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Miracle for Us Chapter 18

Title: Miracle For Us Chapter 18
Characters: Yesung, Siwon, Ryeowook, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Eric, Hyesung
Pairing: YeWon, slight!RicSyung slight!EunHae
Genre: Mpreg!AU, Fluff
Rating: PG-15
Warning: Heavy Mpreg.
Disclaimer: Fiction.  I only own the plot and the story.

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It’s a chilly night in December. Yesung and Siwon’s house is already fully decorated for Christmas, since it will be in a few days. They have a big Christmas tree with ornaments, mostly consisted of so many baby Jesus. Jaejoong and Yunho gave the couple the baby Jesus ornaments just for fun and actually Siwon disagreed at first when Yesung excitedly planned the decorating schedule.
But who was Siwon to be able to deny his beloved pregnant husband’s wishes? Yesung kept saying that baby Jesus were appropriate since they both were preparing a real, special baby to come into their lives anyway. And that’s just how baby Jesus are hanging here and there on their Christmas tree, amongst the tiny lights and cane candies.
Yesung just finishes showering and he climbs to bed, where Siwon is already waiting for him on the bed. Half of his body is already under the blanket, and he pats the spot beside him. Yesung enters the blanket and Siwon doesn’t waste a second to caress his husband’s bumpy stomach.
“Hi Baby,” Siwon smiles at Yesung’s stomach.  “Are you sleepy already?”
“Oh! Baby just kicks!” Yesung exclaims excitedly feeling the movement of his fetus. “Not that hard, tho. Baby knows it’s daddy.”
“Don’t kick Papa that hard, Honey, you can just knock at the wall…” Siwon beams. He then lies his head on Yesung’s stomach under the blanket while the pregnant man goes down to lying position.
“As if my stomach is a wall?” Yesung pouts.
Siwon lifts his head to stare at Yesung while smirking. “For our Baby, it totally is.”
“Haha, you’re funny,” Yesung says sarcastically. “But Daddy, you look so weird going under the blanket like that. Like a ghost.”
“It’s ok, I told you you must not expose your stomach at night during a cold winter like this. Let me do this if I wanna talk to Baby…”
“Silly Wonie,” Yesung shakes his head. The room is perfectly set in a warm temperature for them and their baby but Siwon is being paranoid as usual.
“Haha Baby just kicks you, right? Baby doesn’t like it when you call me ‘silly’,” Siwon smiles smugly in triumph.
“Ouch, Baby, okay Papa won’t call your Daddy silly anymore,” Yesung grimaces. When his baby kicks like this, he actually feels pain because he’s still too skinny.
“Baby, thank you for giving me justice,” Siwon kisses the area below Yesung’s navel, where the kick was centered. “But don’t hurt Papa in the process, ne? Our baby is a sweet and cute little baby we love so much,” Siwon keeps kissing. The handsome man immediately feels a soft pat from the baby inside Yesung.
Yesung caresses Siwon’s hair and a happy smile is gracing his face. Moments of joy like this makes his life complete. Being here with the love of his life, and the fruit of their love is growing inside him… Yesung has no place he’d rather be.
But his train of thought is stopped when his phone rings. His small hand reaches the bedside table, but the pregnant man can’t help but sighing when he reads the name of his caller.
“Yesung-ah?” Eric’s voice can be heard from the other end. “You are not asleep yet?”
Siwon’s head pops out of the blanket as he smirks, for the nth time at his husband.
“I’m still awake, Father, just preparing to sleep,” Yesung answers politely. He ignores Siwon who’s watching him with a jokester expression on his face.
Yesung keeps on saying yes, yes, and murmuring to the phone. Siwon gets bored of watching so he gets inside the blanket again to play with his Baby.
He lifts up Yesung’s pajama top, revealing the soft, creamy white bumpy stomach underneath it.
