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Miracle for Us Chapter 17

Title: Miracle For Us Chapter 17
Characters: Yesung, Siwon, Ryeowook, Donghae, Eunhyuk
Pairing: YeWon, slight!EunHae
Genre: Mpreg!AU, Fluff
Rating: PG-15
Warning: Heavy Mpreg.
Disclaimer: Fiction.  I only own the plot and the story.

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Yesung is in the kitchen, pouring some boiled water into two cups of chamomile tea.  He adds a small amount of honey to one cup and more honey to the other.  He’s stirring the drink when he hears someone is trying to get into the house.
The pregnant man carefully brings the tea to the family room, and right after he has placed the last cup on the table, his husband enters the room.
“Wonie,” Yesung smiles sweetly while blinking his eyes cutely and stretching out his hands.  He’s asking his husband to hug him.
“My kitten,” Siwon throws himself into Yesung’s embrace.  “Hmm… you’re all the relief I need,” Siwon says softly, sniffing his husband’s hair.
Yesung lets go of the hug and takes Siwon’s hand to bring the taller man to sit in the sofa.  His eyes never leave his husband’s face.  Tonight, Siwon looks so exhausted and troubled.  The handsome face is sagged, there are two horrible eye bags and his lips are so pale.  The pregnant man then progresses to take off the lawyer’s black suit, and after he runs his hands to Siwon’s neck tie, trying to loosen it while the said man is leaning helplessly to the back of the sofa.
Finishing with the neck tie, the pregnant man caresses his husband’s hair and Siwon closes his eyes to enjoy it.
“You need some rest,” Yesung says.  “I’ve made you chamomile tea.  Now go shower, it’ll be warm enough when you’re finished.”
Siwon gets up and kisses Yesung’s head before going to their bedroom.
After his husband left, Yesung lets out a sigh.  He opens his phone and in the main screen there’s a small reminder note.  “16th week^^” is written in that note.  God knows how much he and his husband have been waiting for the important week, but apparently He has other plans for the young couple.
Siwon has been really busy since the beginning of the week.  There’s a new client, a huge automotive company from the USA and as far as Yesung knows, Siwon is handling this new deal as the head.  It’s Siwon’s first time in handling a huge foreign client, and Yesung completely understands that he’s got to be proud for his husband for this achievement, but the toll that deal takes almost kills the father of his baby.  Every day the young lawyer went home at almost midnight, only to rush back to his office at 7 in the morning to arrange everything. 
He misses how Siwon would touch him.  How his taut muscles spasm on top of him.  His hot breaths against his neck, his torso, then went down and down…  How tender their every make love session was.
But Yesung can’t be selfish, right?  Siwon barely has time for himself, he could barely eat his lunch and dinner every day.  He also has trouble sleeping from anxiety.  Even in his rushed breakfast time sometimes Siwon brings out his documents to the table to make sure everything is perfect.  The best Yesung can do is be a good husband, in listening to Siwon’s stories, massaging his spent body, and preparing nutritious food for breakfast every morning.
“Baby, what are you thinking about?” Siwon’s soft voice pulls Yesung out from his train of thoughts.  The handsome lawyer is already clad in sapphire blue pajama that Yesung had prepared on the bed before, matched with his own.
Yesung feels like he’s caught red handed.  He shakes his head while smiling half-heartedly, “Nothing,” and quickly turns his phone’s screen off before his husband could see what’s written on it. 
Siwon takes the seat beside him and leans on his husband’s narrow shoulder. 
“Wonie, drink your tea,” Yesung rubs his head to Siwon’s, making him giggle.
“I just want to stay like this for a minute, Sungie.  Please,” Siwon sounds so weak.
So Yesung lets Siwon leans on his shoulder, while his own head is leaning to his husband’s top of head.  Both are staying quiet until he could hear Siwon’s soft breaths.  The sound of the clock on the wall is the only thing that pierces the comfortable silence. 
Yesung iss about to close his eyes absentmindedly.  No wonder, it’s only five minutes before midnight, and Siwon’s body heat really gives him comfort.  But a soft touch on his bumpy belly kind of sober him up.
“How are my beloved husband and Baby feeling today?  Was everything alright with the two of you?” Siwon asks with a low voice, but Yesung could hear that the guy’s voice tone is a bit lighter than when he first got home.
