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Miracle for Us Chapter 11

Title: Miracle For Us Chapter 11
Characters: Yesung, Siwon, Jaejoong, Yoonjae & Jaeho (OC)
Pairing: YeWon, side!YunJae
Genre: Mpreg!AU, Fluff
Rating: PG-15
Warning: Heavy Mpreg.
Disclaimer: Fiction. I only own the plot and the story.

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“Yesung-ah, you must not go to work today!” Siwon persuades his pregnant husband once they’re alone in their bedroom, after the smaller man tried to eat Siwon’s homemade congee.  Yesung ate slowly and Siwon, along with the kids cheered for him to empty his bowl.  The twins were sad to know that their uncle was sick.
Yesung sits down on the edge of their bed, checking his phone, apparently ignoring Siwon’s anxiety.  “Darling,” he calls a few seconds later, lifting his gaze from his phone to his lawyer husband.  “I cannot take a break.  Not today…”
“I thought you said Ryeowook could overtake your duties during the weekends,” Siwon withdraws, sitting beside Yesung.
“He could, but this weekend is the time I mentor him to handle a wedding,” Yesung’s gaze softens, and he reaches out for the taller man’s hands.  “This will be the last weekend I’m working, I promise.  This is Ryeowookie’s first time to do such big job and I have to accompany him to make sure everything’s okay.”
“But you just threw up…” Siwon reasons, while pinching the soft skin of his husband’s backhand out of nervousness.
“It’s just morning sickness, Wonie, I might have it for every other day in the future,” Yesung gives a small smile, Siwon knows that his husband is feeling touched.  “If I must not go to work every time I got morning sickness, then probably I wouldn’t be working at all during my pregnancy time, you know that.”
Siwon is plotting other reasons for his husband to watch his health more than his work.  It’s not that hard to do since he’s a lawyer after all.
“But what if you’re sick again in your workplace, the… the wedding venue?  Who’s gonna be able to watch you and help you?  Are you gonna let me worry about you at home all day?”
“You haven’t met Wookie yet.  He’s the sweetest and attentive young man ever.  He already knows how to deal with pregnant people since he has so many younger siblings.”
“So now I have to call this Wookie,” Siwon lets go of Yesung’s hands and opening up his palm right in front of his husband’s face to ask for his cell phone.
Yesung rolls his eyes.  But he knows that it’s better for Siwon to be sure of Ryeowook than have him disturbed all day at home worrying about him, while handling the twins.  So he searches on his phone for his new employee’s contact and gives the device to Siwon’s waiting hand.
“And promise me to tell me as soon as you feel there’s something wrong with your body,” Siwon says sternly before he puts the phone to his ears.
“I promise you everything in this world,” Yesung kisses Siwon’s pout sweetly and gets up to find his keys.
Actually, Siwon had been so insecure about today.  He’d never handled the twins by himself, there’s always Yesung by his side.  He’s anxious that something bad could happen to the kids on his watch, he’s afraid that he couldn’t take care of them well.  But he didn’t want Yesung to know about this, it’d burden him if he knew Siwon was not ready to take care of the twins.
“You sure you are okay with the twins by yourself?” Yesung’s voice wakes him up from his trans.  “We can call Mimi to help you, you know,” the petite man is ready to leave after wearing his blazer. They walk together to the door, with the twins following them politely.
“Positively don’t need Mimi.  Now go and work hard, Honey…” Siwon kisses Yesung’s cheeks, making their nephews behind them giggle.  “Hey, I’m kidding!  Don’t work hard, for our baby’s sake!” Siwon then gives Yesung a sweet peck on the lips, gaining little ‘Awws…” from Yoonjae and Jaeho.  He smirks naughtily and winks to his husband.
“Wonie!” Yesung scolds him and quickly waves to the kids.  “I’m off to work, kids, be nice to Uncle Siwon okay?”
Thirty minutes had passed since Yesung goes up to work.  Siwon is currently busy bathing Jaeho in the guest bathroom. 
The twin brother, Yoonjae, is outside in the living room, watching Pororo like he’s bewitched.  The uncle has to bath them one by one, like how Jaejoong and Yunho would do at home, because when they both on the bathtub together, they’d only create messes instead of cleaning themselves.
