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Miracle for Us Chapter 9

Title: Miracle For Us Chapter 9
Characters: Yesung, Siwon, Zhoumi, Jaejoong, etc
Pairing: YeWon
Genre: Mpreg!AU, Fluff
Rating: PG-15
Warning: Heavy Mpreg.
Disclaimer: Fiction.  I only own the plot and the story.

Previous: OneTwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenEight

Hyung, which family ordered the whole carnations?  Hyukkie’s note is a bit… overlapped with mine,” Donghae bits on his pencil, looking down with his brows knitted in front of the phone on the table.
Yesung looks up from his computer, where he’s been designing flower arrangement for a client’s wedding for hours.  “Oh, I think it’s the Kangs,” Yesung answered his employee after thinking for several seconds.
Donghae smiles in relieve, knowing that his boss is always all ears on the shop all the time and that the older man could basically hear and control everything, being a workaholic he is.  “Haha okay, thanks Hyung,” the younger man, who’s been working for Yesung in 3 years quickly checks their address book to find their regular’s address, then grabs the beautiful arrangement of red carnations on the desk behind him.
“Wait, Hae,” Yesung stops him.  “Why is it always happening to you two?  I mean, if it’s not you screwing Hyukkie’s note, he’d be the one who screw yours…”
“Uh,” Donghae scratches his head, smiling sheepishly.  “I don’t know… maybe because we’re always so in a hurry… eh, Hyung?”
Yesung rolls his eyes, half amused, half annoyed.  “Like people who phoned this shop are always in the emergency situation?”
The employee awkwardly stands there under Yesung’s scrutiny, still hugging the huge bouquet of carnations.
“Cut it out, Hae, the game you and Hyukkie are playing,” Yesung’s voice changes to be stern.  “What if I’m not there to clear up your messes,” he sighs.
“But he started it Hyung!” Donghae helplessly whines like a little kid.  “I found him scribbled all the things over my handwriting just to piss me off,” he shakes his head in annoyance.
Usually, Yesung would find Donghae’s whines to be cute, and even amusing.  No doubt, Donghae is his beloved dongsaeng, more than just an employee, and the other perfectly knows how his aegyo could control his boss more than anything.  But this time, Yesung’s sterner than usual, making Donghae shivers a bit seeing the glare the older sends him.
“Well, be mature and talk to your boyfriend, for God’s sake!” Yesung snaps.
It’s the first time in Donghae’s life Yesung scolds him, the younger man is shocked and scared.  His usual, beautiful, soft and understanding boss presses his lips so thinly, showing that he’s really annoyed.
“Sorry… sorry, Hyung,” Donghae can’t help but pouts, his insides are screaming a thousand curses for his boyfriend for ruining their little game.  “We are too much, right, Hyung?” he works on his aegyo again by pouting cutely, hoping that his pregnant boss would forgive him and smiles again at him as per usual.
“Alright, you’re cute.  Just… go and let Hyukkie gets the earful because I spare you,” fortunately the aegyo works, Yesung smirks at the employee, waving his hand to gesture Donghae to get out and deliver the flowers already.
“That’s my hyung,” Donghae walks out the shop in little jumps, going for his motorbike to deliver the bouquet.
“Aish, those kids are driving me crazy,” Yesung sighs when he’s by himself again in the room.
With Donghae in charge of delivering smaller orders from their customers, the other employee, Eunhyuk, is in charge of big delivers using a pick-up car.  The arranging of flowers being done by the three of them, whoever has the time on the shop. 
Yesung’s business is small but they could manage projects such as weddings or graduations with hard work every day.  YStyle is quite popular already in town, with at least a wedding to manage per week.  Yesung’s designs are known to be simple yet elegant, and always innovative so each project is a brand new creativity extracted from him.  Nobody would get the same designs as the other customers.
Yesung’s humming to a ballad when the small chimes of the shop’s front door are heard.  Quickly the pregnant man gets up to greet a customer, but his smile widens to find his older brother Jaejoong is standing near the pots of lilies and tulips, carrying a huge Tupperware full of foods.
“Sungie, lunch?” the older out of the two smiles happily.
“Hyung!  Long time no see!” Yesung runs to Jaejoong, hugging the other beautiful man.
The two men sit on the sofa at the center of the small shop, opening Jaejoong’s Tupperware while chatting animatedly.
“Here I brought you my freshly cooked, healthy meals…  I heard from Siwon that you always have your lunches at the nearby cafes, and believe me, he kind of begged me to change your mind…” Jaejoong looks at his little brother, shaking his head a little in amusement.
