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Miracle for Us Chapter 15

Title: Miracle For Us Chapter 15
Characters: Yesung, Siwon, Ryeowook, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Eric, Hyesung
Pairing: YeWon, slight!RicSyung
Genre: Mpreg!AU, Fluff
Rating: PG-15
Warning: Heavy Mpreg.
Disclaimer: Fiction.  I only own the plot and the story.
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Siwon keeps staring at Yesung with hopeful eyes when the pregnant man is stepping down from the examination bed.  He doesn’t want Siwon to help him and deliberately avoiding his husband’s gaze.  He knows how Siwon is looking at him—smiling so sweetly as if Yesung is a really cute kindergarten girl—but he also knows that Siwon is looking at him that way because he still wants to persuade Yesung to change his mind about knowing their baby’s sex.
Unfortunately, for some reasons that even Yesung himself doesn’t understand, he really doesn’t want to know his baby’s sex.  He thinks maybe it’s because he wants to keep his own excitement for this pregnancy, keeping all the mysteries in.  Imagine how surprised they will be upon knowing it while the baby is already in their arms!
“Sungie—“ Siwon calls while Yesung steps down from the examination bed all by himself.
Yesung glares and pouts hearing that. 
“Okay my darling, I will stop bothering you,” Siwon says calmly while holding his laugh.  “But just so you know, the middle button of your shirt is still unbuttoned…” his husband points at Yesung’s stomach.
Yesung looks down and buttons his shirt, pouting even more.  He always forgets about this, wearing a shirt is something that Yesung barely does since he loves to only wear casual t-shirts.  But all of his t-shirts have turned uncomfortable for his bumpy belly and since he hasn’t bought new maternity* clothes, he has to resort in wearing his formal shirts for everyday use.
“Baby, why do you have to go shopping for maternity clothes with Mimi,” Siwon grabs Yesung’s hand, walks him to the door.  “Mimi is too busy to accompany you.  Why don’t you just go with me?”
“Because you don’t care about fashion and you are so picky about prices,” Yesung mumbles.  They walk together hand-in-hand back to dr Minwoo’s room.
“But Mimi is still in Milan today, right?”
“Yeah but he will be back to Seoul tomorrow,” Yesung answers curtly. 
Siwon understands that Yesung is still in a bad mood after the baby sex’s debate so he chooses not to continue talking.  It’s best to wait till his husband’s mood got better.
Yesung sits in the car, he’s been silent for sometimes now while Siwon is checking on him from time to time while driving.  His husband seems like he’s super sleepy, judging by his red eyes and the muffled yawns.  But stubborn Yesung still holds on to his silent treatment for his husband, he won’t talk to Siwon first and is pretending to not be sleepy.  Nevertheless Siwon still knows how sleepy he is since it’s his usual nap time… 
Actually Siwon doesn’t really understand how Yesung could be so angry over the baby’s sex, why has it becomes such a big deal for him.  He really didn’t think that Yesung was being serious at first when they talked about this.  Hmm, now that Siwon thinks about it, maybe Yesung is angry more because Siwon doesn’t take his will seriously?
“Sungie,” Siwon touches Yesung’s hand softly, making the pregnant man jolts in surprise, opening his red eyes.  Apparently his husband has fallen asleep for almost about a minute.  “We’re almost arrived at the restaurant, don’t sleep just yet.”
“I wasn’t sleeping,” Yesung says defensively.  “Just thinking.”
“Alright then… just don’t close your eyes, ok?  We’ll get in trouble if you fall asleep.”
Yesung doesn’t answer but he takes out his cell phone and a few seconds later a cheerful music is playing loudly from the phone. 
“Baby?” Siwon asks in wonder.  Yesung is now moving his head left and right following the intro of the song. 
Yesung doesn’t answer, because the song has started.  He seems to be trying to hum to the song but he can’t because it’s in Japanese.  “Hmm… hmm hmm hmm…” His hands are both on his hips and he moves his torso back and forth.
