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Miracle for Us Chapter 12

Title: Miracle For Us Chapter 12
Characters: Yesung, Siwon, Ryeowook, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Eric, Hyesung
Pairing: YeWon, slight!EunHae
Genre: Mpreg!AU, Fluff
Rating: PG-15
Warning: Heavy Mpreg.
Disclaimer: Fiction. I only own the plot and the story

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Yesung gets into Siwon’s car and the car starts to get away from the basement parking lot.
“I’m so thankful that Yunho hyung is fine…” Yesung says to his driving husband,
“When Jae hyung said he’s unconscious, I got the worst idea, really,” Siwon answers, still focusing on the road. “But the thing I’m most grateful is that we’re free from the twins now!” Siwon laughs while putting one of his hands to cover his mouth.
“Yah, they’re your nephews too!” Yesung pinches his husband’s arm in annoyance.
“They’re like super calm when they’re with you, but it’s different when they’re only with me…” Siwon pouts.
“Because they know I’m pregnant,” Yesung coos. “Just give them some Pororo coloring books and they’re quiet, Wonie. Plus, you’re barely with them, it’s always me who picked them from kindergarten every afternoon till night.”
“And when they were with you, they won’t let you bathe them because of your pregnancy… you only had to order dinner for them… that’s the perks of being pregnant, I think.”
“Yah, do you want to switch position with me? Let’s see how you handle your own pregnancy!” Yesung pushes Siwon’s body annoyed, while his husband just laughs.
It’s been a week since Yunho’s accident in Rome. But for the couple of uncles, it feels like a month already. Last night Yunho and Jaejoong went home, with Yunho wearing crutches. It turns out, he only got a fractured right leg, and him being unconscious was only because of shock, for about half an hour.
The twins are really happy to be together with both of their parents again, and as a sign of gratitude, Jaejoong gave Yesung a bunch of expensive pasta.
“So your hyung gave you like a ton of pasta, you would have to start cooking again, Sungie,” Siwon says while they’re stopping in a traffic light. Although his tone of voice is as light as ever, he knows Yesung will be sensitive about this.
Yesung sighs, looking at the backseat of the car where bunches of original and variations of pasta lie down inside a huge plastic bag. He doesn’t answer Siwon, instead just looking back at his husband with uncertainty on his face.
“I will help you taste it beforehand. This time, I swear I won’t lie.”
“Every time I cook?” Yesung asks unsurely.
“You know I can only be at home in the morning, I believe you for the dinner. You can cook anything without salt, and I will add it on my own, if you’re still unsure.”
“You know, these days I feel like I can’t taste salt in any food. My cravings start to make me crazy, really,” Yesung whines. “Everything tasted plain…”
“Should we ask dr Minwoo then?”
“Do you think it’s anything serious?”
“There’s no harm in trying, right?” Siwon tousles Yesung’s hair.
“I hope it’s nothing, and I’m not going to blame Baby because of this…”
“Baby knows nothing, it’s not its fault, honey.”
They continue their ride in silence. Yesung’s too busy watching the scenery out the window.
When they come home, suddenly Yesung is reminded of something.
“Hey, Wonie, have you sent your father the picture of Baby?”
“Oops I forgot! I barely saw him in the office, too…”
“Send him one, now!” Yesung gets out from their food storage locker, after putting all the pastas there.
“Okay, okay. I have the file in my phone. I’ll send to his email.”
“We promised him weeks ago,” Yesung sighs. He then sits in the sofa beside the taller.
“He probably already forgot about it, you know my father, right?”
Siwon words somehow pierced the pregnant man’s heart. Silently he sobs.
“Sungie, why are you crying?” Siwon is startled, hearing Yesung’s heavy breathings from his side.
“Could he… really… forget about… Baby?” Yesung asks with a red face, tears are streaming from his eyes.
Siwon realizes his mistake. His father is still a sensitive topic for his husband yet he said something like that so carelessly. “No, no Darling, I didn’t mean that,” Siwon hurrily brings the crying man to his embrace. “Just… he’s really busy these days, with tons of clients…” Siwon reasons. He himself isn’t really sure about it though. “Let’s find out his reaction about this,” Siwon sends the email. “While waiting, what about you take a bath? I’ll draw the bath for you…”
Yesung says nothing but he nods. Still with red eyes, he follows Siwon to their bathroom.
