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Miracle for Us Chapter 16

Title: Miracle For Us Chapter 16
Characters: Yesung, Siwon, Zhoumi, Heechul
Pairing: YeWon, slight!RicSyung
Genre: Mpreg!AU, Fluff
Rating: PG-15
Warning: Heavy Mpreg.
Disclaimer: Fiction.  I only own the plot and the story.

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Yesung and Zhoumi walk down the mall’s atrium.  The two best friends are chatting animatedly while eating an ice cream cone each.  As usual, Zhoumi is always so stylish, rocking his Prada shoes and skinny jeans that looks so expensive while Yesung is wearing a formal shirt, untucked, and that is visibly too big for his lithe body.  He has to roll the sleeves up.
“Your shirt looks like a gown on you, Yeye,” Zhoumi checks their reflection on a shiny window of a store.
Yesung stops walking to see his own reflection too.  “Yeah, this is Siwon’s shirt.”
“Definitely looks good.  You know, like when you wear a guy’s shirt after sex and you feel sexy as fuck.”
Yesung rolls his eyes hearing his best friend.  “Siwon likes me in this.”
“And your black skinny is so magnificent.”
“I tore these by myself…” Yesung shows Zhoumi several torn parts of the jeans he’s wearing.
Zhoumi looks closely at the pants that Yesung is using and then whistles teasingly.  “Exposing our milky white thighs aren’t we?  Does Siwon know about this?”
“He’s gonna kill me once he sees me wearing this… But he’d be damned,” Yesung licks his ice cream indifferently.  But he quickly looks back to watch his best friend’s expression.  “What do you think?  Is this looking good?” the pregnant man asks anxiously.  He really regards Zhoumi’s sense of fashion highly, since the tall guy has a boutique of his own and he’s the best dressed man Yesung has ever known.
Zhoumi gives him a judging look from top to toe and back again, making Yesung feels more anxious.  “Yeah, I like it.  Fits you really well.  You look like a sexy, yet innocent kitten.”
“Ugh you make it sounds so dirty!” Yesung glares at Zhoumi but he’s blushing nonetheless.  “By the way, the shopkeeper is annoyed by us hogging her window, so come on, let’s go.”
They have arrived at a boutique which is owned by a friend of Zhoumi, “PAPArazzi”.  This boutique especially offers any kind of pregnancy clothes for men.
“How cute,” Yesung gawks at a wall-sized poster of a topless father with great muscle and sunglasses who is embracing a guy with a huge belly wearing a dark blue loose t-shirt with “Expecting Papa” written on it in with.
“You and Siwon are pretty much looking like them, you know.  You both even look better…” a voice is interrupting Yesung’s thought.  Zhoumi is waiting for him to get into the shop.  “Come on, Ye, I’m afraid Heechul hyung is not gonna be here for long,” he says to his best friend.
So Yesung and Zhoumi enter the boutique, and Yesung is really curious to meet Zhoumi’s friend Heechul.  Zhoumi thinks of Heechul as his role model since they’ve been friends since they were little and Heechul was the one who introduced Zhoumi to fashion.
And there in front of the counter stands a man with shoulder-length hair.  He is talking with the cashier of the shop and even from behind, this guy looks so… classy?  Looks like all the clothes on his body are branded and super expensive, Yesung is getting more curious.
“Chullie hyung!” Zhoumi calls cheerfully.  The guy looks back and Yesung is amazed at how beautiful this man is. His lips are naturally pinky and thick, his eyes are big and have this shine in them.
“Mimi-ya!” Heechul hugs Zhoumi with a huge smile on his face.  “My Hanchullie is missing his uncle Mimi, you know.  You have to visit me more often!” he points at a bright red baby stroller not far from them.  Yesung can see a little baby is sleeping peacefully inside.