He puts his way smaller hand on top of Siwon’s hand over his stomach and answers, “We are fine!  What about Daddy?”
Instead of answering, Siwon lifts his head from leaning on Yesung’s shoulder.  He sits up straight on his seat and turns his body facing Yesung.  To Yesung’s relief, Siwon is smiling, showing him his dimples.  The pregnant man can’t help but poking the dimples with his index fingers.
“The preparation is almost over, Sungie.  All contracts have been drafted.  Our team is ready to present the work to this potential client soon!” Siwon grabs Yesung’s hands and kisses them.
Yesung feels his lips are lifted up automatically, mimicking his husband’s happy face.  “Really?  So when will the presentation be?”
How surprised Yesung is when Siwon’s face turns darker.  “To be completely honest, I still have no idea, Baby,” Yesung swears his husband is pouting right now.  The young lawyer frowns and pouts, looking a little devastated, but he changes his expression a second later.  “But it’s not a problem.  I’m gonna calm down for a while.  Maybe tomorrow I don’t have to go home so late…”
“Oh, yes, you definitely should relax a bit, Dear,” Yesung tousles his husband’s hair.  “Tomorrow is already Friday.  This weekend you can just enjoy your life.  Forget work.”
“I hope so,” Siwon says, beaming.  Then his eyes catch the sight of his chamomile tea.  Yesung has kept it hot by putting a lid on the cup.  He grabs the tea, opening the lid and sniff the hot beverage’s scent.
“Hope it’s still hot,” Yesung mimics his husband.  His tea with less honey still feels hot in his hand.
“Hmmm, so much honey, the way I like it,” Siwon appreciatively caresses Yesung’s upper arm.
“I don’t understand you and sugar in your drinks… why do you like everything super sweet?” Yesung puts down his cup after drinking a gulp or two, and stares at Siwon.
“The answer is the same to the answer of this question: ‘Why do you like Yesung?’” Siwon giggles.  “’Because I’m never get tired of such sweetness.’”
“Boo,” Yesung sticks out his tongue.  “Old joke.”
“But you like it, ma Boo,” Siwon pokes Yesung’s cheek naughtily.
And so Friday passes by.  All day long in his shop, Yesung has been happily planning a happy weekend for him and Siwon.  This will be a special weekend, Yesung convinces himself.  After these months of no full penetration, mind-blowing sex, they will finally be able to really do it.  Not afraid they’ll hurt their Baby anymore.
“Hyung, you keep on smiling when nothing’s funny.  What happen?” Donghae hugs Yesung’s shoulder from behind, surprising the pregnant man to the core.
“Hae-ya!  You’re shocking me to death!” Yesung scold the younger man.
Donghae sits down in front of Yesung’s computer desk, cringing when he hears the scold.  “Hahaha sorry.  You looked so stupid just now…” he smiles cheekily.  “But in a serious note, Hyung, you are pregnant right now.  You’d better not use the word ‘death’ as easily,” suddenly he sounds so serious.
Yesung sighs then lifts his both hands, as in surrendering.  “Fine, I won’t use it again!” then he glares playfully at his employee.  “Stop surprising me like that.”
“It’s not all the time that my boss is sitting in his computer desk and does nothing,” Donghae starts.  “Something interesting is happening, I know, Hyung.”
Yesung stares at Donghae contemplatively.  He’s close with him, yes, but not that close to talk about his sex life.  On the other hand, Donghae usually tells Yesung about every single thing that happens in his life.  Including how wild his sex life is, before and with Eunhyuk.
The pregnant man chooses not to tell him anything about it, because Hae would for sure lets Eunhyuk knows about this as well.  “Nothing, it’s just… Siwon’s big project,” Yesung smiles.  “It’s almost done.”
Yesung could swear he sees Donghae looks bored in an instant.  He swallows back a smile.
“Hmm, that sounds good,” says the younger politely, trying to hide his disinterest.  “So you wanna celebrate, or something?”
“Not ‘celebrate’ per se,” Yesung blushes.  “Just wanna make him… yeah, happy.”
“Happy?” the employee’s face suddenly lit in happiness. 
Yesung suddenly regrets his choice in telling Donghae about anything at all.  This guy has all the creepiest ideas ever about relationship.  Sometimes childish, sometimes dangerous… there’s no in between.