“Japanese girl group song?” Siwon wonders to himself.  Is my pregnant husband… dancing?  In the few years of him knowing Yesung, he never shows any interest in any girl group, he only listens to Korean balladeers.
Suki sugite, suki sugite, suki sugi…te…” the pregnant man moves his right hand back and forth with index finger and thumb forming a gun.
Sneakily Siwon stops the car.  Smiling happily, he realizes that Yesung is too deep in his girl group trans to realize anything.  Siwon fishes his phone out from his pocket and turns on the camera to record his husband ‘dancing’.
Suki ni naru, kibouteki refrain…” Yesung sings while tilting his head left and right on his seat.
“Oh God, he is so beautiful acting like this,” Siwon smiles widely while looking at Yesung.  His phone keeps recording.  “I’m so blessed having him for all my own…”
But suddenly the beautiful creature that is Yesung realizes something’s going on.  Siwon’s smile instantly disappears when Yesung’s glare meets his eyes.
Yesung opens the car door and steps out of the car.
“Damn, he’s even madder now,” Siwon bits his lips.  He takes the key out and chases the fuming pregnant man in hurry.  “Baby…”
How surprised he is when he finds Yesung with his eyes all wet. Tears are streaming down his face. 
“Baby I’m sorry,” Siwon walks in big steps and he’s succeeding in grabbing Yesung’s hand. He pulls the pregnant man to a hug.  It’s so lucky that there is almost no one around them, apparently it’s an office complex and nobody is working on Saturdays.
“Hiks… hiks… you’re so bad!  So bad!!!” Yesung screams to Siwon’s chest.
“Ssshhh don’t cry honey, I’m really sorry…  I really didn’t mean to mock you…” Siwon caresses Yesung’s soft hair, kissing the head lovingly.
Yesung doesn’t answer, but he still sobs uncontrollably.
“My Baby, please don’t cry,” Siwon lets go of the hug and lifts Yesung’s face in the chin.  Yesung refuses to look at him, his lips pouting. Silently tears stream down elegantly on the milky white cheeks. 
A young, handsome guy walks near them from behind Yesung and looking at Siwon with judging eyes.  The stranger clearly has heard Yesung’s cry.  Then as the guy comes nearer, he stares at Yesung’s face a little too long.  He seems mesmerized by what he sees.  No wonder, because even though his eyes and cheeks are wet and his nose is so red, his skin shines even brighter and his lips are redder than ever.  So beautiful.
Siwon glares at the inappropriate stare the young man gives his husband.  The stranger’s eyes then diverted to Yesung’s stomach and Siwon can’t help but feels satisfied to see his disappointed expression.  The young guy then looks back at Siwon and give an even meaner judging eyes.  It’s like the guy is saying ‘how dare you make this beautiful guy pregnant and then make him cry?’.
Siwon sighs.  Yesung is pregnant and crying in the street, how will this make Siwon looks in the eyes of other people?
“Yesungie,” Siwon tilts Yesung’s chin so that he can’t help but looking at his eyes.  “You have to stop crying now.  I’ve already said I’m sorry like a thousand times in these few minutes.  You are an adult, if you’re angry then let’s talk about it and make it clear right here, right now.” Siwon can’t help but making his voice low and stern.
Yesung is taken aback by Siwon’s voice.  He seems to realize their situation at the moment, then wordlessly he walks back to Siwon’s car.
“I understand that you don’t wanna know about baby’s sex.  Okay, water under the bridge, I won’t ever said anything about it again.  Never again,” Siwon says once both of them are inside the car.  “I don’t know why this is so important to you, so I’m sorry if I offended you.”
“Maybe you need to really take me seriously, Siwon.  You clearly haven’t.  You just… disregard what I want from my own pregnancy.  Once I said something, I really meant it…” Yesung says, still sobbing.