Siwon rubs the shower puff thick with soap all over Jaeho’s body, well, actually whatever part of the young boy he could reach.  Jaeho’s been too absorbed in his destroyer ship toy Siwon gave him.
“Aigoo, the back of your neck is so dirty,” Siwon murmurs, pushing his nephew’s head down a little.“Did you or did you not take a bath yesterday afternoon, Ho-ya?”
“Can a destroyer ship go inside the water, Uncle?” instead of answering, Jaeho asks back, little hands are trying, hesitantly, to push the expensive toy into the water.
“No,” Siwon answers.  “Or the people inside it might be dead,” he rinses Jaeho’s head with white bubbles of shampoo and massages the scalp softly.
“But the people over the enemy’s ship might know if they’re attacked,” Jaeho looks up at Siwon with a displeased expression.  “We can’t surprise them!”
“That’s why we have the submarine, Ho-ya.  Okay… now unplug the stopper, please,” Siwon instructs the younger.  “We’re going to wash your hair and body.”
Jaeho obediently reaches for the stopper with his little foot, pushing it open with his little toe.  Water starts to go down the drain while Siwon positions the showerhead on top of his nephew’s little head.
“Can submarines throw bombs too?” Jaeho asks curiously, but a second after he chokes on the water running down his face.  “Uhhggg!” the boy shakes his head, putting in all his energy because he’s shocked. Water from Jaeho’s hair sprays all over the place.
“Yah, Jaeho-ya, you wet me all over,” Siwon sighs, pulling away from the boy so that the water on the showerhead no longer pouring on him.  But it’s too late, the bathroom floor and the front his pajamas are wet already. “Now stay still…” he approaches the little boy again.
“Wait, wait, Uncle!  You have to answer me,” Jaeho insists.  He even shifts from his seat to face Siwon.
“Okay, okay,” Siwon decides to step back, or this is going to last forever.  He turns off the shower and explains, “I don’t really know much about submarine, but they have torpedoes.  They would fire the torpedoes from inside the water to the enemy’s ship that floats on the water’s surface.  Then the enemy’s ship will be destroyed and the crew would be surprised.”
“What is torpedo?”
“It’s…” Siwon pauses, searching for the simplest way to explain it to the little kid.  “It’s a huge bullet, it can be as big as my body…  So the damage it causes damage could be serious.”
“Woah…” Siwon giggles seeing how Jaeho’s eyes widen.  The little mouth is opened as big as a saucer in digesting the brand new information.  “That is wicked!”
Siwon is halfway in approaching the boy with a showerhead on his hand when he hears what he just said.  “Jaeho, the right word is ‘amazing’, not ‘wicked’,” Siwon shakes his head.  “I wonder where did you get that word,” he murmurs to himself.
“Yeah it’s amazing,” Jaeho agrees.
Ten minutes later, Siwon finishes in dressing Jaeho.  He goes for Yoonjae in the living room.
“No, I want to watch this,” Yoonjae doesn’t even look back at Siwon when the lawyer calls him from the guest bedroom.
“Yoon-ah, you said you want to go to the park and eat ice cream, right?  Let’s get ready, then!” Siwon has to get closer to the enchanted boy.  Yoonjae’s eyes are glued to the huge plasma screen, where the DVD is played.  “Come on, don’t you love spring leaves?  We’re going to play frisbee and everything,” Siwon coaxes again, now sitting on the sofa beside the boy.
Yoonjae doesn’t answer, but the calm atmosphere of the cute dialogues of cartoons is pierced by yet another scream.
Reactively Siwon gets up from the sofa, forgetting about Yoonjae.  That is definitely Jaeho, screaming from the guest bedroom.  His heart beats so fast and his stomach lurches.  Already imagining the worst accidents possible to happen to his nephew while being left alone, he dashes to the room and finds the white mess all over Yesung’s beloved beige carpet.
“Un… uncle… the powder,” Jaeho points at the empty baby-powder bowl, lies upside down while all of its contents form a small snow-hill on the carpet.
“Ya!” Siwon groans loudly.  But he can’t deny,he’s relieved that it’s nothing.  “Ahh aigo… what were you doing Ho-ya?” quickly he paces out of the room to grab a handy vacuum cleaner from the laundry room. 
