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Miracle for Us Chapter 14

Title: Miracle For Us Chapter 14
Characters: Yesung, Siwon, Ryeowook, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Eric, Hyesung
Pairing: YeWon, slight!RicSyung
Genre: Mpreg!AU, Fluff
Rating: PG-15
Warning: Heavy Mpreg.
Disclaimer: Fiction.  I only own the plot and the story.

The morning has come.  Bright sunlight penetrates the curtain of Yesung and Siwon’s bedroom, showering the couple with warm sunlight.  Yesung gets up from the bed, looking at Siwon’s back facing him.  He fell asleep staring at his husband’s back, and wakes up to the same sight.
Yesung have talked to Siwon about Eric’s request.  To say that Siwon’s amused was an understatement.  The lawyer almost flipped out in disbelief.
“And you agreed to hold the meeting?” Siwon gaped.
“What choice did I have, Wonie?” Yesung huffed.
“I mean, really now.  My father have treated you awfully for years, always finding your flaws every chance he’s got!” Siwon puts down his fork in frustration.
They were eating dinner, by the way.  Yesung cooked tortellini, one of Siwon’s favorite.  But upon hearing his husband’s story, the lawyer’s appetite seemed like it’d disappeared.
Yesung’s face flushed, he did kind of expecting this kind of reaction from his husband.  And to tell the truth, Yesung had felt the same a few hours back.  But he’s been thinking about it, throwing away all his bitterness because he knew how lonely Eric was, all those times. 
Siwon said that Eric could only befriend one or two lawyers from his own firm, and that they’re not even that close.  Siwon never even mentioned any special or romantic relationship his father might ever have.  Yesung couldn’t even imagine how in the world could someone be so… alone.  Alienating himself from anything merry the world could offer.
“I know that, Wonie.” Yesung smiled.  “But don’t you ever think of your father as a man?”
Siwon stared at him with a puzzled expression on his face.  “What do you mean by that?”
“As a man, as a human being,” Yesung started.  “You told me your father barely has any friend.  And you have no idea about his love life, too.  Say, what if his love life barely exists?  You know how hard-headed your father is.”
“Yeah,” Siwon paused to drink some water.  “I’m lying if that thought had never come to me.  But, considering how bad he’d been treating you, why in the world would you want to help him?  It’s not like you have nothing going on in your life.”
“I told you already, right?  I will never stop trying to make your father accepting me and my baby.  If this one simple request could soften his heart, making him embrace me and your child, won’t we be happy?”
“Oh,” Siwon could only say.
“Plus, other than that, I want to see a happy Eric.  A loving Eric.  With a genuine smile on his face, with other things he could enjoy beside his cases.”
“I’m at loss of words, really,” Siwon got up from his seat.  “Give me time to digest all this,” the lawyer then cleaned his dining tools, throwing his leftover tortellini to the trash bin and washed the dishes without saying anything.  Leaving Yesung alone at the table.
Yesung stared at his husband’s back in silence.  He knew his husband’s silence didn’t mean that he’s mad at him or something.  As usual, Siwon only need to calm himself, to think clearly.  Yesung had learned something from their fight in Japan.
“I’ll make your milk, Sungie.  Drink it after you finish you dinner, ok?” Siwon said without even facing his pregnant husband.
“You will go to bed early?” Yesung asked.
“Maybe.  I’m sleepy,” lied Siwon.
Actually Yesung never enjoyed tortellini.  He cooked it for his husband, who, apparently didn’t enjoy it as well tonight.  Right after Siwon got into their bedroom, Yesung also threw away half of his dinner.  He drank his milk and hurrying to the bedroom. 
Maybe cuddling to his husband innocently could reduce the tension.  But Siwon fell asleep already, or faking it, and faced the wall.
Yesung takes a quick shower and had finished cooking breakfast already—barely adding salt to his dubu jjigae—when Siwon enters the dining room looking like a mess.
“Darling,” Yesung calls.  “Baby and I say good morning, Daddy!” he says cheerfully.  He really wants to see Siwon’s smile.
Siwon kisses the top of Yesung’s head as usual, but not saying anything.  He takes a seat and starts eating.
“Wonie,” Yesung hold Siwon’s wrist when the said man is about to eat a spoonful of rice.  “I’ve been thinking…”
Siwon looks at him now, with no expression on his face.