Siwon doesn’t say anything for some time, he is busy thinking to make sure he doesn’t misunderstand.
“Yeah, I know what you mean… I totally thought you weren’t serious when you said that,” Siwon sighs, “I thought I still could change your mind.”
“Is it that hard to really listen?”
“Yesungah, maybe I don’t understand you because I really don’t understand your reason behind this,” Siwon touches his husband’s hand.  He holds the smaller palm and Yesung doesn’t react to it.
“I want to be surprised, that’s all.”
“But what about Baby’s clothes?  The nursery room?  How are we gonna choose the colors?”
“Newborn baby could basically wear any color.  We have to buy new clothes every few weeks, we could always choose the color later.  Baby wouldn’t know or care about the color of its room.  If the color doesn’t fit Baby, we could always repaint.  Plus, I don’t really mind any color, it’s kinda sexist, you know.”
“Yes, the thoughts that a baby boy should only wear ‘masculine’ colors like blue, black, or green and a baby girl should only wear pink or lavender is so out of date.  Anyone should be free to wear anything or any color they want…” Yesung’s jaw tightens, and just by looking at his expression anyone should be able to read that this is such an important thing for him.
“I… didn’t realize you have thought about this already.”
“My mother used to say I could wear pink if I want to.  She said it won’t change who I am inside.”
Siwon stares at his husband again.  He knows Yesung’s mother was really important for the pregnant man, she and her thoughts had made this lovely creature beside him the perfect guy he is now.  This petite guy has never stopped surprising him with his wise thoughts.  Now Siwon feels so shallow, wanting to know the sex of their baby just to be able to prepare the “right color” for it.
“You’re right, I was too shallow,” Siwon moves aside to kiss Yesung’s cheeks, surprising the pregnant man. “I’m so sorry, once again.”
“You… but you’re mocking me by recording me dancing to AKB!” suddenly Yesung glares at him and pouts again.  But this time Siwon could see the naughty glint in Yesung’s eyes.  His husband is not really mad, he’s just shy.
“If you could only see how cute you looked,” Siwon kisses the cheek again.  “Oh!  Actually you could…” Siwon takes his phone out and shows Yesung the recording.
Yesung watches himself dancing with a shy smile.  “I look so stupid.”
“What is with the girl group song anyway?  I’ve never known you listen to such thing.”
“Ryeowook watches AKB48’s videos in the shop in his every free time,” Yesung admits.  “I was curious, and it turns out their songs make me feel energetic and happy.”
“Yeah, I can see you look so happy here.  What’s the song about?  Do you understand it?”
“It’s about a teenage girl in a one-sided love.  Same old, same old.”
“The music doesn’t show it…” Siwon argues.
“I know, right?  You should’ve seen the dance,” Yesung giggles.  “It just tells us, no matter how sad or hopeless we are, we have to still be energetic.”
“You’re over analyzing a love song, that’s the Yesung I know!” Siwon shakes his head.  “But you know what?  I don’t mind if you… dance to this… very often…” Siwon says carefully.  “In the bedroom too, at night…”
“Huh, what sin did I commit to have such pervert for a husband?” Yesung moves to the left in time to avoid Siwon’s lips attacking him again.

At 7 that night, Yesung is seen deep asleep on the bed.  Meanwhile, his husband is outside, busy arranging the dining table, with Yesung’s best chinas and the food they just ordered by delivery.  In 30 minutes, Eric and Hyesung will come.  That prospect makes Siwon hums happily.  Yesung’s excitements have affected him, too.  And now even though Yesung is still asleep because he was late in taking the nap, Siwon doesn’t mind preparing all on his own.
Siwon is in the middle of his hum when he hears a ringtone playing so loudly from the bedroom.  He sprints to the bedroom to stop the ringtone, he doesn’t want Yesung to be awaken by it.
But before he even gets to the bedroom, the ringtone has stopped.  Yesung is sitting in the bed, face and hair are messy beyond believe and he’s yawning about as wide as he can.