“Ah… that,” Yesung smiles sheepishly.  He’s contemplating for quite some time before answering his caring hyung.  “Actually I’m thinking of bringing my lunches from home, only I haven’t done it yet since I’m quite busy these days, Hyung…”
“Preparing your lunches during breakfast is easy, Sungie, what’s the matter?  You can do it in less than five minutes,” Jaejoong nonchalantly says while bringing a spoonful of food, which consisted of rice, sauteed broccoli and beef into his little brother’s mouth.  “Open up,” he whispers while smiling sweetly.
Yesung opens up his mouth, and his brother feed him until he feels embarrassed.
“Hyung, I miss this moment when you used to feed me like when we were little, but now stop, I’m old enough already,” Yesung claims, holding Jaejoong’s hands in his effort to stop what the older’s doing.
“Hahaha, sorry Sungie, I can’t help it since you look so cute these days…” Jaejoong pinches Yesung’s cheek, grinning ear-to-ear.
“Hey, seriously, though, Sungie.  You’re 10 weeks pregnant and I’ve never seen you this pretty before in my life,” Jaejoong giggles.  “What’s your secret?  Got a new facial cream or something?”
Yesung rolls his eyes.  “Yeah, this new product they injected to me, called B.A.B.Y.”
“Aww so sweet!” Jaejoong sneakily caresses his brother’s bumpy stomach.  “Hey there nephew or niece, thank you for making my little brother cuter…”
Yesung giggles, and eyes his brother.  “You, how’s your life?  You’re like constantly out of town for your new boutique, you have no more time for me…” the pregnant man’s pouting.
Jaejoong gives him one or two last caresses before answering, “Yunho’s got a trip for business in Rome for a week,” he smiles proudly.  “But I’ll have to deal with the kids alone every night, now.”
“Wow, that’s tough,” Yesung could clearly imagine how the twins would make his brother crazy taking care of them by himself.  “So do you need my help?  You could live with me and Siwon for the week until your husband’s back.”
Jaejoong grabs Yesung’s obviously smaller hands.  “You’re so nice, but no, you and Siwon are so busy yourselves.  Plus, you’re pregnant, I’m not sure Jaeho and Yoonjae are good for your health,” Jaejoong licks his lips nervously. 
“Alright, that makes sense,” Yesung, knowing fully how active and curious the 5 years old boys are, nodding at Jaejoong’s words.  “But we are on your beck and call 24/7, just don’t hesitate, okay?”
“Of course,” Jaejoong suddenly smiles so naughtily.  “I want to see them driving your Siwon crazy!”
The brothers laugh like two gossipy girls. 
Yesung’s phone’s ringing from his pants’ pocket.  It’s Siwon.  Yesung talks for several minutes to his husband, making him sure that he’s having a healthy lunch with his brother.
“He almost killed me via phone when I said I haven’t drunk my milk,” Yesung scratches his head guiltily after closing the call.
“Lunch time’s almost over, go drink it then,” Jaejoong glances at the clock on the wall above them and then to Yesung, who’s picking a carton of his pregnancy milk that are stored inside a small cupboard on the corner of the shop.  The pregnant man grabs a mug and fills it with warm water from the water dispenser and makes his milk.  “Hey, by the way, you still haven’t told me about your sonogram test!” Jaejoong says, suddenly remembers.
Yesung sits back with the mug of milk in hand.  “Oh right, you hadn’t got the time during the surprise party, and after that…”
“Yeah, yeah I was so busy and I’d be damned for it,” Jaejoong cuts him.  “Come on, tell me already, it’s been 3 weeks and this hyung has never been this curious.”

Half-sitting, half-laying there on the examination chair is Yesung, looking intently at the LED monitor near his feet.  His legs are opened, and from his hips down he’s only got a blanket to cover his body.  The pregnant man’s wearing a baby blue hospital gown.  Siwon is also there, standing beside Yesung’s chair, holding his husband’s left hand.  His expression, however, is different from his apparently solemn husband.  Siwon watches the monitor with mouth opened and eyes full of amazement.
A woman in a doctor uniform is busy inserting a small equipment into Yesung’s uterus.  She smiles upon seeing the couple’s expression, and halts her movements to explain.
“This is the first time you do a USG check, right, Mr Kim?” the operator opens, while Yesung smiles politely and nods.  “Actually the baby is already quite big, as you can see here.  Your embryo, Mr Kim, is starting to be transforming into a fetus, so we can say that this is some kind of a transition period.”
“So we’re a bit late to do this, Doc?” Yesung asks, “I was kinda expecting that Baby is still a tiny dot…”
Siwon smiles adoringly at his husband hearing the innocent question.