“If you don’t want me to do it, I won’t do it,” Yesung stares at Siwon’s eyes.  “Really, I didn’t think about your feelings at all and only thought about me.”
Siwon startles.  He opens his mouth, clearly not expecting Yesung to say that at all.
“It’s not only about me and your father, your feelings too, must’ve been included in my consideration…”
“Sungie, no,” cuts Siwon.  “I’ve never meant it that way.”
“It’s not that I don’t want you to help my father, it’s not that I don’t want you to have a good relationship with him.  I just don’t want you to get hurt.”
“What do you mean?”
“You know, nobody could expect what would happen.  What if your friend doesn’t even like my father?  Judging from your stories, Baby, isn’t it likely to be true?” Siwon holds Yesung’s hand in his.  “What if the effort failed and my father vent on you instead?”
Yesung looking down at his food, seems like he’s thinking.
“But if you still want to try, I will support you.  You’re just being yourself, Angel Yesung.  My Angel.”  Siwon lifts Yesung’s hand and kisses it.
Yesung lifts his head enthusiastically upon hearing Siwon’s words.
“Really?  You will help?”
“Yeah.  We’ll take the risk.  We will do our best.  Even if it fails, we won’t lose much anyway, my father has always been distant from us since forever…”
“You don’t know how happy I was hearing you would help.  But, we must do our best so that we’ll never lose your father again!”
“We’ll talk further about it later, okay Papa?  Now you have to eat.  Baby must’ve been hungry.”

Yesung opens his eyes and finding Ryeowook stares at him up close, vertically.  Wait, vertically?  Since when does his head lie on the computer table, anyway?
“Hyung, go rest on the sofa.  Our computer desk is bad for your health,” Ryeowook says.
An understanding comes to Yesung.  “Aah, I fell asleep here, again?”
“Yes. Siwon hyung would kill me if only he saw you just now,” Ryeowook helps Yesung sit and pulling his hand, helping him to the sofa.  “Maybe your baby demands a routine nap, Hyung.  Ever consider that?”
Yesung, still sleepy and not really sober, just shakes his head.  “Wookie, what about customers?”
“They’ll understand a pregnant man taking a nap, I bet,” the younger answers simply.  Maybe we could use the small room at the back, Hyung.  Place a mattress or a small bed?”
But Yesung apparently doesn’t hear what his employee says because when Ryeowook looks at him, the boss had already asleep, in a sitting position.
Only when Donghae comes back to the shop, they could change Yesung’s sleeping position by laying him on the sofa.
Shin Hyesung is surprised to find Yesung asleep when he visits the pregnant man.
“Hyung, Yesung hyung has been asleep for four hours, since 1 pm,” Ryeowook reports.  “Donghae hyung said that he never sleep at the store before his pregnancy.”
“Omo, is he so tired?” Hyesung carefully rolls Yesung’s body to lie on his back since the younger was lying on his side.
“He’s also sweating when it’s cold outside.  The thermostat is not at the temperature to make people sweat…” Eunhyuk chirps in.
“It’s the end of October, right?” Hyesung asks.  “Ryeowookie, get me a thermometer,” he commands.
“Hmm… he’s a bit warm,” Hyesung looks at the thermometer a moment later.  “37,9° C.”
“Should I call Siwon hyung?” Donghae says, making everyone looks at him.  But it’s too late, he’s already phoning Siwon.
“Yak!” Eunhyuk quickly grabs Donghae’s phone to end the call.  But apparently Siwon already answers the phone.
“End it!”
“Hello?” asks Siwon.
“Beep!” the sound of Eunhyuk ending the call.  “Gosh!  Hae, what the hell do you think you’re doing!  You forget how they fought in Japan because Yesung hyung fell ill?”
“Omo!  I forgot!” Donghae suddenly hits his own forehead.  “Stupid.  Stupid Hae!”
Ryeowook shakes his head.  “Siwon hyung interrogated me when Yesung hyung accompanied me to décor a wedding, I’m kinda afraid of him!”
“Kids, kids, what’s the matter?” Hyesung butts in.  “I think his husband needs to know about his condition?”
The three younger men smile sheepishly.
Right at the moment, Donghae’s phone rings.  Everyone stares at the screen terrified.  Siwon calls Donghae back.  Of course.
“Kyaaa!  What to do now?!” Eunhyuk squirms, still holding his boyfriend’s phone.
