nia (niayesungie) wrote,

Easy for You to Say

Pairing: Yewon
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Drama, romance, a little smut
Disclaimer: Fiction. I only own the story and the plot.

"Baby, can you meet me right now? I have something to show you..." Siwon says on the phone, making Yesung on the other end of the call smiles.
"Wait, I'm at MoBit right now with my friends, Wonnie. Aren't you just finishing your schedule tonight?"
"Yeah but I need to see you now," Siwon pauses as if hesitating. "Miss you already."
"Ok then, I'll come maybe at ten, I can't just escape these people, you know," Yesung reasons. "They're my besties."
"Ok then, Baby. You'll drive by yourself here? Be careful on the way..."
"Sure," Yesung looks at his wristwatch. It's 7pm only. He still has many times to spend with his gang, then makes up reasons to Jongjin as he wouldn't stay at his family's apartment tonight. "See you then, Wonnie," and he hangs up.
"Who was that, Hyung?" Jongjin asks as soon as he gets back to his seat with his friends. Yes, he had to hide in the bathroom to talk with his boyfriend because there are too many people around, also his curious fans too.
"Eeteuk hyung," Yesung quickly musters up a lie. "He asked me if I could sleep in the dorm tonight."
Jongjin seems to understand what Yesung means by "Eeteuk" and "dorm" since he's the only one in Yesung's circle of friends and family who knows about his hyung's secret relationship with his bandmate Siwon.
"You sure spends a lot of nights in the dorm," Doyeon asks excitedly. "Do you need to partice for the encore concert tomorrow morning?"
Hey, what Doyeon says makes sense, right? So Yesung quickly nods, adding impromptu lies that inspired.
"Yes, I forgot most movements of our songs already, and..." Yesung pauses to think further. "There are songs I'm not yet familiar, you know, from our 7th album."
Sungjoon also doesn't want to be left out of the topic. " I heard SuJu does cosplays as Frozen characters, would you also do an Elsa cosplay?" He has a long time crush for Yesung, although the younger never realised it.
"That... is a secret," Yesung goes confused by the topic. He never even thought of it yet.
"Oh, I forget, there are too many fans who could overhear us here," Sungjoon smiles knowingly.
Yesung sighs in relief for Sungjoon's consideration.
"So, Doyeon hyung, how's the sale of my edition of Maps?" Yesung quickly changes the topic.
"Oh," Doyeon scratches his head. "Apparently it's not as high as I'd expected, Yesung-ah..." awkwardly the magazine owner drinks his latte. "But there are many foreign orders, don't worry."
"It's not a secret that Korean ELF don't really care about me," Yesung smiles bitterly. "My fans mostly are in Japan and Indonesia anyway."
"It's ok, the sales of your edition tops up all the past sales of my magazine anyway," Doyeon tries to brush off the topic. "So..." he scratches his face again, "at what time do they expect you on the dorm?"
"I told hyung at 10, so i have to drop Jinnie in the apartment at 9.30," Yesung says, looking at his brother. "Is that ok?"
"Sure, Hyung."
So at 10 that night, Yesung already stands in front of his boyfriend's apartment.
"I'm here," he says softly to Siwon's smiling face on the intercom.
"Finally Baby," Siwon hugs him as soon as the meet on Siwon's TV room.
"Why, we just met two days ago, miss me so much already?" Yesung smirks. He loves it, how Siwon visibly adores him.
"Yes, who wouldn't miss these lips once they tasted them?" Siwon kisses Yesung softly on the lips.
"I miss you too," Yesung whispers to Siwon's lips as the kiss finishes. "So what do you wanna show me? I hope it's more than little Siwon," he teases the younger, who has to bow down a bit to be able to kiss him.
"I... really have something important to show you," Siwon kisses Yesung's forehead. "But I want you to not panic, okay Baby?"
Yesung goes tense as he hears his boyfriend's serious words. "Is there a problem?"
Siwon lets go of the hug and progresses into his room. "Here, it's on my computer."
Suddenly Yesung's heart leaps down a bit. He silently follows his boyfriend into the lavish bedroom of his. His heart beats faster as Siwon solemnly turns on his computer on the desk without a word to the smaller man behind him.
"Seriously, you... make me nervous..."
"Baby,there's indeed something serious going on," Siwon makes a room on the chair for his boyfriend. "We'll see it soon."
Groggily Yesung takes a little space that Siwon's offering for him.
Siwon opens a few folders on his computer and finally clicks on a video.
"Brace yourself for this. Remember, we have each other and that I love you, Hyung."