“What could an uke do to make his seme happy?” the younger taps his index finger on his chin as if he’s busily thinking.
“Stop whatever you’re thinking, you pervert,” Yesung sneers. 
“I have an idea, Hyung!” Donghae jumps from his seat, again shocking the pregnant boss.  “Wait here, I’m gonna get something for you.  Thank me later,” he then runs to his scooter outside and get off to God knows where.
“Aisshh that crazy kid,” Yesung shakes his head.  Donghae has left him alone in the shop since Eunhyuk and Ryeowook are away to do some preparation for a wedding decoration tomorrow.
It’s time for Yesung’s nap and he’s alone.  Donghae has given no sign of when he’s going to come back while the other two are for sure won’t be back for several more hours.  He tries to stay awake in front of the computer while playing some songs on it.  But after several minutes he finds himself almost knocked off on the desk so he has to close the shop.  Lucky for him there was no customer…
Yesung wakes up naturally at 5 so when he comes out from the small bedroom at the back of his shop, his employees have all gathered, ready to close.  Donghae looks particularly excited to see him, he smiles brightly to his boss.
“Hyung!  I got this for you and Siwon hyung to enjoy!” he screams while giving Yesung a white box.
“What’s this?  Don’t tell me this is some kind of creepy, sexual thing…” Yesung looks at him annoyed.
“I know what that is, Hyung,” Eunhyuk chirps in cheerfully.  “Believe us, you’re gonna thank us!”
“What’s that?” asks the innocent Ryeowook.  He eyes Eunhyuk and Donghae suspiciously, his eyes are only slits.
“You’re straight, you wouldn’t understand,” Donghae sticks out his tongue at the youngest in the room.  “Hyung, take this, and go home, NOW,” he forcefully pushes the box to Yesung, who accepts it in confusion and fear. 
“Don’t open it before you reach home,” Eunhyuk gives Yesung his handbag.  “Now off you go.”
“Come on,” the EunHae couple pushes Yesung out of the shop into his car.  They even open the car door for him.
“Happy humping!” screams Donghae when the red Mercedes goes away.  People on the street are looking at him in disgust.
“He’d kill you had he heard you,” Eunhyuk elbows his boyfriend.
Inside his car, Yesung keeps on eyeing the suspicious box Donghae gave him.  He sighs, but can’t help the shy smile upon his face.  For his own driving safety, the pregnant man chooses to obey the couple, not opening the box before he safely gets home.


Yesung has finished cooking dinner.  He made some carbonara and salmon salad, simple and quick menus.  He also has finished showering and is now wearing a bathrobe. 
The pregnant man glances nervously at the clock on the wall.  It’s 6.30 pm already, but Siwon is not yet home.  Didn’t he tell Yesung he’d be back relatively early today?
Yesung chooses to watch some TV.  All he could find on TV is some absurd dramas and silly variety shows.  He chooses to watch something absentmindedly, while his mind is really occupied with Siwon.  The TV is so bad that he turns it off, and he starts to bite his nails in nervousness.
Minutes have passed and Yesung suddenly remembers how Siwon hates it if he bites his nails, so he stops.  His eyes then scan the room.  Is that some dust on the floor?  He has to do something about it right now.  So the pregnant man finds the vacuum cleaner and starts vacuuming the whole house, even though he just did it this morning.  Well, a house could never be too clean, right?
Then he chooses to change all the cushions of the sofa pillows.  When was the last time they were changed?  Maybe last month, Yesung shrugs to himself and starts to put on lavender-colored cushions.
It never crossed in Yesung’s mind that all the nervous energy and anticipation of sex have driven him crazy.
It’s 8 pm now, and Yesung has lost it.  He’s so annoyed since his husband doesn’t get home on time and was not informing him about it. Speaking of informing, where is his cell phone, by the way?
Yesung didn’t remember seeing his phone after he went to sleep at the shop.  When he woke up, EunHae shoved his bag into his hand and didn’t give him chance to check out his phone.  Yesung quickly searches in his bag and finds it there.  His employees, thankfully, didn’t forget it.  Of course there are many notifications in the abandoned phone.
There are several Kakao messages from Siwon and one missed call. He opens them in a hurry and in an instant Yesung lets out a long, sad and desperate whine.