“We’re dead meat,” Ryeowook runs away when Eunhyuk almost passes the phone to him.
“Aigo, Kids.  Give it to me!” All the boys hail at Hyesung’s voice.  How fortunate that he’s here!  He grabs the phone from Eunhyuk’s hand and quickly presses answer.
“Hae, what happened?  Why did you call?” Siwon’s voice is loud enough that Hyesung puts away the phone from his ear in surprise.
“Siwon-ssi?  It’s me, Hyesung, the owner of a bakery next door,” quickly Hyesung handles the situation like a professional.
“Omo, what happened?” Siwon’s instant reaction is a high-pitched voice.
“You don’t need to worry, really.  Yesung is just a bit… warm.”
“Warm?  Omo, is my husband sick?  I’ll go there immediately!” apparently Siwon closes the line without thinking, clearly the phone call has ruined his day.
Hyesung gives Donghae’s phone back to the gaping owner.  “Was he always like that?” he shakes his head and holding back a smile.  “So sweet, panicking over the slightest things!” his voice turns dreamily.
“What, Hyung?” Ryeowook asks curiously.
“He’s coming boys!”
The four of them then busily prepare many things to treat Yesung.  Actually the shop has to be closed at 4, the “CLOSE” sign is also being put.  But upon seeing many people inside, customers keep on coming.  Donghae is in charge of the customers, as a punishment for his action.
Ryeowook prepares wet cloth and warm water to put on Yesung’s forehead while Eunhyuk and Hyesung prepare a pillow and a blanket.  Luckily Hyesung has them in his store.
In less than 10 minutes, Siwon enters the shop in a hurry, with a depressed face.  “Where’s he?” he asks before his eyes finally find Yesung asleep on the sofa under a warm blanket.  “Baby!”
“Shhh, he’s asleep, don’t you see?” Hyesung holding his laughter seeing Siwon.
“Ah, let me see,” Siwon then checks Yesung’s temperature using the back of his hand.  “Oh thank God, it’s not as bad as what I think…”
“Shin Hyesung,” the oldest reaches out his hand.
“Choi Siwon… Oh?” Siwon seems surprised.  “So you… are Shin Hyesung?”
“Yes… I bet Yesung talked about me a lot, judging your reaction of my name…”
Siwon takes a careful look of the man in front of him.  He’s the same type as Yesung, actually.  Innocent expression, cute eyes, small face, petite body, and even the same apple hair.  Only Hyesung is a lot older than Yesung…
So this is the guy that turns my father to a dumbstruck fool in love, Siwon thinks.  Not bad, Father.  He’s so pretty for his age.
“Eh, yes… he told me a lot about you,” Siwon smiles sheepishly.  “So,” Siwon’s looking for Ryeowook.  “Why is my husband not awaken by all the commotion?” he glances at Donghae and two customers who are busy telling them the design they want for their wedding.
“He’s been asleep for more than 4 hours,” instead of the terrified Ryeowook, Hyesung jumps in.
“Oh, again?” Siwon cautiously kneels beside his husband to caress his hair.
“Yes.  Siwon-ssi, if I might ask, is Yesung not getting enough sleep at home so that he’s exhausted like this?” Hyesung asks solemnly.
“Eh?” Siwon didn’t expect the question.  “Hm, we usually go to bed at 9, and Yesung usually sleeps at 10,” he answers.  “Is that not enough?  He awakes everyday at 6.”
“But not every day he has a nap that takes forever.”
“Yes, he doesn’t like to take a nap, it’s a waste of time, he said.”
“Maybe he didn’t sleep well, last night?”
That reminds Siwon of last night.  He didn’t even know at what time did Yesung actually goes to sleep, or whether the pregnant man had to sleep at all.  All he knows is that Yesung went to bed not too long after himself.  But what if the pregnant man couldn’t sleep, since he’s thinking about Siwon and Eric?
“Hmm…” Siwon hesitates to tell everyone about last night.  For sure, he hopes last night’s argument is not the cause of Yesung being slightly ill.   He really doesn’t know what to say. 
He was saved by the stirs of his husband in his sleep.  Everyone’s focusing instantly on him.
Ryeowook adjusts the cloth on Yesung’s forehead and Siwon can’t take his eyes off of how pale and tired Yesung’s face is. 
“Honestly, we… we kind of argued last night,” Siwon can’t help it anymore.  The guilt eats him upon seeing his husband’s state. 