“Baby,” Siwon calls.  “Are you alright?”
Yesung yawns once again before answering.  “Yeah… I guess?  That was my alarm, hehe,” he smiles sheepishly.
“Oh…” Siwon nods.  “So are you ready?  They’ll come in about 25 minutes.”
“I will take a shower,” almost lifelessly Yesung walks to the bathroom.
Approximately 30 minutes later Eric, Hyesung, Siwon, and Yesung have all gathered in the house’s foyer.  Eric comes first, with bottle of wine and a hesitant look on his face.  Yesung notices that his father in-law looks a bit pale and there are dark circles below his eyes.  Hyesung comes about a minute after, bringing an apple pie from his shop.  Yesung likes his apple pie so much even though he rarely bought it because of his diet.
“Hyesung ssi, I really didn’t know you would come,” Eric talks to Hyesung when they just sit down.
“Oh, Yesung didn’t tell you?” Hyesung performs a polite smile, he looks at Yesung beside him, with a questioning look.
“It’s just… more practical, to show you both my baby’s USG for the first time, at the same time,” Yesung smiles awkwardly.  “So come on in…” he quickly walks in, hoping that Hyesung won’t see how forced this all look.
The table is full with assorted Korean food, including kimchi.  Even though Yesung is still traumatized by the smell of kimchi, he couldn’t serve Korean food without it, so he will be the only one not eating it. 
The pregnant man has carefully thought about the seating arrangement, so that the main purpose of the dinner could be accomplished.  Hyesung sits in front of Eric, so that the guy’s main view is the lawyer.  The man doesn’t seem to be so excited with the prospect of dining with Yesung’s father in-law, nor did he know beforehand about Eric being there, but he just lets it pass.  It’s just normal for Yesung to invite Eric since he is his father in-law, that’s what Hyesung thinks.
“Hyung, I really miss your pie,” Yesung puts the apple pie that Hyesung brought on the kitchen island while Siwon is looking for a wine bottle opener.
“I know, it’s good for you now that you’re no longer dieting,” Hyesung smiles back. 
“Thank you!”
Yesung and Siwon deliberately prolong their preparations so that Eric could have time to be just with Hyesung in the dining table.
“So, what do you think?” Yesung pretends to help Siwon looking for something inside the cabinet. 
Siwon is standing beside him, glancing quickly at Hyesung in the table.  “Well, Hyesung ssi had scolded me before,” he lets out a bitter smile.  “I’m a little bit intimidated.”
“Poor Wonie, you got the scold because of me,” Yesung acts cute to make his husband smiles.  “But what do you think of his looks?”
“He is exceptionally beautiful for his age,” Siwon nods.  “He kinda looks like you, you know,” he whispers.
“I know, right?” Yesung walks to the dining table.  Siwon is behind him, shaking his head before opening his father’s wine.
They toast for Yesung’s baby and healthy pregnancy. 
“I want only the best for my grandchild,” Eric raises the glass of red wine.
“For Yesung to always be healthy!” Hyesung beams.
“And Baby, too!” adds Yesung, rasing his glass of juice.
“For everything to go well,” Siwon concludes. 
The dinner starts with smiles, everyone starts digging the food.  Everyone seems to be enjoying the food.  This time, Yesung doesn’t feel uneasy at all since all the foods are from a restaurant, but apparently his guests don’t know about it.
“This osam bulgogi is really delicious, Yesung-ah,” Eric compliments awkwardly.
Siwon eyes his father, he looks like he is really enjoying the food, but it’s unusual for his father to compliments other people, much less his husband.  Maybe he wants to look good in front of Hyesung ssi, Siwon thinks bitterly.
“But this…” Yesung answer awkwardly.
“I’ve heard from the people in your shop that you are a good cook, Yesungie,” Hyesung butts in, totally oblivious of everything.
