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Miracle for Us Chapter 10

Title: Miracle For Us Chapter 10
Characters: Yesung, Siwon, Jaejoong, Yoonjae & Jaeho (OC)
Pairing: YeWon, side!YunJae
Genre: Mpreg!AU, Fluff
Rating: PG-15
Warning: Heavy Mpreg.
Disclaimer: Fiction.  I only own the plot and the story.

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“Uncle Siwon, will my Daddy be okay?” Yoonjae asks Siwon, with a slightly trembled voice and worry sparking in his two small eyes.
Siwon carries a thick blanket, which was stored in the guest room’s cupboard, and with a tender smile he put the restless Yoonjae to lie down in the bed beside his twin brother Jaeho. 
Jaeho had fallen asleep almost instantly as Siwon brought the twins to the room, already clad in their pajamas.  From what his brother-in-law told him, the twins had already asleep when he heard the news about Yunho, and he had to wake them up. 
Yoonjae is the sensitive one, he’s so easily affected by adults’ emotional situation around him.  Jaejoong’s emotional break down and mild hysteria about five minutes ago in front of him has triggered Yoonjae to feel fears and insecurities.  Fortunately Siwon knows fully how it feels to worry about his father who was away—abroad—in his childhood.  He could understand Yoonjae being afraid and now is trying hard to make him feel better.
“Yes, Yoonjae-ah, your Daddy might be far right now, but let’s pray for him to be just fine, okay?” Siwon sits beside the fragile 5 year old boy.  While saying so, Siwon grabs Yoonjae’s tiny hands—which honestly, not so much smaller than his own husband’s—and engulfs them in a pray.  He’s mimicking his grandmother’s gestures in the past, used to comfort him about his father’s absence almost every night.  “How do you usually pray for your parents Yoonjae-ah?”
Without further ado Yoonjae murmurs a pray, with his hands intertwined with Siwon’s.  “Dear God in the Heaven, please protect the people I love.  My Daddy, Papa, and brother, let them always be safe and happy wherever they are,” the boy’s voice diminishes into a whisper, and his breaths start to shake. 
Siwon notices the pool of tears in his nephew’s small slit of eyes, so he tilts his eyes to glance sympathetically to him.  “Go on,” he guides.
“God, I heard that Daddy had an accident in Rome, please let Daddy be okay there, hiks… hiks…” Yoonjae bursts into tears, his chest is inhaling and exhaling breaths frantically.
“God, let Yoonjae and Jaeho’s Daddy be safe in Rome, and give Papa, Yoonjae, and Jaeho peace of mind, and brave hearts to stand through the day…” Siwon continues, shaking his palms with Yoonjae’s hands in between to get the boy’s attention back to him.
“And Daddy and Papa to come back home safely to Yoonjae and Jaeho,” the little boy pleads in between sniffles.  “Amen,” whispers him again.  He tries to even his breathes, eyes are gazing briefly to his sleeping twin beside him.
“Amen,” Siwon closes.
“Uncle, but Jaeho doesn’t pray,” Yoonjae points at the sleeping boy in navy-blue pajama.
Siwon’s breath caught up in his throat.  There’s no way he’s gonna wake Jaeho up to pray, right?
“Um, Yoonjae-ah, your brother is praying in his sleep,” the uncle says carefully, looking at the smaller’s two sleepy eyes.  “Sleeping boys’ are being heard by God in their dreams.  God will protect and abide by their wishes in their dreams…”
Yoonjae had never heard this once in his life, so he’s looking at Siwon’s eyes intensely, looking for the truth.
“Then why do we have to say our prayer, Uncle?  Why don’t we just go straight to sleep and let God hear our wishes in the dreams?” Yoonjae asks.
Siwon is raking his brain hard for answer.  “Because,” Siwon bits his lip in nervous, “because praying will give humans a better feeling in dealing with fear or insecurities,” he pauses, silently calculating the boy’s reaction.
“Er, you know angels, right?” Siwon is not sure of how Jaejoong and Yunho explain these things to their twins.  For all he knows, the couple is not much of a believer, although they are Catholic like Yesung.  Meanwhile he himself is a Protestan.  Siwon feels like walking on thin ice, afraid of saying a blunder.
Fortunately, Yoonjae nods.  “My Daddy told me they are handsome men with wings.”
“Yeah, they… are?” Siwon unconsciously lets a brief sigh of relief.  “When you say your prayers, not only God hear it, but the angels too, so they’ll fly towards you from the Heaven and give you their blessings…”
“What are blessings, Uncle?”