Hyesung and Ryeowook gasp. 
“So I left him alone, I-I went to bed alone ahead of time…” Siwon pauses, caressing his husband’s cheek.  “Of course I made sure he drank his milk but yeah,” he flushes, looking at the other people in the room to see their reactions.  “I didn’t even know whether he was sleeping in time or not.”
Hyesung shakes his head.  “Was that a serious argument?”
Siwon tears his stare off of a bunch of lilies across the room.  “Yes, and I knew Yesung would over thinking it…”
“Goodness, and now my baby lost sleep so that he’s exhausted, because you two fought?”
Siwon doesn’t answer.  He prays so that Yesung would awake at the moment and smiling at him saying ‘I’m okay’ as usual.  But no, Yesung just keeps on sleeping and he breathes heavily in his sleep.
“I know you feel guilty as hell, but still I’m unimpressed, Siwon-ssi.  How could you left Yesung alone?  He’s not a child of course, but just so you know, pregnancy could make us hella sensitive,” Hyesung judges Siwon with an annoyed expression on his face.  “He might be feeling worse than anything to see you mad at him.”
“Hyung,” Ryeowook elbows Hyesung, feels uncomfortable seeing him preaching on Siwon that way.
“I know,” Siwon sighs.  “I’m at the wrong.”
At that moment, suddenly Yesung opens his eyes slowly.  Siwon gets closer to the pregnant man’s face and smiling softly at him.
“Baby,” he greets.
“Eung?” Yesung looks confused to see his husband.  His hands creep onto something in his head, and he frowns upon feeling the wet cloth on his forehead.  “Wonie, why are you here?  I’m in YStyle, right?” he says upon his eyes bump to Ryeowook.
“My Sungie baby!” Hyesung takes over Siwon’s spot, making the handsome guy slides to the side, flusters.  “Are you okay?  You’re warm, you know?” he then touches Yesung’s forehead, smiling upon realizing the temperature is already down.
“I’m… okay Hyung, just sleepy,” Yesung answers awkwardly.  His eyes darted on his husband.  “Wonie?” he calls with a hoarse voice.  “Why are you here?”
“He’s worrying about you since you slept for hours and your body’s warm!” Hyesung beats Siwon in answering.
Siwon just scratches his nape.
“Aigo, why do you worry?  I was just sleeping, Wonie,”
“But you’re warm!” Hyesung shrieks.  “You’re unhealthy!”
Yesung is taken aback by Hyesung’s reaction, and so all the people in the room.  His eyes turn into saucers.
A girl customer who happens to know Yesung personally, gasps.  “Omo, Yesung-ssi, are you okay?”
“I’m okay, really,” Yesung assures the girl and gets up to sit on the sofa.  But he catches how Siwon rolls his eyes at him.  “You don’t believe me, Wonie?!” he asks with a high-pitched voice.  “I was just sleeping and awake to all this, when I am ok?  What fever?” he appears to be so annoyed.
“Ryeowook-ah, bring a cup of hot tea, will you?” Hyesung whispers to Ryeowook, who’s shocked by Yesung’s voice.
“But you were warm, and you’ve slept for almost 5 hours, Sungie,” Siwon is also taken aback by Yesung.
“I’m okay, I feel fine, okay?  I’m not lying!  Never lied to you!”
Siwon sighs.  It’s like a déjà vu, their Japanese holiday was also ruined this way.
“Here, hot tea,” Hyesung gets the tea from Ryeowook and gives it to Yesung.
“Why is everyone so dramatic?” Yesung rejects the tea and swat it away. 
He totally surprises Hyesung.  The older had never seen the sweet baby that is his neighbor being so angry before.  “If you feel okay, fine.  I was just worried because of your fever a few hours ago.  I didn’t mean to be overdramatic at all.”
Yesung apparently realizes that his words just now had pierced the elder’s heart.  “I’m sorry, Hyung…  I didn’t mean it that way…” he apologizes.  The pregnant man also looks at his husband, who is just looking down and being silent.  “Wonie, sorry… you’d better go home,” he says, reaching for Siwon’s hands.
Just then, Donghae turns on the lights of the shop.  Yesung, once again looks confused.  He just realizes that the sky outside is starting to get darker.
“What time is it, by the way?” he asks everyone.
“5.45 pm,” answers Eunhyuk after looking at the clock.