Yesung looks at Siwon’s eyes, confused.  Siwon knows how much his husband was hoping that Eric would appreciate him on something, but this first ever compliment doesn’t feel right.  He nods lightly, to support Yesung.  He could read him like an opened book afterall.
“But I only bought these foods from a restaurant,” Yesung says with a small voice.  His looks so embarrassed, making Siwon wants to hug him for support.
Eric and Hyesung look surprised. 
“Why?” asks Eric, looks unimpressed.
“Ah, but I bet your cooking are even better than this, dear,” Hyesung quickly speaks, touching Yesung’s arm softly. 
Siwon can see that the only person whose opinion matters for Yesung now is his father, and Eric seems already disinterested in the topic and eats in silence.
“I can’t cook…” Yesung stutters, looking at Eric desperately.
“Yesung is not really healthy these days,” Siwon says a little bit too loud, cutting what Yesung is saying.  His tone of voice makes Eric and Hyesung tilt their head at him. 
“Really, Sungie, what happened?  Are you okay now?” Hyesung quickly looks back at Yesung.  “Is that why your eyes are swollen?”
Yesung only stares at Siwon with an unreadable expression.  He clenches his jaw and Siwon understands that his husband doesn’t like to lie to anyone.
“No, Hyung, I am perfectly healthy,” Yesung answers Hyesung.  “I can’t cook because,” Yesung pauses, he touches Eric’s upper arm, asking for his attention.  Now that Eric stares at him with a questioning look, he continues.  “Because of my cravings for salt.”
“What do you mean?” seeing how Eric is not saying anything in response, Hyesung chooses to help.  It’s his first time hearing about this, but this is somehow not too weird for Yesung.  The pregnant guy has always fitted the ‘weird’ category in Hyesung’s book.  Although he would admit that Yesung really reminds him of his own young self, when he was pregnant with his son Andy.
“I always have this excessive need to eat anything super salty, Hyung,” Yesung looks down to his plate.  “So I didn’t dare to cook for this dinner, I was afraid I might ruin all the food…”
“Father, can I talk to you for a moment?” Siwon suddenly says to Eric.  Both lawyers get up and talk privately in the kitchen counter, Siwon whispers to his father’s ear with a serious expression.
“Father, why are you treating Yesung like this?  He’s spent many times being so excited about this dinner, excited to help you!”
Eric blinks but still doesn’t answer. When he finally whispers back, his answer visibly angered Siwon.  “What did I do wrong?  I just don’t know how to response to… that.”
“I don’t know… maybe show some sympathy?” Siwon rolls his eyes sarcastically.  “This craving is really hard on Yesung, you know.”
“I didn’t know about that, did I?” Eric says defensively. 
“Do you really expect us to tell you about this?  After all this time, you treated Yesung with sarcastic comments and disrespect…?” Siwon’s expression is stern. 
Back to the table, Yesung moves restlessly.  He could only think of one thing that could make Siwon asking Eric to talk in private like this.  Yesung really hates confrontation like this.  He feels guilty, because it was his fault, being too dramatic when Eric asked a simple question.  He could just lie, he could just treat this like nothing of a big deal…  Now he’s ruining dinner, the dinner Eric has been expecting.
Hyesung is looking at Yesung sympathetically.  He knows that Yesung is sad because he failed to impress his father in-law.  After only seeing how Eric treated Yesung in the two times he’d seen him, he knows exactly how hurt Yesung has been, and how much Yesung craves for the man’s affection.
“Hyung, why are you looking at me like that?” Yesung has realized Hyesung’s stare and feels uncomfortable.
“Nothing,” Hyesung quickly says.  “You… you look glowing, Sungie.  Pregnancy must agrees with you,” he smiles. 
“Ah come on, Hyung…” Yesung forces a smile.  “That’s because I just took a shower like ten minutes ago.”
