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Miracle for Us Chapter 8

Title: Miracle For Us Chapter 8
Characters: Yesung, Siwon, Zhoumi, Jaejoong, etc
Pairing: YeWon
Genre: Mpreg!AU, Fluff, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Mpreg.
Disclaimer: Fiction.  I only own the plot and the story.

Previous: OneTwoThreeFourFiveSixSeven

Siwon hears the shoji of the bedroom being opened and the small of Yesung’s back disappearing before the door gets closed one more time.
He takes a deep breath and burying his head into his palms.  He’s screwed.  He’s ruining the vacation completely this time.
He never meant Yesung to know about his salt catastrophe this way.  But who could blame the two innocent guests for making Yesung learn it the hard way?  Regrets start to chew his insides because of his bubble of protection fires back on him, hurting his husband instead.  In front of two strangers, even.
He knows he’s got some explanations to do, but first things first.  He hears his guests conversing in hushed voice inside the room behind him.  Hurrily he re-enters the room, explaining to the couple about Yesung’s craving of salt.
“Oh my God, I didn’t realize it was his craving.  I feel so bad, Siwon,” says Danneel Ackles.  Her face contorts in worry and regret.
“I kept it a secret for him,” Siwon mutters.  “Perhaps that’s a wrong thing to do.  He’s meant to know about it sooner or later, anyway,” he says more to himself than his two companions in the room.
“So now he’s mad at you?” Jensen asks solemnly.  “We are really sorry.  We didn’t mean to get nasty but it’s just happen, you know?  I can’t hold my coughs…”
“But I was kinda rude to him,” Danneel interrupts.  “We’d better get going,” she gets up, hand in hand with his husband. 
“Explain to him Siwon, but don’t you sound like you’re doing a good thing.  You still lied to him.  From my experiences, pregnant men don’t like it to be viewed as if their feelings need to be ‘protected’.  Being pregnant itself is girly enough for many of them,” Jensen pats Siwon’s back. 
As much as Siwon doesn’t like it to get some relationship tips from a stranger, he nods and mutters thank you nonetheless. 
When he comes to the bedroom, Yesung is already fully dressed.  He wears jeans and t-shirt and apparently is ready to go out.
“Sungie,” Siwon calls him, blocking Yesung’s way to the door.  He himself is still clad in his yukata from last night.  “I have to explain.”
“Later,” Yesung answers curtly.  He tries to get pass the barricade that consists of a muscular hand of his husband.
“Don’t go anywhere, please.  Listen to me.”
Yesung lowers his body down to get under Siwon’s hand but swiftly Siwon uses his whole body to block him from the door.
“Not now.  Let me go.”
“Where will you go?  You don’t know anything about this place,” Siwon sighs, trying to keep his voice calm.
“You see?  This is what I hate about you.  You always underestimate me.  I don’t know this, I can’t do that, I’m not strong enough to do this and that…” Yesung throws a hurtful glare at the taller man.  “I’m sick of it.”
“What are you talking about?” Siwon says, totally taken aback.  “I’m not like that!”
“Oh yes you are!  If you could hear what you just said a second ago!” Yesung retorts with a red face.

“But… it’s because you are pregnant.  That’s the only reason, Yesung.”
“So I’m an explosive glass monster now that I’m pregnant, Siwon?  I’m weak and stupid and fragile because I am pregnant?”
“Listen,” Siwon grips the narrow shoulder of his pregnant husband, looking down to those fiery eyes.  “I never underestimate you.  I was just concerned about you, and our Baby.  You know you get hormonal…”
Apparently he says the wrong thing.
“And lying to me is concerning about me?” Yesung snaps. “If you really care, you would be honest.  We agreed to always be honest to each other!”
“But what about you?  You’re tired and you kept saying that you’re fine, you also lied to me!” Siwon can’t help it anymore.  “You know what, just go.  Go.  Walk or something, we need to clear our heads out,” he releases his husband from his grip, diverting his sight to the tatami.
“But I didn’t lie to you, I didn’t feel that I’m tired!” Yesung is appaled by Siwon’s accusation.  “I didn’t lie!”
“Okay, honey.  It’s my mistake to confront you while we are both still hot,” the taller man pulls the shorter to his embrace.  “What about we talk about it later?  With calm minds, okay?”
“You talk to me like I’m a child.  Whatever, I’m going,” Yesung breaks free and storms out the room.
“Wait!  Wait, Yesung, take this with you,” with an amazing speed, Siwon runs to the kitchen while Yesung makes his way out to the front door.  Luckily he made it to catch the grumpy petite man to give him a ready-to-go box package of his pregnancy milk, Americano flavored.  “Get back as soon as you can,” Siwon kisses the soft mop of black hair.  “Don’t get exhausted.”
“You did it again,” Yesung mutters.