“Omo, I don’t know how long I have slept,” Yesung murmurs.
“That’s among the reason why I was worried,” Hyesung gets up from his position.  “Don’t take it easy when people worried about you.”
“You’re right, Hyung.  Sorry for calling everyone dramatic.”
A few minutes later Yesung is safely sitting beside his husband in Siwon’s car.  Yesung didn’t fight when Siwon told him he would drive him home.
“Tomorrow I will bring you to work.  I don’t want to see you drive by yourself today.  You’re tired.”
Siwon then takes Yesung to a restaurant, with Yesung’s beloved pig feet as the main menu.  Yesung eats enthusiastically since it’s been a long time since the last time he ate pig feet.
“You look so cute.  Does our Baby like it?” Siwon coos.
“Hm!” Yesung answers simply.  He takes another spoonful of pork into his mouth.
“Sungie, did you not sleep well last night?” Siwon asks casually.  Somehow the issue feels sensitive now, after Yesung’s burst out not too long ago.
As Siwon expected, Yesung looks a bit stunned and… is that hurt, painted on his face?
“Well, I kept thinking about father…” the smaller answers.  “I thought about what you said and everything… and of course, staring at your back,” Yesung adds while smiling,  he doesn’t want to make Siwon feel guilty so he jokes about it.
“Sorry about that, Baby.”
“It’s ok,” Yesung takes a piece of meat and feed Siwon.  “By the by, Wonie, I have a plan already to make Hyesung hyung meets father!”

Two weeks passed by.  Siwon bought a single bed for Yesung in the shop.  Every afternoon he has to take a nap and had Ryeowook woke him up when there’s a customer who wanted to discuss with Yesung personally.  Yesung, as promised, never work on weekends anymore.  He trusted Ryeowook fully to do the job but Yesung still did all the designing.  His loyal customers always demanded him to do that.
The couple had informed Eric of the plan they’ve thought about to let him meets Hyesung while keeping a secret from the said man.
“Hyung, tomorrow I will check on my baby,” Yesung cheerfully greets Hyesung in his bakery shop.
“Wow, really?” Hyesung jumps away from the cashier machine to talk to his favorite boy.  “Yoona, get here,” he commands a girl.  “Excuse me, Ma’am,” he apologized to the customer in front of him, and asking her to give him a clear path.
Yesung smiles, he couldn’t wait to do the USG tomorrow, and his excitement rubs off on Hyesung.
“Would you like to check on its’ genitalia?  You know, the sex?” Hyesung asks enthusiastically once they’re comfortable sitting in Yesung’s shop.
Yesung shakes his head.  “I told Siwon before that I don’t wanna know.  I want it to be a surprise once Baby is born…”
“Oh, it really would be thrilling that way.  Is Siwon agree?”
“He had to agree with me on this one.  After all, I am the one carrying Baby all around,” Yesung chuckles.  “Father too, would have no say in this matter.”
“Woah, he agreed to this?  I thought he’s quite conservative.”
“No, Siwon and I never talked to him about this, so sssst!” Yesung playfully puts a finger in front of his mouth.  “By the way, he actually had ordered a custom-made baby box for my baby, he ordered it from London, since he’s been there a lot these days,” Yesung starts to talk about Eric, focusing only on the good deeds.
Unbeknownst to Hyesung, he’s been doing this for two weeks.  He hopes Hyesung doesn’t always view Eric in a negative way.  Since, the longer Yesung knows him, Eric appears to be a good person although he always tried to act like he didn’t care.
“Ah… good for you.  So has Siwon made up with him?”
“Both of them are trying, for Baby’s sake,” Yesung starts to open a package of almonds.  Those nuts are also from Eric, he brought several packages of almonds since Yesung likes it.
“This is also from Eric, right?” Hyesung watches Yesung eating with a happy face.
“Uh-hum,” Yesung answers.  “From Paris.”
Even though Eric barely visits him anymore, he had come to their house bringing foods and asking to know what the baby needed.  Yesung is happy that Eric now appears to love the baby like the way he’s supposed to be.
“Promise me you will show me the result?” Hyesung asks again.
“Of course.  By the way, why won’t you come to my house for dinner tomorrow, Hyung?” sneakily, and carefully, Yesung gets to the plan.  “I will tell you and show you everything you want to know!”
“Really Yesung-ah?” the elder beams.  “Of course I will come!”