The tense in Siwon's voice makes Yesung shivers. He quickly moves closer to Siwon's chest. He still can't read of what's going on but somehow he thinks about something. "Are we... finally got busted?" He asks hesitantly.
Siwon wraps his right hand around his boyfriend's narrow shoulder. He can feel how tense Yesung's body is. He sighs before answering, "You... can say that."
"Oh," Yesung closes his mouth. "Re... really?"
"Watch this, but don't panic, ok?" Siwon plays the video, and then kisses Yesung's hair to calm him down a bit.
The video finally plays, showing the two of them, that apparently seems like it's been taken candidly from quite a distance.
Siwon and Yesung showed in the video only on their swimming suits, walking on a sandy beach with hands wrapped on each other's waists.
"It's... on your private island, a month ago, right?" Yesung trembles in fear.
The Super Junior vocalist still vividly remember what happened that day. It was their 3rd anniversary celebration, so Siwon took him to his private island in the East Sea. They spent a whole weekend there, as if enjoying honeymoon. It never came to his mind that there'll be anyone who recognized who they were there, since the only people he met there were the caretakers of Siwon's villa. They lived on an island nearby since the small island of Siwon's possession wasn't inhabitated, and you can say they barely knows anything about the entertainment world.
"Yes, the recorder of the video hid behind the huge stone, you remember the stone?"
Yesung just nods weakly. Of course he remembers, the huge stone that was so terrifying for him. "So they're down there?"
"It's a girl. My sasaeng. She followed us to my private island by a rowboat, on her own."
Yesung's eyes widen in disbelief.
"Oh my God, what are they..." Siwon and Yesung could hear the faint voice of the girl who recorded them. "Siwon oppa is so sexy in that speedo, and Yesung oppa's so beautiful..." right after that the girl gasped.
The camera shows how Yesung and Siwon, who were oblivious that they were observed, started kissing on the lips while walking.
"So I was always right, they're gay for each other..." the girl whispered. "Nobody believed me, but huh, who needs other stupid sasaengs like them?"
"I can't believe this..." Yesung starts to have difficulty in breathing.
"She even knew already that we're gay for each other," Siwon holds his trembling boyfriend's hand. "At least that's a good thing. Somebody knows how real we are," he smiles, trying to ease his boyfriend's heart.
Yesung doesn't answer, he keeps on staring at the monitor. It shows how Siwon and himself came closer to the camera, but they, fortunately, can't be heard in the video.
They kept on kissing on screen, making out happily. Siwon's tongue fought with Yesung's as their hands are busy caressing each other's body. Siwon's hands are on Yesung's nipples, while Yesung's hands were hovering on his boyfriend's sculpted biceps.
"We did look good together, didn't we?" Siwon laughs groggily but his boyfriend doesn't show any reaction. Just seems too stunned by what he's watching for the first time. Of course Siwon had watched the clip before, many times actually, so that he could already expected what would be shown next, and not as pressed as Yesung's right now. Although he cannot lie, that when he watched the clip for the first time yesterday, he was so down and stressed out himself.
The couple on screen quited their making out after a few moments. Their swimming suits visibly showed their bulges, result of the way they enjoyed each other's bodies and love.
"Our bulges... they showed on camera," Yesung breaks into tears.
"Baby, Baby, calm down. Please continue to watch," Siwon brings Yesung onto his warm embrace. Trying his best to calm the petite man by caressing Yesung's arm and shoulder.
Yesung frees himself from his boyfriend's embrace to focus more on the clip.
With red faces and visible bulges--moreover Siwon's since he was only wearing a yellow speedo--the couple walked nearer to the camera, to the beach. It was a beautiful beach with white sands and greenish clear water.
They sat on the sand just near the water, but didn't do anything with the water since they were only want to enjoy the view and make out.
Shoulder to shoulder, Siwon's body was covered by Yesung's on the camera since they were shot from the side, with a zoomed-in lens.
Siwon started to kiss Yesung again, which Yesung gladly complied.
"Oh they're so hot, I can't believe this..." the girl commented again. "I wish I could have a boyfriend as passionate as Siwon oppa," then the girl audibly giggled to herself.
Once again Siwon checks on his boyfriend's face, hoping that he can find the girl's talk funny. But as usual Yesung doesn't show any expression.
As their made out progressed, Siwon was now hovering all over Yesung's body. It's clear what Siwon's intention was, to have sex on the beach as his hand was intruding to Yesung's swimming suit, apparently caressing Yesung's manhood.
"Woah... the best porn ever..." the girl who recorded them is heard again.
Yesung was lying on the sand with Siwon's body on top of him. They kept on kissing messily while Yesung's hands were everywhere on his boyfriend's body that he could reach.