When he gets back to the room a moment later, Jaeho is busy trying to put all the spent baby-powder back to its bowl using his two little hands.  He ends up creating a whole other mess on the other side of the carpet, like sprinkles of snow.
“No, no Jaeho-ya, that’s dirty, don’t put it back in the bowl…” Siwon puts down the handy vacuum on the carpet and briskly pulls his nephew away from the crime scene.  “You stay here, okay?  Don’t move,” he says firmly while the guilty little boy bits his lips, eyes are watery.  He’s about to cry.
“I just…I just want to put on the powder om my body,” Jaeho explains, when his uncle is about to move away and clean the mess.  “Uncle forgot it so I want to put it on myself.”
Siwon catches the fear in Jaeho’s eyes.  He knows Yunho often got angry with the boy and spank him instead of talking to him while discipline him.  Maybe this time too, Jaeho thought he had crossed the line that Siwon would finally snap at him, since he’d made him wet already at bath.
“Why didn’t you just tell me that, Jaeho-ya? I would gladly put the powders on you,” Siwon kneels in front of the stiff boy leaning on the wall.
“But you’ll be angry, because I already dressed…  And you need to bathe Yoonjae too,” Jaeho trembles.  “I’m sorry Uncle.”
“It’s okay.  You didn’t do anything wrong,” Siwon smiles in assuring, trying to convince Jaeho that he’s not going to hit him.  “You are a smart boy.  Just, be more careful next time, okay?”
Jaeho looks totally relieved and goes to the living room to watch cartoon with his twin. Siwon quietly vacuums the carpet.
Thankfully the carpet can be cleaned perfectly.  Siwon stares proudly at his work, the carpet doesn’t look like a whole mess had just happened on it.  “Maybe we need to replace this carpet, just to be safe,” he mumbles to himself.  The tall man then rolls up the carpet and stores it inside the storeroom.
Now he’s back to Yoonjae in front of the TV.  The kid doesn’t even budge when Siwon tries to persuade him with promises.  Yoonjae is really obsessed with Pororo and Siwon partially blames himself for picking this cartoon and not anything else.
“No!  It’s not over yet Uncle!” Yoonjae screams when Siwon lost his patience and just scoops the little boy to his embrace from the sofa.  “Uncle I want Pororo!” the 5 year old cries loudly, hands are trying to reach out for Pororo he sees on the TV screen.
“Yoonjae-ah, be good please…” Siwon feels like his body is torn into two because this small man is not as light as he seems.
The child squirms powerfully in Siwon’s embrace, and Siwon has to think about something else to be able to deal with him.
“Hiks… hiks… Pororo… I want to watch Pororo again!” Yoonjae hiccups in between his whines.
“Yoonjae-ah, if you’re cooperating with me now, I’ll let you call your papa later.”
Suddenly the boy stops wriggling in Siwon’s embrace.  Siwon drops him in the bathtub and smiles smugly.
“Really, Uncle?We’ll call Papa and Daddy today?” Yoonjae changes his facial expression drastically.  The snot under his nose doesn’t match well with the wide smile he’s sporting.
“Yes,” Siwon nods firmly. 
He’s not going to tell him that it’s Jaejoong who would be calling them and he doesn’t know when, though…
“Yaaay!!! I miss Daddy, I miss Papa…”
“Now be a good boy and take a bath, okay?”
“Yes,” Yoonjae nods happily, voluntarily letting Siwon bathes him. 
Siwon grins.  He’s got Yoonjae forgetting Pororo and he’s back to be his obedient nephew.
“Uncle! We have to pray again for Daddy!” he says again when Siwon calmly dries him and wraps him up in a towel five minutes later.
“Okay but after you get dressed…”
“And make Jaeho pray too!”
Two hours later Siwon throws himself down the park bench.  He feels like all the bones of his body are letting go. He’s so tired after running here and there catching Frisbee with his two nephews. Apparently, the two kids got sugar high after the two portions of ice creams for each of them right after they got to the park.
Siwon knows what Yesung would say if he found out about the two portions of ice creams each.  He’s determined to keep it a secret, afraid of being accused spoiling the nephews’ appetite for lunch….