“Hi again, dear Baby,” Siwon kisses the stomach softly. He can feel how his baby is busily moving inside, as if restless. “You’re always like this every time grandpa calls your papa,” Siwon giggles. “Is grandpa annoying to you too? Sorry, but he and I are a package, deal with it, Baby.”
“What are you telling Baby?” Yesung curiously calls.
Siwon signals Yesung by hand, asking if his father has finished the call. Yesung just nods. The young lawyer re-covers Yesung’s stomach to get out of the blanket.
“Father asks me if Hyesung hyung ever told me anything about the party,” Yesung starts. “Whether Hyesung hyung ever shows any discomfort with the invitation…”
 “Sorry about that,” Siwon grabs Yesung’s right hand and kisses it. “So what did you say?”
“I’m being honest, Hyesung hyung didn’t say anything to me,” Yesung shrugs. “He just told me that Father asked him and he said yes.”
“And you didn’t see, or feel anything?”
“He was expressionless, I don’t know, Wonie, really.”
“Don’t overthink it,” Siwon caresses Yesung’s bangs and then kisses his forehead. “He’s a mature person so he’s responsible of his own choices. He doesn’t tell you, then it’s none of your business.”
“I want to tell your father that, really,” Yesung smiles tiredly. “I’m 20 weeks pregnant, my calves hurt all the time and maybe Hyesung hyung just doesn’t want to bother me.”
“But you didn’t tell him that,” Siwon reads Yesung’s face.
“How could I?”
“Well my father calls you basically every night and you’re still beating around the bush… He basically has accepted you now as his own kin, really. He never called anyone this much just for every single little thing,” Siwon says wisely. “And this is what you’ve always wanted, right? Remember why you start.”
“Hm,” Yesung nods but he can’t suppress a yawn right after.
“It’s 10 already, let’s go to sleep,” his husband pats his pillow before he lies down. “Night my Babies, sleep well…”


“Hyesung hyung doesn’t go to the shop today?” Yesung asks Ryeowook curiously.
“Yeah, Yoona just said so,” the younger guy answers. “Why, Hyung? Is something wrong?”
Yesung shakes his head. “Nothing, just curious…”
“Hyung! I wanna talk to your Baby!” suddenly Donghae bursts into the shop, actually surprising the few people inside.
“Geez, Hae hyung!” Ryeowook is visibly annoyed, but then he sees what Donghae brings in with him. “Oh, what’s that? A teddy?”
“Yeah, Yesung hyung, I bring your Baby a little teddy,” he stretches out his hands in front of Yesung so that the pregnant man can see clearly. “So I am allowed to talk to Baby now.”
“Cute!” Yesung exclaims, he snatches the little bear from Donghae’s hand.
Donghae gives him a questioning look with both his hands on his hips. Meanwhile Yesung is too focused on the cute teddy bear which is only as big as Ryeowook’s palm.
“So, can Uncle Donghae talk now?”
Ryeowook rolls his eyes. Donghae has been super excited after Yesung’s last pregnancy check up that was last week, because the doctor told them that Yesung’s baby can hear and feels people outside of the stomach already. He’s been so excited to bond with his future niece/nephew.
Yesung was quick to adapt, after Donghae tried to talk to his stomach from such a close proximity for more than five times a day (literally any chance he got). He enforced a rule that Donghae had to give him a present if he wanted to ‘bond’. And one present could be a ticket for talking to the Baby in 2 sittings.
It’s laughable and beyond silly by Ryeowook’s standard. But even after that, Donghae was likely more and more obsessed with the baby in Yesung’s stomach.
“Okay, but only 5 minutes,” Yesung winks repeatedly in a cute manner. “Baby and Papa are both already sleepy.”
“Yeay!” Donghae kneels in front of Yesung who is sitting on the sofa, ready to put his head on Yesung’s stomach.
“Hae!” a loud call is heard, piercing the warm atmosphere. “What did I say about talking to hyung’s crotch?” Eunhyuk is standing at the door, looking at his boyfriend in rage.