“Oh, you’re not really late for this, never late,” the woman explains.  “But yes, your baby is slowly forming its’ important organs in the 7th week…”
“Organs?” Yesung’s eyes widen.
“I checked it on the internet just this morning, there’ll be nose, nostril, hands, feet, and, most importantly, genitalia…” Siwon says, with a hint of pride in his voice.
The doctor is looking at Siwon with her eyebrows raised.  Here is one overexcited husband… “Yes, Mr Choi is right.  Come on, look at the screen.  I will point them out for you two,” she is now smiling, seeing how gentle Siwon’s facial expression is when he’s looking at the monitor. ”Here is the head, and the body…” she points at the screen in front of them.
“It’s big!  I can see it, Wonnie, that’s our Baby!” Yesung squeals.
“And you can see here, its’ hands, fingers… legs…”
Siwon rubs his husband’s palm with his thumb.  Yesung is smiling brightly but tears are starting to form in both of his eyes.  Both of them seem to be really overwhelmed by the fact that they’re watching the fruit of their love for the first time.
“In the head, nostrils are starting to develop, here you can see it,” the operator points at something that looks like a bump over the baby’s head.
“Teeny tiny fingers…” but Yesung’s attention is still over the image’s hand.  “They’ll soon become like this,” he nuzzles to Siwon’s shoulder, lifting their conjoined hands.
“What about the genitalia, Doc?” Siwon feels like it’s the most important info for him.
“It’s starting to develop, Mr Choi,” answers the doctor softly.  “But I’m afraid we can’t yet determine the sex at this moment.”
“Oh,” Siwon nods in understanding. 
“Wonie, did you think we will know the baby’s sex today?  But I’d rather that we don’t know until Baby comes…” Yesung says lowly.
But Siwon barely listens since the woman chooses that moment to quickly talk again.  “I’ll give you two a moment before we proceed to hearing the fetal heartbeat.  Now will you excuse me…”
The doctor leaves the room, and Siwon lets go of Yesung’s hand to get himself closer to the monitor.  He touches the screen, where there’s the ultrasonic image of his baby.  The lawyer seems lost.
“Wonie,” Yesung calls.  “I want to see baby clearly too,” the pregnant man, still with his legs open, changed his position until he’s fully sitting down the examination chair.
Siwon snapped awake from his trans, looking at his pregnant husband, looking cuter than ever with his apple hair and tears all over his face.
“Honey, sorry, here,” Siwon moves the monitor a little closer to Yesung, and with difficulty his husband shifts to get a better look.  “Baby’s here, actually,” Siwon touches Yesung’s bump softly.  “But we can see Baby there,” he points at the monitor.  “Do you think Baby realizes that we are watching, right now?”
“Baby, Daddies are watching you now,” Yesung looks down to his stomach.  “Hi, we can see you!”
And like magic, the image on screen shows how the bright shadow of Yesung’s baby moving rather frantically right after Yesung finishes his sentence.
“Oh, Baby’s moving, Baby can hear us…” Yesung becomes a total mess, sobbing hard in happiness.  Siwon quickly reach for his petite man’s head, hugging it and caressing it gently.
“Of course Baby can hear you, Baby is smart…”
“I’m so happy, I am… there’s no words…” Yesung hiccups.  “Hello, darling, here, Siwon, touch Baby…”
Obediently Siwon attaches his huge palm to Yesung’s stomach, on top of the gown, and once again they can see some movements from their baby on the monitor.
The doctor’s poking her head into the room a few seconds later.  “You guys ready for the Doppler?” she asks.
“Yes, he’s ready,” Siwon answers for Yesung.
The doctor comes in and detaches the USG equipment from Yesung’s body.
“Mr Kim can put on his clothes now, I’ll be back in a minute, okay?”
The couple nod, then Siwon helps Yesung to put on his clothes back. 
Ten minutes later, the sound “wow…wow…wow…” are reverberating in the room.
“It’s music to my ears,” Siwon whispers at Yesung’s ears, kissing the earlobe sweetly.
Yesung lays down there with his bumpy stomach exposed, and the doctor carefully operates the thick stick in circular motions on top of it.  The pregnant man feels ticklish because of the Doppler stick but he’s trying hard to hold his laughter.  He doesn’t want the doctor to think that he’s so immature.  Gladly, the gel feels so cold on his skin, it decreases the ticklish feeling.
“Baby sounds like a toy car,” only to Siwon does Yesung dare to share his childish thought in a whisper.
“You always have the right answer,” Siwon pinches Yesung’s nose affectionately.