Yesung just finished talking when Eric and Siwon are back to the table.  The atmosphere of the table turns cold and awkward.
“Yesung-ah, I actually really want to eat your food again,” Eric opens up a conversation, hesitantly. 
Yesung lifts his face.  He knows Eric is trying to better their situation.
“I’ve always loved your food in the past…” Eric smiles groggily since everyone are looking at him.
“I… don’t know, Father…” Yesung replies weakly, playing with his chopsticks absent-mindedly.
“Baby, you have me.  I could always accompany you like usual, right?” Siwon steps in.  as he is talking, he shoots his father a glare, and it forces Eric to continue.
“Anytime you’re ready, Yesung-ah.  I’m sure you could overcome this…. Believe in yourself.”
“Ah… okay Father.  I will try harder,” Yesung replies with an uncertainty in his tone.
Siwon smiles hearing that.  Hyesung sees how handsome Siwon is, moreover when he’s smiling, his dimples are showing and he stares at his husband like the most precious thing in the world.
“Wow, Siwon ssi, you are really handsome,” Hyesung compliments him, subconsciously.  “Yesung-ah, you are so lucky…”
How Hyesung is relieved when he finally sees Yesung smiles at him sincerely.
“Thank you Hyesung ssi…” Siwon says awkwardly.  But then he sees how happy Yesung is because of what Hyesung said.  “Yes Yesung is so lucky to have me, the most perfect husband anyone could have asked for…”
“But look at him, he is too proud of himself…” Yesung finally adds in a cheerful manner.
“Siwon is so lucky to have you, Yesung-ah,” suddenly Eric butts in.  “You are so nice.  You are even nice to me, when I was rude to you…”
Yesung is so surprised hearing what Eric says that a single tear runs down his cheek.  He doesn’t say anything but smiling to his father in-law so sweetly that the older man appears to be petrified.
“Siwon ex-explained everything… you have done so much for me… I’m so grateful, that he-he has you…” Eric continues, stuttering awkwardly.  His face has completely reddened.  Never before in his life he talks this sweetly to anybody, except, maybe Siwon’s mother.
Siwon comes to Yesung’s back and hugs him from behind his chair.  “Sungie, darling, your wishes has been granted.  My father has accepted you and our Baby,” Siwon whispers to Yesung’s ear and kisses the red cheek.
Eric abruptly stands up, surprising everybody in the room.  Yesung is looking at him cautiously, apparently afraid that his father in-law has changed his mind about him.  How surprised Yesung is when Eric calls his name.
“Yesungie, my son in-law, come here.”
Siwon looks at his startled husband, expecting him to run to Eric but Yesung just asks weakly, to no one in particular but Siwon can only hears it. “Is Father alright?”
“Yes, yes, baby he just wants to hug you,” Siwon quickly says when he sees Eric seems discouraged by Yesung’s reaction to his approach.
And now Siwon feels like all his dreams has come true.  The two most precious people in his life are hugging each other, with his baby inside his pregnant husband.  He can’t help but joins the hug.

A/N: I’m sorry this chapter is so boring! I have forced myself hard to write this, because I kinda lost all my motivation in writing.  It’s just… the lack of English yewon fic has made my writing capability duller and duller.
A/N: Yesung loves to wear oversized t-shirts these days, so I got inspired to continue this since he looks so much pregnant in several photos.  Seriously he is so beautiful with those kinds of clothes, I just can’t T____T
A/N: everyone please give me critics about this fic.  Not in the kind of “I’m anti mpreg” way, but in things like: 1) do I make yesung’s character here annoying, too spoiled & too irrational? 2) is Siwon too much in pampering Yesung?  3) do I make yesung too feminine here? As in he’s the one who loves to cook, cries too much, etc?  4) * should I use the term “paternity” instead of “maternity”? I really wish for your feedback my dear readers! *bow*
Tags: pairing: yewon, series: miracle for us, siwon, warning: pregnant!yesung, yesung
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