But who could resist the aegyos that the two little (adorable) monsters had pull on him?  Siwon melted like a puddle of goo seeing Yoonjae’s big eyes and Jaeho’s pout.  Plus the cute whinings, combined!
It’s a bright fall day, the leaves of the trees in the town park are either yellow or red.  A huge amount of them are falling from time to time, being carried away by the wind, or simply falls to hit the green grass.  Watching the leaves fall gives serenity, easing Siwon’s fatigues a bit.  Yawning, the spent man observes his two nephews playing Frisbee not so far from him. Fortunately, they know how to take turns so that they could play peacefully while laughing happily.
He pulls out FT (Financial Times) of today’s edition.  He subscribes to that newspaper in English edition, because it’s vital for him as a business attorney in law to keep him updated about the current economy and monetary situations all over the world.  He knows the technology could ease him, but reading articles on his iPad could be painful for his eyes after a while, so he prefers the traditional papers compared to the digital ones.
He’s stuck on an article about Greece’s referendum when he feels someone is sitting down beside him.  He spends a few seconds staring at the smiling little face, having difficulty in recognizing it.  Then he sees the soft mop of hairs, that could differ this one person sitting beside him from his twin brother, who has such stiff hairs.  Turns out, it’s Yoonjae.
Siwon regrets the time he decided to dress the twins with identical red t-shirts and short blue jeans.
“It’s Yoonjae,” the smaller informs seeing his uncle’s brief confusion.“Uncle what are you reading?” he asks, curiously scoots over, nearer to Siwon, trying to peek at the article page that his uncle’s reading.
“Oh, it’s newspaper,” Siwon answers shortly before focusing on the papers again.
“I know that, Uncle,” Yoonjae giggles.  “But what article you read?”
“It’s economic article, Yoon-ah…” Siwon lifts his gaze from the papers and searches for Jaeho with his eyes.  “Where’s Jaeho?  Why isn’t he with you?”
“What is economic?  I want to read, Uncle, I want to read,” Yoonjae starts to invade Siwon’s privacy without even answering the question.  The small boy leans half of his body towards Siwon’s newspaper, his head is in front of Siwon’s chest.  His eyes are fixed to the headline of the article, printed with huge and bold English text.
“Whoa, whoa, can you read the west alphabet, Yoonjae-ya?” Siwon asks, a bit taken aback with his nephew’s attitude.  It’s been a long time since the last time the twins let themselves be embraced voluntarily by adults.
“Hmmm… no, Uncle,” Yoonjae calmly answers after thinking cutely.  “Is this English?”
“Yes it’s in English,” Siwon answers.  “But Yoon-ah, where’s your brother?  Weren’t you playing together just now?”
“Jaeho ran away with the Frisbee, he didn’t want to play anymore,” the little kid answers, eyes never leaving the page of newspaper in front of him.
“Huh?  Where did he go?  You promised you won’t go where I can’t see you!” Siwon puts down the newspaper, trying to search for the other one of the twin nephews.
Thankfully, Jaeho with his red shirt can be easily distinguished among the crowds of little children and their families.  Rather far from Siwon—but not completely far—he’s been kicking and playing with maple leaves happily, all by himself. 
“Uncle, read me,” Yoonjae commands.  “I can read if it’s Korean alphabet, but I can’t read this,” he tugs Siwon’s polo shirt’s collar to grab his attention.
Siwon wants to scream out loud.  These boys had just destroy him physically, now they want to mess with his head too?  Only in a perfect world reading an article from FT to a 5 year-old boy doesn’t seem that crazy!  Maybe Yoonjae is smarter than his age, Siwon smiles meekly at the kid.
“Hmm, Yoonjae-ah, why don’t you go play with your twin brother?  He looks lonely down there on his own,” Siwon tries to get away.
“But Uncle, he’s playing with some girls now, look,” Yoonjae points at two little girls in cute cardigans talking and smiling at Jaeho.
Siwon almost points it out loud that the way Jaeho acts seems totally like his father Yunho, when he’s around girls or effeminate men (not Jaejoong, the man is such an idiot in front of the man he loves, apparently).  So manly, cool, and nonchalant.  Damn, how they grow up so fast and picking up little things from their parents!