“Alright, 125 heartbeats per minute, that is healthy,” the woman says.  “Congratulations, we found nothing to worry about here.”
Back in front of doctor Minwoo, the couple looks rejuvenated.  It’s common to most couple to look that way after a USG check-up, but given the fact that Siwon has this chiseled face, thick eyebrows and nice body while Yesung is so petite, with lips as red as a peach, not to mention his cute apple hair, making them impossible not to ogle at.
“Yesung-ssi might get some changes at this point of pregnancy,” dr Minwoo says.  “You’ll find your nipples start to swell in a couple days, Yesung-ssi, and you will need to buy some new fraternity underwear.”
Siwon, who’s taking notes as usual, looks startled when the doctor said “nipples”.  He smirks at Yesung right after, winking naughtily while his husband flustered red.
“Swell, Doc?  But they won’t be able to produce milk, right?” Yesung quickly asks the doctor, never been more embarrassed before in his life.
“You’re right Yesung-ssi, you won’t produce milk, there’s no amount of esterogen for that in a male’s body, plus you don’t have the mammal garland.”
“Only a treat for Appa, apparently,” Siwon hisses in Yesung’s ear.
“Ehm,” dr Minwoo clears his throat, clearly not unfamiliar with such reactions from two homosexual males in pregnancy.  “You need to eat more vitamins, Yesung-ssi, let me write a prescription for you.”

“So, your baby is healthy.  I’m so happy to hear that,” Jaejoong beams.  “So, what about the ‘swollen’ nipples of yours?  Did they wake the beast in Siwon?” he teases.
Yesung goes all red so he hits his brother lightly on the hand.  “Shut up, Hyung.”

A few days later, Yesung and Siwon cuddle peacefully in their bed, both wearing pajamas and are watching a comedy program on TV.  Their lamps are already dimmed, basically ready to go to sleep.
“Honey, I miss your chicken soup,” Siwon says out of the blue.
Yesung, who is just laughing while watching Jang Dongmin on the TV screen, suddenly stops his laugh.
“It’s been weeks since the last time you cook, Sungie.  Please cook again, for me?” Siwon shifts so that he’s facing his pregnant husband, who’s getting his stomach bigger in his 11th week of pregnancy.
Siwon actually had been preparing for this talk for a long time.  His husband was completely crushed and humiliated by his cooking and he knows it’s still such a sensitive topic to bring out.  They subscribe to a caterer everyday ever since they’re back from Japan, since Yesung was truly devastated that he wouldn’t even enter the kitchen anymore.
Carefully thinking that the moment was right, they’re a lot relaxer now that Siwon had just won his big case in the company, and Yesung’s got a new worker named Ryeowook for YStyle.  Night time aren’t such tiresome as a few weeks back, and clearly, Yesung is more accustomed to being pregnant.  He sleeps better at night, and they could have more intimate moments just the two of them.
Yesung shuts down the TV, and sighing so loud.  “I can’t choke you again, Wonie…” comes his weak reply.
“What are you talking about?  It’s not that bad, baby, your foods…” Siwon strikes Yesung’s hair, trying to convince his husband with his solemn expression.  “Really, Danneel was over reacting that time, it’s fine, believe me.”
“I’ll be beside you when you’re cooking, so that I can measure out the saltiness for you,” Siwon offers.
“I don’t know, I just… can’t get it back just yet, you know?  My confidence,” Yesung muses under his blanket, looking at Siwon’s eyes.  Hoping that his husband would understand.
“But I miss your foods, the catering foods can never…” Siwon’s speech is cut by the sound of the doorbell.  Shocking the two of them.  “Who’s visiting this late at night?”
Annoyed, the lawyer’s checking the alarm clock on the bedside table, and goes downstairs to open the door.
“Siwon-ah!” there stands Jaejoong in front of the door when Siwon opens it a minute later.  “Thank God you’re home, I…”
“Jae hyung?” Siwon's agaped.
“Yunho… Yunho got an accident in Rome, oh Siwon I don’t know what to do…” Jaejoong trembles from head to toe, and Siwon’s eyes bump onto his two nephews, Jaeho and Yoonjae.  “Can they stay here while I go to Rome?  It’s Yunho, accident… oh!”
A/N: Sorry this is absurd and blah... trying really hard to update T--T  I have lost my touch in this fic, my favorite fic, it's so sad :(
A/N: The USG pic, and the article that i use to imagine and explain in this chapter as Yesung is in HERE
Tags: pairing: yewon, pairing: yunjae, series: miracle for us, warning: pregnant!yesung, yesung
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