked wet bodies all the way from the back terrace into the room’s tatami, but they could care less.  Each other’s hotness is what more important.
“Yesung-ah, we must put a pillow underneath your stomach.  Futon is not safe enough for your pregnancy,” Siwon gets up as soon as he puts Yesung down on the tatami gently.  He reaches for the pillows behind his husband, put it right behind Yesung’s back, then lowers the petite man down.
“Wa-wait, Wonnie, I’m dizzy, I also need a pillow under my head,” Yesung quickly says.  Siwon responsively reaches for the other pillow for Yesung’s head.  “Better now,” Yesung lays down again, smiling at his husband who’s sitting on his toes in front of him.  “Where were we?”
Siwon moves forward and Yesung opens his thighs to welcome him.  They kiss again, this time a lot more passionate than before.  Yesung’s body pressed to the pillows he’s lying on and Siwon moves like he’s treating a glass doll.  He’s so careful with his touches and the pressure of his body, not daring to even let half of his body’s weight fall onto his husband underneath.  Not that they both lie down, he has to support his weight with both of his hands beside the pregnant man’s head.
“Relax, Wonnie…  I’m not that fragile,” Yesung frowns upon realizing Siwon’s awkward position.  “You won’t hurt me if you just rest your arm on my shoulder, or you can just get on all fours.”
“Haha, you’re right, baby,” Siwon quickly adjusts himself on all fours, not straining his thighs nor toes anymore.  “It’s our first time to get this intimate since you’re pregnant, I’m just anxious.”
“I’m sorry we can’t go on full penetration tonight, Wonnie.  But I will do my best to serve you,” Yesung caresses his husband’s bangs, smiling at him.
“Just get to feel your skin is enough, Sungie.  I won’t force you to do anything,” Siwon calms him down and kisses Yesung’s tip of the nose.
“I voluntarily want to please you.  Don’t hesitate to tell me anything.”
As he speaks, Yesung brushes their manhoods together, Siwon closes his eyes enjoying the sensation.
Siwon goes down to give kisses on Yesung’s shoulder, and burying himself on the crook of the smaller’s neck.  Yesung, as usual, smells like vanilla even though he’s just came down from a hot bath.
Yesung caresses Siwon’s back, undirectly bringing him to his nipples.  Siwon licks and plays with the two nubs for some seconds before facing the slightly-bumpy stomach.
“Hi, Baby.  Sleep well, Daddy is here,” he whispers before kissing all over the soft skin.
“Err… don’t talk with our Baby right now, you’re embarrassing me,” Yesung whines.
“Is Baby awake?” Siwon teases instead, looking at his husband with a naughty glint in his eyes.  He loves to see Yesung blush.
“I don’t want to answer you, it’s inappropriate,” Yesung pouts.
Siwon chuckles.
He gets to the smaller man’s manhood, kissing it lightly and licks the precum clean.  It was pink and huge and sexy, so Siwon won’t waste any more time before engulfing it to his mouth.  Massaging it with his tongue and grazes on it with his pearly white teeth from time to time. 
Yesung writhes, enjoying the ministrations.  He finds a way to Siwon’s short hair, and ruffling on it as if it’s a lifebuoy.
“I miss… this… so much…” Yesung writhes.  “Ahh, Wonnie…”
Yesung comes into his husband’s willing mouth.  For Siwon hadn’t touch him ‘there’ for three weeks, Yesung feels like it’s really amazing and that he sees stars.
After several minutes, he’s still breathless and looks as if he’s going to faint any moment.  Surely, coming needs so much energy, more over he’s been tired travelling all day and he’s pregnant.
Siwon kisses him on the forehead to check on him. 
“Are you tired?  This exhaust you, baby?”
Yesung just shakes his head weakly.  Without him realizing, he’s sweating so much right now.  His lips also get whiter.
“Sungie?  Darling, are you okay?” Siwon panicly calls him.

A/N: Happy birthday Choi Siwon!  You're a perfect man, with a pure heart.  May all your wishes come true and happiness will always be with you!
A/N2: I failed at writing 2 oneshots so i have no choice but to update this fic for Wonnie's birthday.
A/N3: I's been 3 months since my last update on this fic so i deeply sorry.  It just writersblock all over again but thankfully i've regain my mood for this fic.  This is my dream fic so i have to do my best^^
Tags: pairing: yewon, series: miracle for us, smex!yewon, warning: pregnant!yesung
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