As Siwon progressed to his manhood, Yesung stopped the kiss and moaning visibly, showing his face to the camera.
"So embarrassing, I can't breathe," Yesung cries silently, but his shaking shoulder can't hide his distress.
"Baby, calm down... please..." he tries to hug Yesung once again, but the older avoid his body, as if disgusted by his own boyfriend.
Siwon flinches, feels a bit hurt by his boyfriend's action. But he tries to understand Yesung's feeling as he himself was also shocked by it yesterday. Right after Siwon says that, the couple on screen quited their make out as Yesung can be seen complaining about something, and his face was contorted in pain.
"Remember? You complained how the sands beneath you were hurting your back..."
Still sobbing, Yesung nods to Siwon's words. "They hurt like hell..." he whispers.
Siwon was about to get Yesung's swimming suit down, and a soft buttock of Yesung's appeared in a flash, but the petite man covered it up right after with his swimsuit.
"Omo..." the girl could only said the word then the camera shook visibly.
Yesung on the camera looked at Siwon annoyedly. He caressed Siwon's back but then took a good grip of Siwon's hair. Finally Siwon on the screen understood what his boyfriend meant by the pulling of his hair so he lifted his body off of his boyfriend's.
"At least she couldn't catch our voices on camera, right?" Siwon sighs.
The Siwon on camera gets up then pulled his boyfriend's hands. Yesung got up compliantly and both of them entered the beautiful ocean.
"You were asking if we could do it in the water," Siwon feels relief hearing Yesung's words, at least he seems a bit less tensed than a few moments ago.
The couple made out again as soon as they entered the water. They stood there for some moments just ravishing each other's lips. Then Siwon's hands started to caress Yesung's butts under his swimsuit, and he started to kiss Yesung's neck.
Yesung was visibly drawn in pleasure by the way his head moved although his face couldn't be seen. His hands started to caress Siwon's shoulders, massaging them as to express how good he was feeling.
"Seriously they look like a husband and wife, look at Yesung oppa's slender and soft body. I bet he's even softer than me..."
Yesung starts to bite his nails, embarrassed by the girl's words.
"She even acknowledged how beautiful you are," Siwon kisses Yesung on the left cheek. He sweeps away his boyfriend's hand from his mouth. "Seriously stop that, you ruined your nails every time."
"You don't feel all freaked out by this?" Yesung finally snaps. "How could you act this calm, huh? Do you like it to be candidly caught making out with me?" Yesung's voice goes higher as his body shakes up. He can't contain it anymore and wails out loud, much to Siwon's stress.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you. I will explain after this," he holds Yesung's frail body. "Please bear with the video a little, ok?"
Yesung doesn't say anything, but he once again frees himself from Siwon's hug. He tries hard to control his cries. He wipes the tears from his face and still doesn't minding Siwon, he focuses himself on the screen of Siwon's monitor.
The screen now shows Siwon's hand inside Yesung's swimsuit. Yesung knows what happened after that. He desperately told Siwon that the sea water hurt his opening so badly.
"You said we couldn't do it there since you were hurt by the water," Siwon voiced Yesung's mind, reacting to the clip.
"Hmm..." is Yesung's only response.
Yesung on the clip shudders visibly, and Siwon stopped his ministrations right away with an expression of concern in his face. He mouthed visibly, "Are you okay?" to Yesung.
Yesung shook his head and quickly Siwon kissed him on the hair softly before bringing him to the dry land with his hands. The smaller man turned away with pain visible on his face.
Once their feet touched the sand, Siwon can be seen visibly said sorry to his boyfriend. But Yesung just smiled back in sorry for spoiling their mood.
Right after, Siwon lifted Yesung's body bridal style, and Yesung laughed, instinctively snaked his hands on Siwon's neck to get a grip.
"Wow how strong Siwon oppa is..." the girl whispered again. "But I also bet Yesung oppa is also so light. Look at that petite body..."
"That... that girl... seriously..." Yesung finally laughs, making Siwon happy and he feels like his burden is lifted a bit.
The couple on screen walked away and the camera zoomed even further to catch them.
"Just like that?" the girl was astounded. "There won't be a... I don't know, a live action maybe?"
"Gosh, girls nowadays... are so perverted!" Yesung giggles now, like he momentarily forgets about the danger of the clip for them...
The camera made sure that it catched Yesung and Siwon's bodies as finally the couple entered their luxurious villa and disappeared behind the door.
"She still respected our privacy by not following us inside," Siwon says softly.
"But who knows, maybe she just didn't send you the rest of her clips..."
"No, she said herself that she went homw right after that, and she is guilty enough not to record anymore," Siwon's certainty finally draws Yesung's attention to him fully, now that the monitor shows nothing but a black, empty screen of Siwon's media player.