“Blessings are the things that make your heart feel warm, Honey.  You can’t see them, but you can feel them in your heart.  Then when you are afraid, Angels’ blessings will reduce your fears, giving you bravery.  When you’re angry, it’ll calm down your minds…”
“Okay, Uncle,” surprisingly the nephew cut Siwon’s speech, and yawning a second later.  Looking so spent and tired.  His tears are half-drying on the cheeks, and his breaths are obviously calmer than moments ago.
Siwon feels his corners of his mouth lift up in a smile.  “See, you feel better after praying, right Yoonjae-ah?”
Yoonjae nods weakly, his eyes waver.  “May I sleep now, Uncle?  I’ve done praying, I’ve brushed my teeth.”
Siwon goes out the room after putting down the lamps of the guest room, where his nephews are sleeping on the king-sized bed.  He goes straight to the family room, where Yesung and Jaejoong are chatting, waiting for Siwon to take Jaejoong to the airport. 
Jaejoong already booked the earliest flight to Rome from the internet.  He was so devastated when he heard the news from Yunho’s company about an hour ago, but he quickly went online for tickets and thinking about the twins at the same time.
It’s 1 am and both of the brothers’ eyes look so heavy from the lack of sleep.  Siwon sees Yesung’s hands are over Jaejoong’s shoulder, while the older continuously biting his lip and shaking his head in disbelieve.  The younger of the two is saying things to calm the older’s mind.
“He’s gonna be conscious soon, Hyung.  I’m sure of it,” Yesung says in a real soothing tone.
Siwon knows he still has the time before Jaejoong’s flight in 3 am, so he chooses to make his unsteady brother-in-law a cup of tea.
Five minutes later, he’s back to the room bringing 2 cups of lemon tea and a cup of coffee for himself.  Yesung looks at him and smiles gratefully.
“Thank you, darling,” Yesung helps him to put the cups on the table. 
“I just don’t understand, why he was asleep on the road when it’s still noon in there!  The sun was shining bright, for God’s sake.” Jaejoong balls his fists.  “Just because he’s driving a white, convertible Porsche, he could be asleep on the road?  What a jerk!”
“Hyung, don’t,” Yesung shakes his head and gives his brother the cup of tea.
Jaejoong takes the cup, eyes bleary, but is trying to smile now that the warm beverage is ready for him. 
“Yunho Hyung’s car was crashed from behind in a three-way, Hyung and his boss were on the back seat of their BMW and now are unconscious,” Yesung informs Siwon in a whisper, while Jaejoong is busy with his tea.
“Sungie, and Siwonie,” Jaejoong starts after putting his cup down.  “I can’t emphasize how thankful I am to you two.”
“It’s nothing, Hyung.  I promise you we are on your beck and call, right?” Yesung caresses Jaejoong’s hand.
“But my twins,” Jaejoong says again.  “They’re going to be so much to handle… Yoonjae would never stop asking, don’t get me started on Jaeho…  You know, you’re used to baby sit them from time to time, you know their routines, but I don’t know how long will I go this time,” the oldest sniffs.  “I might be gone until Yunho’s ready to get back here, I mean if only he’s ever going to be able…”
“Don’t say that, Hyung,” Siwon now speaks, after drinking his coffee.  “With our prayers from here, Yunho Hyung would be better before you know it.”
“And we will make sure your boys are going to have fun with us,” Yesung chirps and smiles, trying to lighten his brother’s mood.  “We will definitely give our best for them.”
Siwon and Jaejoong goes to the airport at 1.30 am, Yesung stays at home with the sleeping twins.  Siwon makes him sure to get to sleep soon, because he’s pregnant and their Baby needs sleep.  Of course they make sure Jaejoong wouldn’t hear the conversation or he’d be feeling really guilty.
Siwon arrives home at 4 am, feeling beaten.  But thanks to the caffeine, he’s still so alert during the drive back and forth.  Yesung is already asleep in their bedroom, and Siwon happily throws himself into the dreamland beside the beautiful pregnant man.
It never occurs to Siwon’s mind that there’s a half-eaten salt block on top of Yesung’s bedside table, hidden under a novel.

Next morning is a bright Saturday morning.  Sunshines penetrate through the white curtain of the master bedroom of Siwon and Yesung’s apartment.  Usually Siwon, who doesn’t need to go to work that day, would get up late, with Yesung’s kiss on the lips before the smaller man goes off to work.  But today Siwon wakes up with a huge headache thanks to the lack of sleep, and… was that the sound of… screams?
“Urgghhh…” Siwon stirs, his mind is at the edge of a dream about marmalade jam, and the horror of the scream.  His marmalade sandwich screams in an earsplitting tone in his hands, right before he puts it into his waiting mouth.  He drops the sandwich like a hot potato, his heart’s beating like crazy.  “What?” he asks to no one in particular.