“Uncle, come on read me…”
Siwon’s train of thoughts stopped and he stares emptily at his nephew.  ‘God why do you do this to me?
“But this is such a difficult article, Yoonjae might not understand if Uncle read it to you.  Here, play with Uncle’s phone, okay?  I have so many games for you to play…” Siwon searches in his pants’ pocket for his phone.
“No, if it’s difficult please just tell me the story, please, Uncle?” Yoonjae stares at Siwon with puppy eyes and a cheeky smile.  His puffy cheeks, Siwon realizes, resembles Yesung’s a bit.  How could that be?  Maybe he got it from his grandmother?
Siwon can’t stand the cuteness and sighs in defeat.  He puts his cell phone back in his pocket and starts to retell the story, with the simplest way possible.
“So, there is a country named Greece in Europe, they’re really poor  by now…”
“How far is Europe from here Uncle?  Why is it named Europe?” Yoonjae cuts him.
Siwon facepalms.

Dinner that night was the twins’ favorite pasta, creamy penne with slices of turkey.  Siwon worked hard to assure Yesung that the pregnant man could cook by himself now because Siwon would help him in checking the taste, but Yesung was still not confident enough to make anything by himself.  Moreover, his two nephews would definitely not able to hide their reactions if he caused yet another mess.
So their dinner was ordered from an Italian restaurant of the twins’ favorite.
“Uncle Yesung, you didn’t vomit again at work did you?” the ever so caring Yoonjae asks, while his eyes are focused on his plate.
Siwon lifts his thick eyebrows hearing the question, because he himself was too busy bathing the kids after they woke up and barely talked to his husband, except of asking about the progress of the decorations.
Yesung smiles softly at Yoonjae.  “No, thank God I didn’t, dear.”
“That is good news.  My cousin wouldn’t disturb you during work…”
Siwon giggles.  “Hey why would you know that?” he’s amazed of the little boy’s words.  You know, since people said little kids have sharp feelings!
“Ah, really?  That’s amazing,” Yesung coos.  “Did my Baby say anything to you?”
“No,” Yoonjae answers quickly, now lifting his head to face his two uncles.  “But my Papa said that good babies won’t burden their parents at work…”
Yesung catches Siwon’s stare at him and the couple smile upon hearing it.  Siwon then tousles Yesung’s hair.  “We hope so.  Your cousin is gonna be a good kid,” he says to Yoonjae.
“Uncle, this morning you promised me to call Papa, right?  I almost forget but now I remember!” Yoonjae cheers, and finally Jaeho who was too busy with his food is looking at Siwon too.
“Wonie…” Yesung whispers.  “Why did you say that!  We have to wait for my hyung to call us first to make sure he’s good enough to talk to his kids!”
“Oh, that just empty promise so he would take a bath this morning!” Siwon whispers back, completely stunned.  He didn’t expect Yoonjae to remember it.
“Uncle, let’s call Papa!  I miss him and I’m curious about Daddy!” this time Jaeho butts in.
Totally unprepared of Jaeho’s truth, the two uncles can only look at each other blankly.
“Eh… kids, your Papa is using an italian phone number, we have to wait for him to call us first…”
“But can’t we use Skype?  Appa and Daddy used Skype all the time before Daddy got the accident…” Jaeho retorts.  Surely this kid has a good memory.
Yesung feels like his head’s gonna explode.  He can only glare at Siwon and his husband’s looking back at him in sorry.
But suddenly Yesung gets an idea.
“Kids, surely we would Skype your Appa if we could, but…” Yesung pauses to give a dramatic effect.
“But what?” says Yoonjae.
“What?” says Jaeho.
“But we don’t have Skype, thus we don’t know your Appa’s account…”
“Wah!” unexpectedly Yoonjae bursts into tears.  “But… but I miss Appa so badly…”
“What about my Daddy?  I really want to know!”
Then Pororo, being set by Siwon sneakily, saves the night.
“Kids, don’t you miss Pororo too?” Siwon claims from the TV room a few meters from the dining room.
Yesung sighs in relief watching the twins’ eyes widen in happiness.
“While we wait for your papa to call us, just enjoy the President of The Kids!” Siwon points at the huge screen and screams cheerfully, a hyperbolic act that even got his husband smiling.