“I just got back from Paris, Hyung.  Crazily busy these days,” Zhoumi explains.  Then he seems to remember something.  “I bring Yesungie with me!  He’s 15 weeks pregnant,” Yesung steps closer while Zhoumi presents him to the boutique owner.
“Hello, Heechul-ssi, I’m Yesung,” he bows politely.
“Heechul, nice to meet you,” Heechul nods his head.  “Is everything healthy?” the guy points at Yesung’s stomach politely.
“Fortunately yes,” Yesung beams. “Today I want to buy some clothes.  I’ve been waiting for this moment!”
“Yes, Hyung, you gotta help him.  He’s wearing his husband’s shirt, you know,” Zhoumi adds to Heechul.
“Yah, I feel like I’ve seen you before,” Heechul observes Yesung, apparently not hearing the things that Zhoumi said. “Hmm, let me think…”
Yesung looks at Zhoumi, confused.  His best friend instead, starts walking away to the baby stroller and crouching in front of it to ogle at the baby inside.
“Ah… I remember!  I saw you in the hospital once!  That time when I was 9 months pregnant and cries easily like a monster,” Heechul smiles, proud of himself.
“Eh… really?” Yesung smiles awkwardly.
“Yeah!  I was crying and I remember your husband—I assume?—was looking at me with a terrified look on his face…”
“Oh, really?” Yesung repeats, feeling stupid.
“You two looked so good together so I remember you,” Heechul looks so happy.  “Your husband is so handsome.”
“Yes… he is,” Yesung blushes.
Yesung feels embarrassed that he doesn’t remember about seeing Heechul at all, and he’s so surprised when said man suddenly pinches his cheeks.
“You are so cute,” Heechul beams, smiling at him adoringly.  “So come on, I know exactly what will looks good on you!”
Heechul takes Yesung to a rack full of clothes hanged neatly.  “What do you think of… this?” he says, taking out a white shirt with blue in the back, with “88” written on it.  The back has an extension so it could cover the bottom of anyone wearing it (a/n: the t-shirt Yesung wore in a super camp recently).  “This is really good when you feel like your buttocks have gotten out of control…” the boutique owner shoves the hanger to Yesung’s hands.
“Hmm…” Yesung hasn’t had a chance to answer when Heechul pulls out another top.
“This thin white shirt is so cute with this pink accent,” (a/n: the shirt Yesung wore in “Magic” MV) Heechul shoves it to Yesung’s hand.  “And this, is my personal favorite,” he quickly pulls a huge white blouse with black stripes (a/n: the one Yesung wore after Yegit).  He then puts the blouse in front of Yesung’s body, trying to picture how would the pregnant man looks in it.  “Yap, you will definitely rock this.”
After only 20 minutes, Yesung ends up with about 20 blouses, t-shirts, or shirts for pregnancy.  He has to sit down to sort it out with Zhoumi and Heechul chatting happily beside him.  Actually Yesung likes almost all of the clothes of the boutique owner’s choice, but he just can’t buy 20 maternity tops at once.  He can already imagine how Siwon will be shocked… he smiles to himself.
“Why are you smiling to yourself?” Zhoumi asks.  Heechul is embracing his baby boy Hanchul, feeding him milk from a bottle.
“I imagine what would Siwon say if I bought all of these at once,” Yesung smiles again.  “He’ll get a heart attack for sure.”
“Why would he?  He loves to pamper you, Sungie.  Plus, you’re using your own money,” his best friend shakes his head.
Yesung is thinking about what Zhoumi said when a whine is heard.  Hanchul, the two-month old baby is unhappy about something. 
“What happened to Hanchul?” Zhoumi asks in wonder.
“Ah, he doesn’t like drinking his milk while I’m sitting down.  I have to stand up,” Heechul gets up, muttering white noises to his baby.  “I know, I know… Yeah Chul-ah Papa’s so sorry,” he gawks at the bundle in his arms.
“OMG, babies are scary,” Zhoumi pouts.  But a millisecond later he looks at Yesung with a sorry expression.