Yesung drinks his chilled pregnancy milk while walking around a rice field.  His sandals are getting wet from the morning dew but he doesn’t have time to pay attention.
He’s now actually confused about the reason he’s mad at Siwon.  He even can’t remember whatever made him fuming on the first place.  Is it really about the secret of his salty food that Siwon kept from him, or beyond that, the reason why he kept it as secret: that he is a hormonal emotional monster, who needs to be shielded from heartache and bitter truth?
He feels betrayed, and what make it worse was that he had to know about his incapability of cooking in front of two strangers, who are foreigners.  Yesung hardly meet any Kaukasian foreigners in his life, and he’s kind of excited to be around them but they embarrassed him by blaming him of his salty food.  And that is because Siwon never told him that he’s been cooking salty foods that choke people!
Talking about people, Yesung suddenly remembers another person who had ever tasted his dishes since he got pregnant.  Zhoumi.  Does his best friend know something about this, too?
The pregnant man pulls out his phone and calls Zhoumi in Seoul.
Zhoumi’s hoarse voice answers the phone on the thirteenth ring.  Yesung in his hastiness forgets it that his friend is not a morning person.
“Yesung,” Zhoumi says.  “Aren’t you in Japan?  What are you doing calling me in the morning of your birthday, where’s Siwon?” he rambles, still sounds so sleepy.
“What, birthday?” Yesung only catches a word.  He just realizes that he’s forgotten about his birthday already after all the mess he and Siwon were in. 
“Happy birthday Yeye, sorry i didn’t congratulate you earlier… I was drunk in a party.”
Yesung almost laughs if only he doesn’t remember about his situation.  “Thank you.  I completely forgot about it.  But Mi, I want to ask you something.”
Zhoumi yawns on the line.  “What?  How come you forgot?  Siwon didn’t congratulate you?”
“No, he didn’t,” the pregnant man answers curtly.  “Do you know about my issue with… salt?” Yesung chooses not to beat around the bush knowing his Mimi is still in a hangover.
Zhoumi doesn’t answer for a couple of second and then hoarsely says, “Siwon finally tells you?”
“So you know,” Yesung’s voice changes fiercely through the phone, startling the man on the other line.  “How could you two keep this a secret from me?  How many times have you been dining in my house since I’m pregnant, Mi?  Why didn’t you tell me the truth?”
Yesung hears some loud noises on the other line, apparently his best friend is getting up and some things are falling because of his hangover state.
“Have you talk to Siwon about this?” Zhoumi asks back.
“Yes,” Yesung barks.  “He’s in so much trouble.”
“Uh, that’s no good,” Zhoumi sighs.  “I don’t mean to side, here, but I agree with Siwon’s choice of not telling you…”
“Why?  You also think I would get angry and all hormonal?  I can’t believe you!”
“No!  Of course not, Yeye,” Zhoumi sounds annoyed.  “How could you think of me that way!”
“So?  I’m not weak, Mi, pregnant or not.  I don’t like being shielded from my faults, intentional or not!”
“Siwon doesn’t want to crush your confidence in cooking, alright?” Zhoumi talks in one breath.  “He didn’t mean to lie to you.”
“He even talked to you about it?  Were you guys badmouthing me behind my back?”
“What is it with you?  I thought you mentioned something about ‘hormonal’.”
Yesung knows Zhoumi is rolling his eyes and it angers him more.
“I’m sure you’ll be enraged too if you found that I lied to you all the time!”
“But of course you know that it’s a white lie, Yeye?  The lie was never meant to hurt you.  Siwon endured weeks of eating your salty foods because he doesn’t want you to be sad.  Now you think about it.”
Yesung never thought about it before.  His husband endured weeks of eating his salty food.
Suddenly he feels like a jerk for acting like such a little kid.
“Really,” Yesung starts to choke on his sobs.  “Siwon really endured it… for weeks?”
The pregnant man takes a gulp of the cold beverage in his hand.  Never before the carton package seems so interesting in his eyes.  He remembers Siwon stocked so many amounts of the ready-to-go milk at home so that Yesung could bring one for him to drink every lunch at his shop.