"How can you be so sure?" Yesung lifts his eyebrows.
"Here, read her email to me, that came together with the video," Siwon finally connects to the internet and opens his email.
"She knows your email?" Yesung asks in disbelief.
"She's one of my closest sasaengs, she knows so many things about me and she talked to me many times before."
"Oh," Yesung can only say.
"Here, read this..." Siwon offers Yesung his screen while he himself goes away. "I'll get you some drink."
Yesung doesn't seem to listen to Siwon and focuses to the screen instead. There he can read
"Siwon oppa, I'm Youngmi, do you remember me? We talked several times before and I gave you several backpacks.
I shamelessly admit that I was one of your most devoted sasaeng. But I've learned my lesson. I felt really guilty to you after getting this clip, so I have stopped following you around anymore. I realized how disturbing I've been to you so now instead of spending my days following you, now I'm applying to universities. My family were so glad I'm back to the normal life."
Siwon comes into the room, carrying two cans of instant coffees, chilled.
"Keep on reading, Baby," Siwon whispers on Yesung's hair from the back and putting the can of Yesung's coffee near the monitor in front of the petite guy.
"It's not my intention to scam you by sending you this video. I swear to you that I deleted the video of my computer after I attached this video to you. I no longer have another copy of this video. You must not feel threatened by this video nor this email. I hadn't shown this clip to any other human being, so no other person knows of this. You know me, you can trust me, I swear, Oppa.
I won't ever let anyone knows about this. I just intend to warn you by this video, that you should be more careful in the future, with Yesung oppa. Lucky that it was only me, rowing a small boat to the island while no other sasaengs knew where you were since you were going by a helicopter. I can make sure that other sasaengs wouldn't think twice to spread this everywhere.
But you can trust me, I just want to make you more alerted, and I have no other intentions but that. As I said before, I no longer have a copy of this clip and I have quited my dark life as a sasaeng. I love you too much to do anything with this clip. I can make sure this won't be spread anywhere, much less to the media. You can trust me.
Regards, Youngmi."
The email ends there and Yesung doesn't know how to react. He just grabs his drink and drink so much without him even realizing what he's doing.
"That's why I was calmed. I know this girl for a long time and I just trust her.. "
"But I still can't think right. What if she's lying, Wonnie? We can't just trust a stanger like this..."
Yesung sits facing Siwon right away, still gripping his coffee out of nervousness.
"I just knew I could trust her. I just know, maybe it's intuition," Siwon talks calmly so that Yesung's face lightens in ease. "But in case she's lying..."
Yesung tensed again hearing his boyfriend's words.
"We should make a press conference to address our relationship to the public if this blown up. Do you agree?"
"But our career..." Yesung bits his lips in worry.
"If our career would collapse, I already have everything we need to move to Europe, Baby. We could forget about Korea and start a new life..."
"How easy for you to say," Yesung buries his face on his hands and crying again. "What about our family? Your father wouldn't be able to accept this..."
"We'll think about it later. As of now, I'd already quit from my program with Liuwen. She's really in love with me, can you believe that? In our last filming in Guam she said that... But I told her I alreay have someone. She understood and it's our mutual consensus to end the show. Don't worry about my father. He would understand after I talk to him seriously, if not... eh I could think about it later."
"But... my singing career..." Yesung sobs hard, his body's shaking heavily so Siwon has no other choice but to embrace the older man.
"With your skill, I believe you could always start anew..." Siwon says, while caressing Yesung's hair. "But we could always count on her. I trust her."
"You should also delete the email and video from your gadgets and from the internet... Okay? Don't take any risks."
"Of course. I only waited for you to see this and I will delete it. See..." Siwon advances to the computer and deletes the email in front of Yesung's eyes.
"But the video I've downloaded, I guess we might need it some other time?" Siwon smirks, winking naughtily to his boyfriend.
"How could you say that? Delete it. It disgust me. We were recorded candidly and she's a pervert. In fact... I'm not sure if I could stay here nor facing you these few days. I... I need to clear my mind."
"Baby? Do you... do you want us to break up?" Siwon's breath starts to get heavy.
"No, no, Wonnie. Not break up. I just need some alone time and not seeing you for some moment, just to clear my mind," Yesung calmly stares at Siwon's eyes, that the younger man is kneeling in front of him. "Believe me, please. I love you and this is just a phase that I have to endure by myself."
With those words, Yesung gets up and kisses Siwon's hair before walking to the door.
"I will call you as soon as I'm calmed enough, trust me, and my love for you."
"Okay then, I'll wait while praying for the best."
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