“I just can’t wait to have one of my own,” Yesung looks amazed.  “Heechul ssi looks the most beautiful when he talks to Hanchul like that.”
“Uh, yeah, of course,” Zhoumi can’t say anything else but to agree.  “But Yeye you haven’t gotten any pregnancy underwear yet.  Go pick some, over there,” he quickly points to another side of the boutique.
In only 5 minutes the underwear had been chosen and now he and Zhoumi are busy choosing some pregnancy jeans and formal pants.  Heechul is still busy with his baby so he can’t accompany them, but his assistant is there to help them.
“You can wear pants for days before having to wash it, so I think buying 5 with different colors is enough…” Zhoumi says. 
“Plus, don’t wear anything too tight, you don’t wanna get cellulites do you?” the sassy assistant whose name is Key adds.
“Huh?  I can get cellulites?” Yesung is gaping at the new information.
“Of course,” Key stares at Yesung with a judging look.  “In your thighs, stomach, even your buttocks, it’s natural,” somehow the guy looks so happy saying it.
“What a bitch,” Zhoumi whispers to Yesung’s ear, sneering at Key.
“Gosh, I think Siwon must’ve known about it.  Dr Minwoo must’ve said it before…” Yesung mutters.  He looks regretful for not paying full attention during his check-ups.
They are back to the sofa where Yesung’s tops are left and start really seriously sorting them out. 
“I chose mainly white for you, Yesung-ssi, because I don’t know, you will really glow in white,” Heechul lifts another white blouse with ‘Daddies Love Me’ written with an arrow pointing down to the stomach.  “Do you like this?”
“It looks a bit… tacky,” Zhoumi says.
“Yes, I don’t think I really like it,” Yesung takes it from Heechul and puts it down.
At the end, Yesung ends up with 5 white tops of Heechul’s choice and 7 of other, various colors chosen by himself.  He in particular loves a magenta-colored shirt with a Sabrina neckline.  Zhoumi and Heechul even teased that his neck and collar bone are out of this world and that Siwon would instantly drool seeing him in that.
“This is magnificent,” Zhoumi says sarcastically while they are on the escalator.  He brings with him about 5 shopping bags in each hand while Yesung carries only two bags.  Heechul insisted that Yesung does not need to carry much because he’s pregnant.
They get into a restaurant and eat while chatting. 
“Father didn’t appear to be too happy with my decision of not knowing Baby’s gender, but he still smiled at me… making me feel guilty instead.”
“Don’t be,” Zhoumi says before sipping his coke.  “You don’t live only to please him.  Remember that, Yeye.”
“Yeah… I know,” Yesung plays with his food before eating a full spoon.  “I’m just not used to him being this nice to me yet.”
“Yesung?” a guy suddenly approaches their table, shocking both Yesung and Zhoumi.  “You are… Yesung, right?”
Yesung looks at the stranger confused.  Zhoumi on the opposite side of the table is looking at the two guys before he asks, “Excuse me, do we know you, Sir?”
The approaching guy doesn’t seem to be able to tear his eyes from Yesung.  He stares at the pregnant guy in awe.
“I’m Kibum, Kim Kibum!” the stranger says excitedly to Yesung.  “We were… in high-“
“Omo, Bummie?” Yesung cuts the man in shock.  “Kibummie?”
“Yes!” the Kibum guy exclaims.  “Yesung-ah, long… long time no see.”
“Ah, yes,” Yesung smiles.  “How are you?” he stands up from his seat to greet Kibum.
But Kibum’s face freezes when he sees Yesung’s stomach.  The guy takes a step back, apparently involuntarily, and stares in shock.  “You… you’re pregnant.”
“Oh,” Yesung looks down at his own stomach.  “Yeah, I am.”  There’s a slight change of tone in his voice.
Kibum looks at Yesung’s ring finger and smiled bitterly seeing a silver diamond ring there.  “You’re married,” he states, not asking.