“Oh,” Donghae looks like he just snapped from his trans. He looks at Eunhyuk with a sorry face. “Crotch is not stomach… and stomach is not crotch?” he hesitantly looks at his boyfriend.
“Yeah, so?” Eunhyuk starts to get really angry at his stupid boyfriend.
“Oh… right…” Donghae then moves to sit beside Yesung, who is just looking at EunHae couple, trying not burst out laughing. He then looks down at Yesung’s stomach then up to his boyfriend. “Like this?”
Yesung can’t handle it anymore. Donghae being so slow is so funny but also wasting his precious sleeping time. He grabs the younger’s hand and puts it on top of his stomach. “Hi, Uncle Donghae!” he says in a flat note.
“Hiiiiiiii Little Baby!” Donghae forgets about Eunhyuk in an instant and starts gawking at Yesung’s stomach. He actually changes his position to be lying on his stomach, and supporting his head using both of his palms, while attaching his left ear to the pregnant man’s bumpy stomach. “How are you today?”
Yesung can feel his baby patting his stomach softly, just enough for Donghae to feel it.
“You’re so happy to hear from me today?” Donghae smiles maniacally. “Do you like the teddy bear I just give you?”
Bored, Yesung asks Ryeowook for his phone and starts playing a game.
“Yes, so my breakfast must not contain anchovy, or I will get sleepy later at work! Weird, right? I mean, my boyfriend is THE anchovy, you remember Uncle Eunhyuk, right…” Donghae keeps talking like nobody’s business.
Ryeowook too, feels like he almost die of boredom and Eunhyuk has gone out again for the much needed ‘fresh air’, something he always does whenever his boyfriend talks like a maniac to Yesung’s stomach.
“So hyung, the office party is tonight?” Ryeowook asks Yesung just to kill the time.
“Yes,” Yesung looks up from his game.
“It’s something like a gala, right?” the younger tries to get Yesung’s attention. He just doesn’t have anything else to do.
“Yes, a boring gala,” Yesung absentmindedly answers.
So Yesung and Siwon are going to the gala that night. Siwon has told Yesung that it’s actually a very high class gala, where all of Siwon’s colleagues and a very important company plus their family are going to present. The couple has to wear their fanciest clothes. Lucky for Yesung, Heechul from PAPArazzi boutique himself helped him to pick a very elegant pregnancy suit. It costs them quite a few but Yesung is proud of how well they both look. The last thing he wants is to embarrass Siwon in front of his important client and colleagues.
“Wow, no wonder your suit costs a lot, you look so gorgeous,” Siwon whistles after seeing the ivory white suite, with a black shirt inside, which could be stretched to accommodate the pregnancy (a/n you can imagine Yesung’s costume in Splash MV).
“Speak for yourself,” Yesung tiptoes to kiss Siwon in the lips. “My handsome business attorney in law.”
“Nervous?” Siwon grabs Yesung’s hand to lead him to their car.
“I can handle your old lawyer friends, but what about all the foreigners? And what about Hyesung hyung and your father?” Yesung can’t help the worry in his voice.
“No news is good news,” Siwon calmly opens the passenger door for Yesung. “If there’s a problem, my dad must have called you hours ago.”
The fancy party is held in a 5 star hotel. It’s so exclusive that even Choi Siwon still feels nervous upon entering the ballroom. While Yesung is quickly blushing after he feels that everyone there turns their heads upon they entered the room. He doesn’t know that they indeed look just super gorgeous.
“Oh look! There’s Hyesung hyung!” Yesung nudges Siwon on the ribs, pointing at a guy beside Eric, who stands near an old Caucasian man.
“Didn’t I tell you we will be at the same table as them?” Siwon smiles, but he follows Yesung who goes to Hyesung right away.
Hyesung sees Yesung and he whispers something to Eric before he retreats to welcome the pregnant man. “Yesung-ah, thank God you come already… I almost go crazy, look at them,” the older man pulls Yesung into a hug. “They’re fucking rich.”