A few hours passed with nothing from Eric, and Yesung is starting to get restless. Fortunately, Siwon can distract him by asking him to make dinner.
“Honey, I will test the taste, don’t worry.”
So groggily Yesung starts to cook again after a few weeks. He puts some macaroni into the boiling water while preparing for the sauce on the other hand. He puts some canned tunas and other ingredients to a pan and when it’s time to add some salt, he calls for Siwon, who’s been patiently waiting in the dining table.
“Just add little by little like you usually made it before you got pregnant…” softly Siwon guides the hopeless husband of his.
“I think three pinches… like this?” Yesung then stirs the mixture in the pan. The cooked macaroni is ready, and Siwon approaches the cooking pan where Yesung cooks the sauce. “Try it now.”
Siwon gets a tablespoon and tastes a bit of the mixture and smiles while nodding his head. “This is it, Dear. It’s enough. Very good, as expected.”
“Really? You’re not lying to me, right?” Yesung takes the tablespoon from Siwon and tasting his food himself. “I need to pour more salt to my own portion then,” he pouts a little. “I feel like a crazy person, really.”
During the dinner, Siwon keeps on praising his husband’s food. It’s not just because he wants to lift up Yesung’s spirit in cooking, but more likely because the macaroni with tuna is really good. As expected from his lovely pregnant man.
Every morning Siwon helps Yesung to get his food ready and he isn’t exaggerating when he finds that Yesung’s normal senses of cooking delicious foods is already back.

Yesung is now thirteen weeks pregnant. He rarely has the morning sickness, Siwon is really grateful for that. Dr Minwoo also said that Yesung’s weight was already increasing, close to normal for pregnant men of his age of pregnancy thanks to his confidence in cooking
But there’s a problem. There’s still no news from Siwon’s father these past weeks. Siwon knows deep down his husband is heart-broken, but Eric is really busy travelling abroad to represent some of Korea’s big companies and Yesung seems to understand the fact. Still, Siwon feels a pang in his heart every time he catches Yesung just emptily staring at their baby’s sonogram picture in his cell phone, while biting his lower lip.
Siwon just wish for an email from Eric as a reply. It would be enough for his husband, but no. Maybe they would just have to wait for Eric to open his heart.
“Sungie, how’s your day?” Siwon pats the vacant space on the sofa beside him. It’s one of the rare moments that the lawyer could manage to get home early.
Yesung complies and sits beside him after drinking his milk. “Um, as usual, nothing’s special. But I fell asleep for a few hours on my computer desk. Ryeowook finds out that I’ve slept for three hours straight. It’s so unusual for me…”
“Wow, so much for a nap time. Did you sleep well?”
Yesung shakes his head, his face looks so blank. “I don’t know, I didn’t even know that I was sleeping. You know, I’m not the type to take a nap. Moreover during work, on my computer desk, at the shop…”
“Maybe Baby finds that you’re working too hard these days,” Siwon chuckles. “But your body must be sore and uncomfortable, sleeping like that,” Siwon starts to massage his petite man’s shoulder to ease the fatigue.
“Hmm,” Yesung humms in response, feeling content because of his husband’s treatment. He starts to close his eyes enjoying it. For about five minutes the couple says nothing to each other, Siwon is too busy massaging his husband’s tensed muscles.
But Yesung’s silence is unusual for Siwon. Usually his husband would love to chat about everything, mostly about his customers and workers.
“Baby?” Siwon calls. “Why are you so quiet?”
But he’s being answered by the fall of his husband’s head to the side. Curiously Siwon checks at him and it turns out that Yesung has fallen asleep.
“Haizz he’s asleep… are you so tired, hmm?” Siwon stops massaging, he rests Yesung’s head on his shoulder, both of them then sit still in the sofa. Siwon lets Yesung in his position then turns on the TV to watch some news.
After an hour the news has ended and Yesung only stirred for about two times in Siwon’s embrace. Siwon’s confused, he doesn’t know what to do. Of course he wants to wake Yesung up to get him sleeping on their bed but Yesung sleeps just like a baby. His face looks so tired and he’s breathing kind of heavily.