{Baby I cant go home early}
{Client wants presentation tmrw}
{Meeting staffs rn}
{CU asap}
The messages were sent about 4 hours ago when he was napping.
Yesung walks lifelessly to the bedroom and changes into his pajamas.  He lies on his side in the bed, can’t help but letting tears stream hard down his face.  He misses Siwon, so much.  But never like this. 
Maybe it’s also about sex.  Never before he wanted sex this badly.  It’s like his whole body has been aching, anticipating some real action he’s been deprived of for months.  He shudders when the ghost of Siwon’s touch hunts him, teasing him, making him desperate for more.
“Wonie… hiks… hiks…”
Yesung never realized that he had fallen asleep.  All he remembers are he’s crying so pathetically and his stomach grumbling from hunger but he couldn’t stop his cries so he closed his eyes tiredly while still sobbing.  Feeling pity for yourself usually does that more often than you think.
But something he feels on his forehead just wakes him up.  He opens his eyes and finds Siwon’s face so close to him, kissing his nose now.
“My poor Sungie baby,” Siwon smiles tiredly, and knowingly, at Yesung’s red eyes.  “I’m so sorry… don’t tell me you cried?”
The pregnant man blinks in confusion for several seconds, and then seems to understand what’s happening.  “What… time, is it?”
“Half an hour past midnight…” Siwon shakes his head in sorry.
Yesung takes a good look at his husband.  Siwon has finished showering and is also wearing a pajama.  “You shouldn’t made promise,” Yesung pushes Siwon’s body away.  “When you know you’re not sure.”
“Sungie…” Siwon grabs Yesung’s hands and kisses them.  “Please understand…”
“You shouldn’t have told me anything!  Do you know how much I waited?  How anxious I’ve been?” Yesung snaps, pulling away his hands from Siwon’s lips and sitting down on the bed.
“I myself didn’t expect this!  Please, Honey.  I too, was so excited about tonight…”
“Four months, Siwon.  Four months,” Yesung shows Siwon his four small fingers.  “I’ve been waiting.”
“Huh?” Siwon is dumbfounded.  His brows are lifted so high and it’s clear that the number has clicked with nothing on Siwon’s memory.  “What?”
Apparently that reaction is the last thing his pregnant husband wants to see from him.  Yesung looks like Siwon has just slapped him on the cheek.  His face turns so red, his glare looks like it could burn a house and he grits his teeth.
“Get out,” Yesung manages to talk with his jaw clenched.  “I don’t care where you will sleep tonight.  Just not here.”
“Wait, what?” Siwon is totally clueless.  “You can’t be serious…”
“A thousand percent serious.  Now get out,” Yesung shoves to Siwon’s hands his pillows.
Siwon doesn’t make a move and instead, glaring back at Yesung with almost the same murderous intensity.  “Yesung,” his voice is dangerously low and heavy. 
“Or it is I who has to sleep anywhere else,” Yesung, now madder than before, is trying to get out of bed.
“Can’t you be mature and listen to me?!” Siwon pushes Yesung’s shoulders until the pregnant man falls to lie on his back in the bed.  “I was WORKING.”
Yesung’s eyes widen in disbelief.  “How dare you…”
“I was working like crazy.  I wasn’t off having fun.  If I couldn’t keep my words, that’s because I really didn’t expect this.  It’s not like I deliberately did that,” Siwon, with his clenched jaw is staring intently to Yesung’s eyes.  Making sure his beloved husband understands his situation.
“I don’t care,” Yesung whispers, his stare wavers, not powerful enough to fight Siwon’s.  “Get out,” he covers his face with his palms and starts to cry real loud.
Yesung is so deep in his cries until he opens his palms and finds himself alone in the room.
Siwon has gone.
Meanwhile Siwon in his pajama is driving, furiously, to the apartment of his colleague, senior and friend Junjin.  His laptop and tons of documents are safely tucked in the back seat of his Range Rover.  He is really lucky that there is so little amount of vehicles at this hour so that he could drive without any problem.  It only takes him 20 minutes to get there.
“My husband is crazy,” he tells Junjin right away when the sleepy, handsome lawyer about 5 years older than Siwon opens the door.
“God blessed me, I’m single,” Junjin laughs.