“Hyung,” Yesung lets himself free from the hug then smiles in sympathy. “I feel the same… but don’t you know Siwon’s father is also so freaking rich?”
“Oh, you… naughty one!” Hyesung blushes.
Yesung feels so glad seeing him blushing by the mention of Eric. Isn’t it a good sign?
“Here are my son-in-law and my… special friend,” suddenly Eric includes them in the conversation with the foreigner. Siwon also subtly motions Yesung to move closer to them.
“Wow, special friend?” the foreigner smiles coyly at Eric, looking at Hyesung like he’s an alien. He then asks Hyesung for a handshake, and as Hyesung can speak English very well, his face turns beet red while accepting the handshake. “Leonard Hoftstadter, very nice to meet you,” the foreigner says.
“Shin Hyesung, nice to meet you too, Mr Hof…”
“Call me Leonard, Hyesung-ssi, I realized most Korean struggles with my name… it’s German,” he smiles humbly.
“Oh, okay! This is Yesung,” Hyesung quickly brings Yesung nearer to Leonard to get his attention. “Eric-ssi’s son-in-law.”
“Yes, this is Yesung,” Eric takes over the conversation, while whispering in Korean to Yesung’s ear, “Don’t be shy and just shake his hand.”
Yesung regrets his very limited English at the moment Leonard grabs his hand and says in English, “Wow you’re so pretty! And you’re pregnant!” that he can only responds with a shy “Yes.”
“He’s shy, and he’s not good in English,” Eric speaks to Leonard in a funny-secretive way, but all three people who hear it instantly frown in displease. “Go, mingle, Siwon-ah,” he basically shushed Yesung and Siwon away right after.
“Uh, he’s being a jerk… unbelievable,” Siwon’s face is red, clearly very annoyed at his father. “Sungie, don’t mind him…”
But it’s too late, Yesung already looks down and has a sad look in his face. No matter how expensive his clothes are, he’s still embarrassing, because of his brain…
“Sungie,” Siwon looks at him with concern and pity.
“Ah,” Yesung can’t help but winces feeling his Baby kicks so hard inside him.
“It’s ok, Baby, grandpa was just kidding,” Siwon understands what’s happening and rubs Yesung’s stomach to calm their Baby. “Let’s go sit down,” Siwon gets a waiter to bring them to their table.
Yesung tries to calm himself by looking at his own stomach and using telepathy to communicate with his baby. ‘We love grandpa Choi so much, my Baby, he just doesn’t have the empathy to people. He didn’t mean to embarrass us.’
Siwon is focusing himself on Yesung so much most of the time after that. He keeps on telling funny stories to his husband, trying his hardest to get Yesung to smile again tonight.
At the other end of the table, sits Shin Hyesung. Hyesung can’t help but notice the sadness hidden beneath the curt smiles of the beloved pregnant friend of his, a friend so precious to him, like a son. So many things are going on inside his head at the moment. About Eric, about Yesung, about his feelings to Eric. He’s been witnessing firsthand how Eric has been trying to treat Yesung better while fighting his own nature, and he really thought Eric has changed. But he also can’t forget how much Yesung trying to please Eric and how down the man was when Eric was kicking him away in front of Leonard…
“Hyesung-ssi, penny for your thoughts?” suddenly Eric’s face is in front of him. Clearly, he’s been spacing out and Eric knows about it.
Hyesung just shakes his head and chooses to ignore the other guy. They need to have some talk, but later.
And naturally, his eyes fall to Yesung and Siwon. The couple is talking with their heads so close to each other, and Siwon’s hands are holding Yesung’s. Whatever Siwon is whispering to Yesung, it has succeeded in making the petite pregnant man giggles.