Siwon’s got no choice but to lift the pregnant man in his arms, being so careful not to wake him up. Usually, no matter how light the disturbance is, Yesung would instantly wake up from his sleep. His husband is a sensitive sleeper. But this time, he doesn’t even budge when Siwon finally puts him down on the bed.
“Darling it’s so unusual for you to be like this… you couldn’t even sleep without brushing your teeth right?” Siwon sighs then steps out of the room to turn off the lamps all over the house.
The next morning Yesung awakes in confusion. He doesn’t remember of going to bed at all. Plus, the space beside him is empty, and by the sound of it, Siwon’s already up to take a shower. Yesung frowns, finds it weird that his husband is awaken earlier than him. Quickly he checks his phone on the bedside table, and gasps in surprise noticing that it’s 8 am already.
“I usually get up at 6, why?” he mumbles.
“Oh, Sungie, you’re awake?” Siwon walks in while drying his hair with a towel.
Yesung can’t suppress a yawn before answering weakly.
“Yeah…” but then he jolts in surprise. “Oh God, I forget about breakfast! You need to go to the office in 15 minutes!” he tosses his blanket harshly to the side and again got surprised that he’s not wearing his pajama. But he’s got no time to think of it, and bolts right away to the kitchen, only to find two plates of scrambled eggs, fried sausages and toasts on the table ready.
“Wonie,” Yesung calls for his husband who’s walking behind him, still only wearing a towel.
“Tadaa… I cooked breakfast for us already! Aren’t I great?” Siwon smiles, caressing Yesung’s messy bed hair. “You slept so peacefully, I didn’t have the heart to wake you up, Sungie,” he explains, then walks back to the bedroom to change his clothes.
“Wonie it’s weird, I can’t even remember going to bed last night,” Yesung tells Siwon some moments later, who’s busy munching on a sausage.
“You fell asleep on the couch. Maybe you’re just too tired,” Siwon answers. “Baby, please don’t work too hard. Your body and Baby are the ones taking the toll…”
Yesung keeps silent. His husband’s right, maybe he’s exhausted…
Later that afternoon, Yesung is chatting with Ryeowook while eating his lunch. After Siwon left, Yesung made some chapjae with lots of vegetables to bring to work simply because chapjae was simple, could be quick and easily made.
“Hyung, isn’t this chapjae too salty?” Ryeowook frowns after sneakily taking a bite of Yesung’s lunch when the boss didn’t see.
“Hey, you’re stealing my food,” Yesung pouts cutely. “Yeah maybe it’s salty. This baby in my belly likes it that way,” he answers his worker with a shy smile.
“Oh, your cravings?” Ryeowook who is a bachelor, asks again.
“Haha if you say so,” Yesung resumes his eating. “By the way Wookie-ah, do you want to get pregnant someday?”
Ryeowook is taken aback by his boss’ question. “Ah, hyung! I’m straight! I have a girlfriend, you know,” he pretends to get mad at Yesung by playfully glaring at him.
Yesung bursts into laughs. “Sorry, sorry Wookie I really don’t know about that…” he feels awkward and guilty to the younger. “You make the only straight guy in my shop, then, since EunHae are…” Yesung quickly adds, to avoid more awkwardness.
“Ah, I know Hyung, people always think of me as an uke. You see, because of my body and my face… Many guys have pursued me before, but I just don’t swing that way.”
Yesung nods in understanding. “Yeah we are physically similar, I’m sorry of assuming that you’re gay earlier…”
Ryeowook smiles. “It’s okay, now Hyung do you wanna taste my dakgakjung?”
Yesung hasn’t yet answered when the EunHae couple enters the shop. They just get back from delivery and Eunhyuk is carrying two sealed bowls in his hand, it appears to be the couple’s lunch.
“Hey you guys didn’t wait for us,” Donghae puts his hands on his hips, judging Yesung.
“Hae-ah, I thought you and Hyukie would eat in a café somewhere. Hyukie told me your date plan, this morning,” Yesung points at Eunhyuk with accusation.
“Ah, change of plans, the café I wanted to try was too crowded, Hyung,” Eunhyuk smiles sheepishly, putting their lunch at the table in front of Yesung.
“Aww, really, you planned a date?” Donghae pulls his boyfriend up in a sweet kiss..