“You wouldn’t say that 15 years from now,” Siwon throws himself on his friend’s sofa.
“Tea?” Junjin walks to the kitchen.
“I’ll pass,” Siwon waves his hand to diminish the offer.  “Too sick to do anything.”
“Oh,” Junjin walks back to the sofa and sits beside Siwon.  “So, what happened?  I don’t usually help people like this, you know.  But we are on the same team and today we’ve got a presentation we need to ace.  So I help you,” he says cheekily.
Siwon shakes his head upon reminiscing his recent fight with his beloved pregnant man.
“I don’t understand.  He was always so understanding about my job,” the younger massages his temple.  “Plus, I didn’t really promise him.  Technically.”
Meanwhile Junjin is realizing something.  “Yesung said something about ‘four months’, right?  What’s that mean?”
“Hmm?  Oh yeah, four months,” Siwon knits his eyebrows.  “If I’m not mistaken, he got so furious after I asked him about it…”
“His pregnancy is in the four months now, right?”
“Yeah, so?” Siwon keeps on thinking.  “But wait, I feel like there’s something about it, Hyung.”
“Maybe doctor’s appointment,” Junjin suggests.  “Or maybe he’s just hormonal…”
“Hyung, so 4 months means 16 weeks, right?” Siwon doesn’t know exactly what, but the term ‘16th week’ seems so familiar to him.  It has to do with Yesung, an important thing about pregnancy… a thing he is not supposed to forget.
The younger starts to open his bag, searching for Yesung’s check up journal—it is filled with anything dr Minwoo said concerning Yesung’s pregnancy that he wrote ardently every check up—and finally finds it.  He starts to skim through pages, reading speedily each and every information written there.  Sometimes being a lawyer really helps, you never missed the littlest thing in a writing.
“What’s that?” his colleague asks curiously.
“This!” Siwon screams in disbelief.  “16th week… no sex before 16th week!” he points at a pink-highlighted text and looks so stunned. 
“Ah…” Junjin can’t help but smirking naughtily.  He nods in awe.
“So that’s why… I mean, my mind was too full of that foreign client and…”
“A horny uke,” Junjin says wisely.
My horny, pregnant uke,” Siwon nods.
Junjin is surprised when suddenly Siwon gets up from his seat, hands on the waist and impulsively walking back and forth.
“I gotta go home,” the younger lawyer turns back to face Junjin with a serious face.  “Hyung I gotta go home.  Help me please?” even before he finishes talking, he already puts back parts of the important documents into his bag.
“But we have a presentation in about 7 hours!” Junjin could only watch as Siwon grabs his laptop bag and at the same time carrying tons of folder on his hand while his bag is already too full. 
“I really have to go.  My poor baby Sungie.  I can’t leave him alone!” Siwon runs to the front door.
“He’s also horny,” Junjin finally chuckles.  He follows Siwon to the door but the man has already opened the door by himself.  “Fine.  Go home now.  But don’t forget, our presentation, Siwon-ah!” he screams at Siwon’s back.  The younger has already waiting for the lift outside.  Luckily, in such exclusive apartment unit, he’s got all the floor for himself so screaming in the middle of the night wouldn’t bother anyone.
“Thanks, Hyung!” Siwon screams back when the lift’s door is opened and he enters it.
It’s almost 2 in the morning, Siwon arrives back at his home after driving like he’s flying.  His mind is so clouded by Yesung, his beautiful pregnant husband that he couldn’t care less about the time.  It has never occurred in his mind if Yesung had already back to sleep, until he opens the front door.
The house was already so dark, and Siwon’s shoulder slumps down.  All his excitements and expectation are gone.  Of course his baby is sleeping.  Actually what did he expect?  It was him who stormed out of the house in rage about an hour ago.  Why would Yesung think he would come back?
Siwon creeps inside the house, trying to not make any noise.  He’s ready to sleep anywhere, as long as he could still sleep in his house, so close to his pregnant man.  Then imagine how surprised he is when he hears heavy breaths from the TV room.
Wait… is that even a moan?
Cold sweat is cascading down Siwon’s temple.  What the heck was that?  Is that… Yesung’s?
“Ahh… hmm…”
Yes, that is undoubtedly Yesung.  What is he doing… with whom…?

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