“Yes,” Yesung answers curtly.
“Excuse me I need to go to the bathroom,” Zhoumi suddenly gets up and walks away.
Both Yesung and the stranger barely notice Zhoumi as they are still looking at each other in a meaningful manner.
“When are you back, you know, from America?” Yesung says with somehow a colder tone.
Kibum doesn’t answer right away.  He’s looking at Yesung with an empty expression that one could barely read.  “About a week ago,” he answers.
“Nice to know,” Yesung smiles a little and sits back down in his chair.
“How long have you been… married?” Kibum quickly says.  “Are you… happy?”
“Less than a year,” Yesung answers.  “I am perfectly happy.”
“I was late,” Kibum says with a sad expression.  “I really didn’t know it would be like this…”
“Kibum-ah, please,” Yesung shakes his head.  “It has passed.”
“Leaving you is my biggest mistake, Yesungie.  I’ve never stop regretting it,” Kibum rubs his face with his palms.  “And now you’re here, looking too beautiful to be true…”
“Kibum-ah, stop, please,” Yesung looks away, trying to hide his emotions.
“If only I didn’t leave you…”
“You’d better go, Bummie,” Yesung says with the strongest determination he could muster.  “Please forget me,” he gets up, looking down to the floor.  Trying for Kibum to not see his face.
“Okay, then,” Kibum clears his throat and smiles weakly.  “Can I, uhm, hug you? For old times’ sake?”
Yesung doesn’t answer.
“Fine, take care, Yesung-ah,” Kibum acts as if he wants to touch Yesung’s hand but he doesn’t do it.  He just gulps and leaves the pregnant man standing there alone.
“You too…” Yesung looks at the back of the man who’s walking away, so low that no one hears it but himself.
Yesung has been sitting alone for about ten minutes when finally Zhoumi comes back from the ‘bathroom’.  The pregnant man doesn’t resume his eating, instead he’s just sitting there looking at nothing in particular.
“Yeye,” Zhoumi calls softly when he finally sits down in front of his best friend.  “You have to eat.”
“I don’t like the food,” Yesung lies.
“Then order another menu, okay.  I will wait,” Zhoumi calls a waiter to give them another menu.
“I don’t want to eat anything, Mi.”
“You have to eat.  For your baby, remember?” Zhoumi then smiles politely to the waiter.  “We’ll order later,” he says, then the waiter left them with the menu.
Yesung’s phone rings at the same moment.  Of course it’s Siwon, he wants to know how the shopping went.
“I got everything, Wonie.  Now I’m about to eat.  I’ll see you later at home, okay?” Yesung speaks so fast to the phone.  He abruptly ends the call right away.
Zhoumi’s looking at his best friend knowingly.  “Sungie, this, I think you’re gonna like it.  Grilled short rib steak!  Looks really delicious!” he smiles in hope to better promote the dish to the solemn pregnant man.  “This is really popular in this restaurant.  You have to try.”
“I don’t wanna,” Yesung is being stubborn.
“Oh then eat your bibimbap now.  Come on.”
“Mi, we’d better get back, I’m sleepy already,” Yesung gets up and is preparing to leave with all the bags.
Zhoumi rolls his eyes then he grabs the pregnant man’s right hand, effectively stopping him from walking away.  “Stop being immature.  Eat.”
“You don’t have the right to make me eat,” Yesung’s nostrils flare in anger.
“Then what am I suppose to tell your husband?  That you lost your appetite because you met your ex from high school?”
Yesung’s expression softens instantly.  He even appears to be terrified of Zhoumi.  “Please, don’t tell him… Mi…”
“So eat,” the tall best friend forces Yesung back to his seat and watches with hawk eyes as the pregnant man hesitantly starts to eat his food.