After putting the twins to their night sleep, Yesung drank his pregnancy milk and took a bath.  Coming from the bathroom all fresh, the pregnant man only wears a small towel to cover the lower part of his petite body.  Smiles sneakily at the agaped, tired Siwon on the bed, Yesung locks up the door of their bedroom, just in case.
“Wonie,” Yesung calls shyly while climbing up the bed from Siwon’s feet.  “You’re so sexy today…”
Siwon leans on the headboard and gulps, seeing the expose of the skin. It contrasted real nice with the bright red towel hangs loosely around his husband’s waist.  Plus those slightly swollen nipples are like calling out naughtily to him.
“All my fatigue goes away,” Siwon says, eye-raping the beautiful creature crawling up to him.  “You should do this very often.”
“When you picks up both of the twins from the car…  Oh, you didn’t know what naughty things I imagined,” The twins were asleep on the way home from tbe park that afternoon, so Siwon had to bring the two in his arms to put them into bed before bathing them.
Yesung is now face to face with his husband.
Reactively Siwon reaches for the tiny body with the obvious bump over the stomach.  He embraces Yesung, who sneaks his arms around his neck. His husband smells of vanilla, as per usual, and his breaths are minty.
“Hmm, you smell good.”
“I saw your biceps… oh that sinful polo shirt,” Yesung murmurs while softly biting Siwon’s lower lip.  “You are so strong, yet so gentle, umhh…” the pregnant man progresses to devour his husband’s lips.  The kiss is wild, with Yesung strangely dominating.  “When people told me how hot you are, I’ve never fully appreciate it, hm?” Pulling away from the kiss to talk, Yesung then opens his mouth willingly, like a starving baby.
Siwon won’t let the opportunity go to waste.  It’s been about a week since the last time he’d done it, being intimate, with Yesung because of work, and lately because Yesung seemed so disinterested and Siwon wouldn’t want to force his husband to do it.
Their tongue meets each other in the warm cave of Yesung’s mouth.  Siwon can feel how his husband’s tiny hands are caressing his biceps from outside his pajamas lustfully.
”Get rid of your clothes,” Yesung commands.
The fascinated husband pulls up the pajama shirt from his head and throws it away while Yesung helps him getting rid of the pants and underwear.
Now Siwon is bared to his husband, while Yesung is still wearing his red towel.
“Prove me your strength, Wonie.  Lift me up and take me on your embrace, around the room…”
“So you’re naughty tonight, huh? What happened?” Siwon kisses Yesung’s nose.
“Lift me up, I want to see and feel those biceps.”
So Siwon complies.  When he gets down the bed to pick his petite husband up, Yesung licks his lips in appreciation over his taut muscles.
“Look at your cock, it’s so brave and standing proud…” Yesung touches Siwon’s manhood lightly, caressing it bottom to top before stretching his hands and lets Siwon holds him up bridal style.  “I figured…” he whispers to Siwon’s ears.  “That before I get so big, I need to feel and appreciate your muscles better.”
“You still don’t weight much,” Siwon says, enjoying the softness of Yesung’s calves on his hands.  “It’s nice to see you like this, to see you want me again, like this,” Siwon starts walking around the bedroom, with Yesung in his embrace, clinging to his neck and kissing his jaw.
“Seeing you handle the kids so well, Wonie. It’s such… a sexy view.  Even Baby agreed with me.”
“What?” Siwon halts his step.  “You let Baby know about this?” he glared playfully at his husband.  “Whatever happened to your plan to keep Baby innocent?”
“You should be thankful to Baby,” Yesung pouts.  He wriggles his feet to make Siwon walks again.  “Actually Baby realizes your sexiness first.”
“Oh God, you could just be the death of me,” Siwon can’t stand it anymore.  He puts Yesung on the bed gently and feasted on him roughly. 
Thankfully the guestroom is far from the master bedroom.  Their twin nephews wouldn’t hear anything suspicious from their uncles at all.

i've been abadoning this fic for so long! is there anyone waiting for this? i wrote so many words that might be boring, so a little tease from YeWon at the end! :")
Tags: pairing: yewon, pairing: yunjae, series: miracle for us, warning: pregnant!yesung
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