Mouse is trapped~” he texts Siwon right after.

Finally, the awaited day has come.  Siwon and Yesung are sitting in front of dr Minwoo, smiling happily.
“Let me see,” the doctor reads Yesung’s file.  “Fifteen weeks, and you look healthy, Yesung-ssi.  Tell me how many kilos have you gained?”
Yesung counts with his small fingers.  “2 kilos, Doc.”
“That is also healthy…”
“He will gain more weight, right Doc?” Siwon won’t let himself to be left out.  “He still seems to skinny for that huge belly.”
Yesung instinctively caresses his stomach.  Is it true that his belly has getting bigger?  He never realizes it.
“I want to recommend you to gain more weight, Yesung-ssi.  You won’t realize how quick your baby will grow down there,” dr Minwoo says.  “Soon you will feel your baby moves, and if you’re too skinny, you might feel pain.”
“Tell him about your sleeping habit, Sungie,” Siwon tells his husband.
“Doc, is taking 4 to 5 hour nap each day is good?”
Dr Minwoo frowns.  “Nap?”
“Yes, I have to take a nap every day.  It’s a must, or I would fall asleep at 7 and become cranky.  It’s like I can’t even control it, Doc.”
“Did you usually take naps before?”
Yesung shakes his head.
“Usually pregnant people have sleepless nights, uncomfortable being in almost every position…” the doctor seems confused.
“Apparently I haven’t had that.”
“And weirdly enough, Doc, he could sleep through loud noises, undisturbed at all,” Siwon butts in.
Yesung nods in agreement.  “I have never been able to hear anything during my nap.  My assistant has to shake my body to wake me up.  But my night sleep is usual.”
“Maybe your baby makes you exhausted.  It doesn’t really matter as long as you can manage to take your nap every day, and it doesn’t bother your night sleep.”
Now they’re in the USG room.  Yesung is lying down with his stomach exposed, and the image of his baby is in the monitor.
“See the legs?  They start to grow longer than the hands,” the technician points at some spots of the monitor.  “Your baby can move all of its’ joints, by now.  You wanna see?”
The couple nods happily.
The technician gets a tool that looks like a flash light.
“What’s that?” asked Siwon.
“This is a flash light.  Your baby’s eyes are still closed shut, but it could feel the beams of light, and because it can move all its’ joints already, it would move away from the light.”
“Wow!  Try it please!” Yesung is so excited.
The couple stares hopefully at the screen, which is now showing the image of their baby, no longer a dot anymore.  It’s said to be as big as an apple.  The technician turns the flash light on and points it to the position of the baby inside Yesung’s stomach.
The screen shows clearly how the lump that is their baby moves. 
“Look!” Yesung shrieks to Siwon, even when his husband also stares at the same monitor.
“Does it hurt the baby?” Siwon asks upon seeing his baby keeps on moving to avoid the light from outside.
“Of course not!  If it does, doctors elsewhere wouldn’t recommend this method,” the technician answers then stops the experiment.  The baby returns to not moving.  “It also develops its’ lungs, and once it starts the respiration on your amniotic fluid, you would feel it moves from time to time.”
“Has the kicking phase started then?” Siwon asks, hopeful.
“Not really, it’s too recent.  Maybe several weeks later.  The movement I mean would be way too weak to be called ‘kicking’.”
“Hmm…” the couple murmurs synchronically.
“So, do you want to know about the gender?”
‘”No, thank you,” Yesung answers politely, making his husband sighs in disappointment.
“I told you already, I don’t wanna know!  Nothing could change my mind!” Yesung squeals, annoyed.
The technician glances at them awkwardly.
“What if… only I know?”
“No, you musn’t.  If you know, it wouldn’t be a surprise for you, and for sure I would find out too.  So, no.”
“Alright, seems like my job here is done?  I’ll give you two a moment,” the technician seems genuinely relieved to get out of the room.
“Sungie, my father must’ve been curious, too,” Siwon says, frustrated.  He really didn’t think Yesung was serious when he said he didn’t wanna know.
“Didn’t we talk about this?” Yesung snaps. 
Oh God, Siwon thinks.  My sweet Sungie really is a raging pregnant man nowadays.


A/N: sorry if the chapter is such a mess! my hormones, this time, is to blame lol
Tags: pairing: yewon, series: miracle for us, warning: pregnant!yesung
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