He opens his eyes, and there really are screams from outside his bedroom.  To be exact, two screams from outside his bedroom.
He reactively searches for his husband, but the spot beside him is vacant.  Of course Yesung would be out of the bedroom already, Siwon thinks after sparing a glance at his alarm clock.  It’s already 8.35 am.
Siwon gets up once he remembers that they are having their twin nephews here in the house.  Of course it’s about their breakfast time, but why are the two children only screaming?  Surely Yesung would’ve done something about them, right?
He goes out of the room immediately, he has to help his husband in preparing breakfast for Yoonjae and Jaeho.  But he could only find the two boys screaming at each other with a toast sandwich about to be shattered because of all the push and pull.
“But I am hungrier than you!”
“It’s made for me!  Uncle said that!”
“Hi guys,” Siwon says with a low voice, tint with charisma.  He’s using his best lawyer voice trying to control the two hungry little monsters on the dining table.  “Why don’t you wait, Jaeho, while I make you the same sandwich?”
“But I’m hungry, Uncle Siwon,” Jaeho, the older of the twins answers with a pout.
“Just because you’re older than me by a minute, doesn’t mean I must bow to your every wants!” Siwon hears Yoonjae hisses to his brother.
Siwon lifts his eyebrows and Yoonjae gets his mouth shut right away.  Seriously both of the twins’ facial expressions are so funny for Siwon to see right now, but he knows he has to be firm in handling bickering kids.  “It won’t take long, I promise,” Siwon walks to the kitchen counter, and finds two slices of toasts are ready on a plate.  The toasts only miss some jam.
“What jam do you want, Jaeho-ya?”
“Blueberry!” the boy requests.
“Uncle can I eat now?” the twin brother, clads in a maroon pajama, asks shyly.
“Wait for your brother, Yoonjae-ah, please?” Siwon smiles while hands expertly spreading some generous amount of blueberry jam to Jaeho’s toast.
“Okay then.”
Just then something knocks up on the lawyer’s mind.
“Twins, where’s your uncle Yesung?  Why didn’t he finish the sandwich he made you?”
“Oh Uncle!  We meant to tell you, but Jaeho tried to snatch my sandwich…”
Siwon passes the blueberry sandwich to Jaeho, who’s glaring and pouting at his twin brother.
“… but Uncle Yesung went to throw up in the bathroom, he said he couldn’t stand the smell of toast, and he ran…”
“Oh?  Throwing up?” Siwon cuts up his nephew.  “Where?”
“The guest bathroom,” answers Jaeho nonchalantly while chewing on his sandwich.  “He looked sick, Uncle.”
“Yeah you bet,” Siwon murmurs while brisking to the common bathroom near the living room.  “You wait here okay Twins?” he manages to scream from the hallway.
“Uncle Yesung said the same thing,” Jaeho scrunches his eyes with a questioning expression at Yoonjae.  “I wonder why?”
“Yeah Uncle we’ll wait here!” Yoonjae screams back so that Siwon can hear him.  “Maybe because it’s gross?  Unce Yesung is vomiting!” he informs Jaeho.
“But that’s cool, maybe Uncle Yesung was drunk last night!”
Yoonjae rolls his eyes, amazed at his brother’s stupidity.  “Uncle is pregnant, you babo.”
“Yes, so what?”
“Er… I don’t know!  Why do you ask me?” the younger scowls.
Okay, let’s get back to Siwon…
When Siwon arrives at the guest bathroom inside the guest bedroom, he finds Yesung half-squatting in front of the toilet bowl.  Head hanging low, breathes unevenly and the stench of the vomit inside the bowl attacks Siwon’s nose as soon as he approaches his motionless husband.
“Sungie,” Siwon calls, squatting beside the pregnant man.  He reaches for Yesung’s chin, trying to see clearer.  The two small eyes are looking back at him hazily, the peachy lips are open in sniffs.  “Oh, honey… look at you, you must’ve been so exhausted!”  The taller man wipes off some sweats in his husband’s forehead.
“Wonie,” unexpectedly the pregnant man smiles, as wide as his bruised lips and swollen cheeks could manage.
“Come on, get up, let me clear the mess later,” Siwon tries to help Yesung up by lifting the smaller’s right hand on top of his shoulder.  “Oh you threw up so much…  My honey…you should’ve gotten more sleep…”
“Wonie, I’m happy,” Siwon thinks his husband is going delirious because of the nausea.  “I’m having morning sickness,” the pregnant man is being pulled oh so carefully by his husband and now they’re standing up, Yesung puts on all of his body’s weight to Siwon’s sturdy shoulder.  “Now I feel that I’m really pregnant.”

Tags: pairing: yewon, pairing: yunjae, series: miracle for us, warning: pregnant!yesung, yunho
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