“Yesung, why were you so mad?  You know he just want to protect your feelings.”
This time the word ‘protect’ doesn’t seem to anger him as much as a few seconds ago.
“I’m not weak, tho…”
“Yet you’re freaking out over this when you found out, right?” Zhoumi says with a soft voice.
“Hmmm…” Yesung nods absentmindedly, biting on his white straw until it’s flattened down.  “Am I like a kid?”
He hears his best friend chuckles over there.
“You answer it yourself.”
“Now Mi,” Yesung suddenly asks, there’s still something bothers him.  “Do you think Siwon underestimate me?  Thinking I’m incapable being on my own and weak and stupid?”
“What?” comes his friend’s genuine shock.  “No, I don’t think so.  Seriously, Ye, what’s happening to you?  I’m used to you freaking out but this time you seem… unusual.”
Yesung sits on the grass indian style, eyes staring to the greeny rice field in front of him.
“Siwon always think I’m not strong enough.  That I can break if he plays roughly during sex.  That I can easily get sick when I say I’m tired.”
“Oh Yeye,” now Zhoumi really bursts to laughs.  “I think he’s overprotective over you, yes, but clearly he doesn’t underestimate you.  Look at you, you are petite and you have a cute feminine face.  How do you expect your husband to treat you like you are not beautiful enough, not adorable enough when his body is like way bigger than yours?  Now you’re pregnant, you said it yourself that you have just activated his super-protection mode, right.”
An old woman passes by with her dog on a leash.  Yesung smiles at them and the woman smiles back, knowing that he’s a visitor of the villa nearby.
Zhoumi, who didn’t get an answer, gives another comment.  “If Siwon underestimate you, how come he still allows you to work at your flowershop.  He knows how you deal with huge vases, pots, let you do designing for weddings until midnight?”
“Not anymore,” Yesung mutters.  “No huge pots and vases when I’m pregnant.  He talked to EunHae about this.”
“Fine,” Zhoumi giggles again.  “It’s for your baby’s health.  You are a workaholic, I wonder if you forget.”
“Okay,” Yesung sighs, absently lifting his hands to acknowledge Zhoumi’s opinions, even though his friend won’t be able to see.  “So I’m over reaction-ing?”
“You, Yesung, are one lucky bastard to have Siwon by your side.  He deals with your antics best.  That’s love for you.”
“Thanks, Mi.”
Yesung closes the phone.  He rests his head, laying on the grass for about half an hour, thinking about every little things of Siwon.
When he opens the shoji of their bedroom later, Siwon is sitting there still in his yukata, with a tin of coffee in his hand.  Yesung examines how tired his husband seems, his eyes are a bit swollen, and clearly the corners of his mouth are down in sadness.
“You’re back?” Siwon lifts his head up.  “So fast.”
Yesung launches himself to the embrace of the man he loves the most in the whole world.  Siwon, although is surprised, accepts him already with a content sigh.
“I don’t know how you’re able to love me, I’m a little child,” Yesung tries to fight a sob but fails.  He closes his eyes with tears running down his cheeks, burying himself in Siwon’s chest.  “Please forgive me.  For your venomous dishes every single day in three weeks, for my incapability to please you, for my harsh words…  I didn’t mean to say all that bad stuffs about you, I…” he sobs again.
“It’s okay, Yesung, I forgive you.  But you have to forgive me too.  I promise to take the best care of you and our Baby.”
“You are the most perfect already,” Yesung pauses when Siwon pushes his body farther from him.  He questions Siwon’s act with his eyes but says nothing.
Siwon lifts his chin with a finger then they kiss softly.
“Promise me you will be honest to me about your condition,” he says after letting Yesung go.  He wipes his petite man’s tears with a thumb.  “For Baby, and for our happiness, don’t take it lightly…”
“Promise,” Yesung leans in to feel Siwon’s touch on his face.  “But remember, I’m not a glass doll, Wonnie.  I won’t break as easily, too.”