Yesung’s eyes are filled with fresh tears as he eats.  His nose is so red but he’s so determined not to cry in front of Zhoumi.  Being threatened was shameful enough, Yesung doesn’t want Zhoumi to know that his encounter with Kibum has left him heartbroken even though he appears to know about it already, and with Siwon calling him, everything is getting worse.
“I won’t tell Siwon anything, Ye.  I’m sorry I had to threaten you like that,” Zhoumi opens a conversation while also resuming his eating.
“I know you won’t.” Yesung says while trying to add more doenjang to his bowl.
“So, how are you feeling now?  You are my best friend, you can’t hide anything from me, you know.”
“Kibum was my boyfriend for three years.  How do you think I am feeling?” Yesung shoves a large spoonful of bibimbap into his mouth angrily.
“You… you’re not regretting marrying Siwon, are you?” Zhoumi sounds terrified.
Yesung finishes chewing and looks at his best friend in anger.  “Of course not!  Do you think that low of me?”
“Please open up to me.  Since you saw him you look depressed.  That’s not good for your pregnancy.”
Yesung stabs the food inside his bowl using his chopstick absent-mindedly.  After a long time of silence, he answers, “I just… just pity him.  He looked so sad.  You know, he didn’t want to leave for America in the first place.  He had to.”
“I know…” Zhoumi says supportively.  He’s heard the story before, but it’s clear that Yesung needs to talk to someone about it and who else could Yesung opens up to about this?
“Because his father passed away, he had to live with his uncle and aunt in America after high school.  I can’t blame him that he had to leave me…” Yesung is really crying now, tears are streaming down his cheeks and he wipes them harshly.
“But he just came back to Korea after how many years?  Eight years, Ye.  If he had intended to be with you, he would’ve come back sooner,” Zhoumi tries to make sense.
“I know… Mi, I know.  But… seeing him looking so sad just…just made me feel guilty,” Yesung stops eating and crying while burying his face in his palms.


Siwon is surprised to find all the bags of Yesung’s newly purchased clothes inside their bedroom when he got home.  The said man is still taking a nap peacefully, his face looks incredibly tired.
“Hmm… I wonder how many things he bought,” Siwon mutters.  He remembers Mimi as a shopaholic and he is suspicious that the guy had succeeded in persuading Yesung to buy too any things.
Usually Yesung would naturally awake at 5, so Siwon chooses to watch TV while waiting for his husband to wake up.  Just a few minutes after the 5 o’clock news starts, Yesung walks out from the bedroom looking so tired.  He sits beside Siwon on the sofa and snuggles to his husband’s embrace.
“Hmm, my cute kitten,” Siwon kisses Yesung’s messy hair.
“Wonie, hug me,” Yesung buries his head in Siwon’s chest.
Siwon complies happily.  “So, how was the shopping?”
“I bought 12 tops,” Yesung answers lazily from Siwon’s chest.  “And 5 pants, and countless underwears.”
“Huh, 12?  Isn’t that too much?” Siwon frowns.  “You can still wear some of your old baggy t-shirts right?”
“You don’t understand,” Yesung lets go of the hug, pouting cutely.  “Heechul-ssi picked me so many gorgeous tops.  You will know.”
“Show me, then.”
The couple unpacks the shopping bags, and Yesung has to try the tops one by one.  Siwon only smiles appreciatively to some of  Heechul’s choices, but he is visibly mesmerized when Yesung wears the magenta blouse with Sabrina neckline.
“So, like what you see?” teases Yesung.
“Pretty much,” Siwon pretends to not really be impressed, but his eyes just can’t leave Yesung’s neck and collar bone.
Yesung smiles naughtily.  “The vivid color contrasted so nicely with my milky white skin.  This neckline exposes my collar bone, shoulders, and neck…”
“Come here,” Siwon pulls Yesung to the bed and starts kissing the collar bone.
Yesung enjoys his husband’s attention while assuring himself, that this is where he belongs.  With Siwon and their baby.  They’ll live happily ever after and not an ex is able to ruin this for them.


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