Yesung and Ryeowook could just stare at the couple who instantly are busy eating each other’s face.
“Yah, yah! Quit eating your boyfriend and start eating your lunch instead!” Yesung growls.
The couple gets rid of each other and shyly take the two empty spots on the sofa and start to open their bowls.
“What are you guys having?” Ryeowook asks curiously, taking a peek at Eunhyuk’s bowl.
“Ah, we simply bought kimchi jjigae, you know that restaurant near the bridge? It was so crowded but we managed to order this takeaway instead,” Donghae explains.
“It’s Donghae’s favorite restaurant,” Eunhyuk smiles at his boyfriend.
The smell of hot kimchi jjigae emanates in the room. Suddenly Yesung feels like the food he eats just now is coming back up to his throat.
“Oh, i…” he quickly runs to the small bathroom of the shop, already familiar with the signal. Once inside, he throws up. All the foods from this morning and his lunch are out to waste.
“Hyung,” Ryeowook and Eunhae couple all left their lunch to check on him. Ryeowook steps nearer to massage his nape. “Are you finished?”
“Hae-ah… yo-your food…” Yesung weakly calls.
“Yes, Hyung? It’s alright, seeing you vomiting won’t affect my appetite at all,” calmly the younger answers. “Right, Hyukie?” he tilts his head to his boyfriend, who is frowning instead.
“Uhkkkkk….” Yesung throws up again, heavily this time. Ryeowook dashes out to find a vaporub.
“Hae Hyung, move!” Ryeowook shouts carrying a vaporub in his hand.
“Kimchi… jjigae… get rid of it!” Yesung manages to say before throwing up some more to the toilet bowl.
“Huh?” Donghae stupidly stands there, not understanding the meaning.
“Ah, I thought so, hyung can’t stand the smell of our lunch, Hae,” Eunhyuk paces back to the coffee table where they put their lunch.
“Hyungdeul! Yesung hyung throws up because of your food!” Ryeowook shouts, snapping Donghae back to reality. Donghae quickly follows his boyfriend to the coffee table, seeing Eunhyuk already puts their food into the plastic bag and steps out the shops.
“Come on Hae, let’s eat at the plaza instead,” Eunhyuk calls.
“Ah, this made hyung throws up?” finally the slow Donghae connects the dot.
Yesung lies lifelessly on the sofa a moment after that. Beside him, Ryeowook applies some vaporub on the slightly bumpy stomach of his, while their neighbor who owns a bakery, Shin Hyesung is busy convincing Yesung to drink his warm tea.
“Hyung, really, sorry for troubling you, but I can’t stand anything at the moment,” Yesung apologizes to the bakery owner. Hyesung puts down his cup of tea and checks Yesung’s forehead with his backhand.
“Yesung-ah, your stomach is now empty. Sooner or later you need to eat something, okay?” Hyesung has gone through a pregnancy before, so he completely understands what the younger is feeling.
“Okay, but maybe not now,” Yesung glances at his leftover lunch on the table.
“I’ll send you some bagels after this. They don’t smell as strong so maybe won’t trigger the baby to reject it,” Hyesung smiles softly. “I used to eat bagel all the time while carrying Andy. That way I survived every lunch time at work…”
“Ah, really, it’s too much work for you, but thank you,” Yesung feels awkward.
He’s not usually close with Hyesung, because of their age gap. Hyesung’s son is older than him and he only met Andy once or twice.
“I kind of expecting this, though, when I heard you’re pregnant, Yesung-ah,” Hyesung ignores Yesung’s discomfort. “When I heard Ryeowook-ssi screamed like that, I was like ‘Yes!’ to myself…”
“Heeeh, what do you mean?” Ryeowook finishes applying vaporub and covers up Yesung’s stomach with his clothes.
“Finally I can help you with something!” the oldest laughs happily.
Yesung and Ryeowook look at each other, conohfused.
“I don’t have any younger sibling, or uke guys as friends. My experience was wasted until you get pregnant!” Hyesung says with fire in his eyes.
“Eh… about that…” Yesung groggily tries to answer when a figure steps into the shop.
“Fa… father?” he’s taken by surprise when Eric awkwardly standing at the door.
“Hi… Yesungie, you have time?” his father-in-law smiles.
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