“Honey, why are you blushing?” Siwon says all casually from the opposite side of their table.
Hearing the question, instead of answering, Yesung turns his head away from his husband.  He knows how red his face right now by the feeling of hotness all over his cheeks.
The petite pregnant man has all the reason in the world to blush, since less than two hours ago he just had the most bizarre sex experience with his husband.
“Baby, are you sure this is safe?” Siwon pants on top of him, lips barely an inch from the white skin of his neck and Yesung can feel his hot, thick hardness brushes his.
“You read the manga, it’s up to you to do it or not,” Yesung massages Siwon’s tensed shoulder.  “But I will appreciate a diligent kid who obey me.”
Siwon kisses his lips mercilessly in response to his statement, Yesung finds his lips swollen right after he releases him.
Siwon caresses the place he wants to enter so much using his hardness, teasing on it until Yesung gasps for breath.  Reactively the pregnant man tries to let it enter but Siwon suddenly stops.
“You, don’t forget the rule,” the muscular man smirks and grabs his husband’s thin arms to sit up onto his lap, leaving the two pillows behind.
Yesung hungrily attaches himself to Siwon’s bare body, feeling the firm muscles over his taut body.  How perfect to have his lithe body embraced by the tan, firm one of his husband’s once again.
They kiss again as if they never kiss before, Siwon’s tongue swims inside Yesung’s mouth driving the pregnant man dizzy.  Limbs thrown over each other, it’s hard to identify which is whose.  Then Siwon cracks Yesung’s butt cheeks with his massive hardness, making Yesung moan deliriously.
“Your hand, baby.”
Yesung runs both of his small hands to cup his own butt cheeks, effectively trapping Siwon’s manhood in between the two fluffy flesh.
“Ah!  This is… weird…” Yesung can feel how Siwon’s length caresses his hole down there, so near, yet so far.  Forbidden.
“Baby, tighter, please.  You must… hold them really close,” Siwon pants.
A little finger of Yesung’s brushes at something hard and wet, and his face turns really red in an instant. 
“Yeah, your fingers feel really good, too.” Siwon kisses him and stares at him with a somewhat comical expression. 
With those words, Siwon places both of his hands on Yesung’s side, to assists his husband to move.  Yesung moves himself up and down awkwardly, basically because he barely feels the usual sensation, usual feelings of when Siwon fills him.  Siwon is so near and yet the sensation is nowhere near it.  Arousing but not that kind of arousing.
“How is it?” Yesung asks, noticing how Siwon’s face contorts while he moves up and down.  He can feel Siwon’s hands caressing his body all over, so much for assisting, but he knows how his husband desperately needs all of his.
“Thanks to your manga, I think I can get used to this.  You know, when the real thing is not yet ready.”
Yesung feels Siwon moves back and forth between his cheeks and now he starts to get it. 
“Even your butt cheeks only are heavenly,” Siwon mutters in closed eyes.
“Uhuh, yeah.  Keep going,” Yesung, with both hands behind his back, lets Siwon takes control of his petite body.  They move in synch, Siwon thrusts with all his might, Yesung tries to manage his grip for the tightness.
While laying on the grass after he ended his phonecall to Zhoumi, the guilty Yesung browsed for safe sex for pregnant men, and stumbled upon an ‘educative’ article with tutorial manga.  After the tearful apology and Siwon made him fill his stomach with sautéed seafood delivery, he drank Zofran for his Baby.  Then he showed Siwon what he’s got on his phone, which made his husband stare at him like a little kid being offered a candy.
“Yesung, you’re still okay?” Siwon asks upon feeling Yesung’s head on his shoulder, panting silently.
“Yeah,” the pregnant man answers.
He feels his husband pleasures his hard manhood and an involuntarily growl leaves his lips.  Yesung has to try his best not to let his grip on his butt cheeks go to please Siwon while he himself loses his rationality.
“You’re making this hard for me,” he chuckles, biting Siwon’s shoulder afterwards.
“Literally,” answers Siwon in between heavy breaths.
“Sungie, stop whatever dirty things you are thinking, we are going to eat,” Siwon pinches his cheeks, abruptly stopping his pregnant husband’s steamy train of thoughts.
They are inside a posh sashimi restaurant, waiting for their salmon sashimi.  They got this nice room for themselves, which Siwon had reserved since before they even arrived to Japan yesterday morning.  What a nice way to have a birthday dinner.
“I’m glad I can satisfy you again, Wonnie.  I wasn’t thinking dirty,” Yesung retorts in embarrassment.
Yesung is saved from Siwon’s tease by the soft knock from outside.  A chef, carrying a big, whole salmon on top of a wooden chopping block enters, followed by a waitress carrying their eating utilities.
With trained hands the chef starts to cut the fish into small pieces of chunks.  Yesung stares at the peachy fish chops hungrily, but Siwon, once again, interrupts his thoughts.
“Happy birthday My Love,” Siwon says, bringing to him a blue satin box.
“I wonder why you still do this,” Yesung whispers in teary eyes.  “You already gave me Baby as a present…”
“Baby won’t come in the next seven months,” Siwon smiles simply.
Yesung opens the present and find a golden, antique pocket watch, with a long chain.
“Is this…”
“Yes, you used to want this because Jae hyung has a silver one from Yunho hyung, remember?”
“But this is expensive,” Yesung carefully takes a hold of the item in his hand, examining the perfect, shiny surface of the golden watch.
“Open it.”
Yesung opens the windows of the antique with a soft smile.  The numbers are gold, with little diamonds amongst them, shining in the pearly white surface.
The pregnant man moves his whole body forward to kiss his proud husband.
“I love it, but I still love you more.”

A/N: I don't know if this whole chapter makes sense or not.  I mean i wrote the smut again, and the apologies are... blah.  idek!  Sorry if it's so boring!
A/N2: I got the smut idea from a manga, but i can't remember the title.  Props to the mangaka.
A/N3: Siwon's present to Yesung is inspired by Harry Potter's 17th birthday present from the Weasleys.  I ran out of options, really... I have 0% creativity in my brain.
Tags: series: miracle for us, smex!yewon, warning: pregnant!yesung
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