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i like apples, i don't mean to eat your head

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My Beloved Apple

As you can see, I write mostly about Yesung. He's my sunshine and i really treasure him. His imperfection is perfect for me. OTPs are Yewon, and Kisung. Oh, anyone with Henry is cute, and I would really love Yesung+Zhoumi as BFFs!

I'm a cheerful person, and trolling is part of me, in real life and internet, so beware :D But I'll bitch about Yesung day and night when I'm not spazzing over Yewon, I can be pretty serious and super duper defensive when it comes to my bias Yesung. I can not write nor update regularly, so please understand if some of my fics seem like they're abandoned! Trying to be a better Clouds and FF writer :)

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~ I N D O N E S I A K U ~

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