Hyesung wonders if Eric could make him feels like how Yesung feels when he’s with Siwon…
Time feels like it flies whenever Yesung is with Siwon. Before he knows it, Siwon’s name is called by the MC. He’s to give a speech as a representative of their law firm, as the leader of the major project with the client from the USA, which is Leonard’s company. This gala is particularly held to appreciate the team of attorneys handling the large multinational company’s expansion to South Korea.
Yesung couldn’t be more proud of Siwon as he watches his husband, talking so confidently and brilliantly in English on stage. Only he needs to know that Siwon was working so hard for the speech for days, and how he was actually so nervous behind the decoy of confidence. He can’t understand Siwon’s speech word by word but Siwon has told him the gist, and the jokes he prepared. Yesung feels so relieved that the many foreigners in the room are laughing heartily to his husband’s jokes in his speech. Siwon is indeed brilliant in public speaking.
“Baby, we are so proud of Daddy! You’re gonna grow up so smart and confident like your Daddy, ok honey?” Yesung mumbles while caressing his stomach. He feels a soft movement inside his belly and he gets the message his baby sends him. ‘We are so proud of him, Papa.
“And my last thank you is for the most special people in my life,” Siwon says happily on the stage. “My beloved husband Kim Yesung and our upcoming Baby!” a spotlight falls at Yesung and all eyes in the room are looking at him.
Yesung feels like a deer caught in a headlight. He didn’t know about this, he was clueless. He had no idea a spotlight is gonna be at him, and he is completely stunned by the fact that everyone in the audience smiles in content at him! Some people start to clap and in a matter of seconds the ballroom is deafened by people clapping and cheering at him. Some people even pat his shoulder.
“Being a project manager for a huge foreign MNC at the age of 28 is so marvelous! He must have a very supportive husband!” Yesung hears some one behind him talks loudly in English.
“Yesung-ah, you look so gorgeous tonight!” Junjin pats his shoulder then runs back to his seat sneakily.
Siwon steps down the stage with big smiles and high-fives here and there. Clearly, all his colleagues at the law firm are so proud of him, and the foreign client is also satisfied by his work. Some other Caucasian guy is hugging Siwon while exclaiming “You’re the man! Congrats for the pregnancy!”
Siwon is the star of the night, and even Eric gives his son a proud smile that Yesung has never seen before in his life.
“You make me proud, Son. Thank you.”
“Oh, Father. You’re so sweet.”
The night progresses slower after that, with some performances by a famous balladeer, and some more speeches from people Yesung really doesn’t know and Siwon doesn’t care. Much more people are coming to their table to personally congratulate Siwon on the successful first huge project. Yesung has been talking to a thousand people till they are nothing but glimpses of faces and names to him.
So many people are asking about Yesung’s pregnancy, most of them also comments about how their baby is destined to be so lucky to have parents so gorgeous and so smart.
“Here it is, the beautiful family!” Leonard Hoftstadter comes to their table at last. “Good job, Son. On everything!” he smirks at Siwon then winks at Yesung.
“Yesungie you do remember Leonard,” Siwon refreshes his husband’s memory. “And this is his secretary Kim Kibum,” Leonard, as if just remembers that the secretary is actually behind him, moves to the side a little to let Yesung properly see.
And Yesung finally sees the secretary. He’s a handsome man. But his smile towards Yesung is so bitter.
“Hi, my name is Kim Kibum,” he nods at Yesung. “Very nice to meet you,” says he with a very formal Korean.
“Aww so formal, Kibummie!” Siwon suddenly slaps Kibum’s shoulder playfully. “My husband’s too pretty for you?” the lawyer laughs. “My hard works could easily go in vain if not because of this Mr. Kim! His English was really helpful!”
Yesung nods back at Kim Kibum and he feels his baby kicks really hard this time. “Nice… nice to meet you too,” he says as he tries hard not to wince.



a/n: since I haven’t updated for almost a year, I decided to fast forward, a little bit.
Tags: kibum, pairing: eunhae, pairing: kisung, pairing: yewon, series: miracle for us, siwon, warning: pregnant!yesung, yesung
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